ChickSicilian In The Abode of XL Gals

ChickSicilian In The Abode of XL Girls

Gia Costello, AKA SexySicilianxxx, is a cam and at-home glamour model with larger than average fun bags and booty who was spotted on the web. She copulates herself with toys, has allies who provide wang service and can’t live with out to role play.

Gia describes herself as “A fascinating and hot Italian female with a naughty mind and bad beauty streak leaking through!”

“I’ve not ever endevoured to hide my pantoons. There is no point! I wear V-neck, reservoir, strapless or keyhole tops. I have always gotten attention from ’em. When I was younger I loathed it but I learned to work it and use it to my advantage so now I embrace the attention. I usually cant get away with out a brassiere, but in rare cases if I find a shirt or dress with one built-in, I might receive by!

“I’m very compliant in the bedroom. I adore a strong dominating skirt chaser and rough sex. I kick off sex but in the action of it, I’m passive. I adore rock hard, coarse, sweaty and lengthy sex sessions.”

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