Date Night

Date Night

Here it is. The larger than typical night. The large date night with lovely southern fantasy blond Rockell. You’ve brought the bubbly and the glasses to acquire the mood right. If the timing is right, she’ll be turning off the light.

SCORELAND: So Rockell, If u could have any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Rockell: Booooobies. I just sold you the T-shirt right?

SCORELAND: Sold is right. What kind of foreplay do u desire on a date?

Rockell: Squashy and fleshly play with breast teasing and light pulling on my nipp bars. I like a buck who worships pointer sisters.

SCORELAND: And then after that?

Rockell: My much loved poses are doggie, riding on top and frog. It’s love missionary that has more clit caressing.

SCORELAND: And how often do u have sex?

Rockell: As often as possible!

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