Bigger than run of the mill Boob Paradise

Big Boob Paradise

Shot on-location in the Caribbean. This is Large Boob Paradise. Two of the most-popular SCORE super-models acquire down and immodest in a tropical paradise. Here is what happens when two cover gals bump T&A. Clash of the titans!

Australia’s hottest and most-popular glamour model since 2003 when this babe first contacted us, Angela White meets award-winning American Christy Marks in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Rampaging sex drives collide on the pristine, white beach and turn the sand even hotter than the sun can bake it. The one and the other gals are SCORE originals, meaning they started their adventures in in nature’s garb modeling with us.

Who is the most-aggressive of the two? The one and the other beauties are aggressive. One as well as the other are passive. This one-and-only pairing has been called epic. They were separated by half the world, yet they became BBFs (Busty Breast Friends). This sex rave was a highlight of living in paradise for a week. They are the ultimate girls-next-door.

It appeared to be as if Angela and Christy dared one another to escalate the heat, staring into every other’s eyes intensely beneath nature’s blue canopy and wearing no thing but the wind. Their tongues were in overdrive, their bodies writhing in raunchy delirium and orgasmic enjoyment.

You’ll watch how fascinated they were by every other’s super-bodies as they explore their nipples, soaked vaginas, booties and each other erogenous zone a chick has.

“Angela White, hands down,” said bikini-buster Christy when she was asked who was her beloved angel to do girl-on-girl with. “She was really into it. Personality-wise, this babe was the best, too!”

The biggest tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia, Angela was equally horny about her beach blanket group action husband.

“Christy Marks’ mambos are just out of this world!” Angela told. “I think they are the humongous I’ve ever viewed, especially on a goddess who is as slim as Christy. That makes her even more phenomenal than almost any others.”

Made with the same adore for bigger in size than standard bazookas and gorgeous beauties that made On Location Key Largo and On Location Costa Del Sol larger than average hits, Large Boob Paradise is on DVD at your friendly neighborhood adults store or direct from Lorna Morgan, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi co-star.

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