Cheerful Chubette

Cheerful Chubette

“I wear a 34M bra–M for massive–and that is a Great Britain size,” says the aptly named Smiley Emma because this babe smiles all the time. Emma even smiled holding up a current newspaper for the photographer’s paperwork.

If Emma can’t live with out you, she’ll smile at u but she’ll wait for you to approach her. “I love a priceless cheesy joke or comment. That makes me snicker the almost any. The finest compliment I can hear is that I’m a real down-to-earth lady during the time that still being hot.” This first appearance photo discharge and Emma’s movie scene plus her meet & greet episode chat with her photographer prove that babe is got hawt written all over her.

“How do I make a ladies man feel special? I’ve a rule that every time my boobs are out he has to rub his face in them and if his rod is out, I must put it in my mouth. This means several times a day.”

This is an fantastic rule. It is Emma’s rule. ‘coz Emma rules.

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