Hawt Beauty

Hot Angel

Charlotte Gal begins her 1st XL Cuties boy-girl with a lustful chat with TSG editor Dave to learn a little bit about what this babe is adore in bed. Is that babe an Hotty during sex? What do you think? U guessed right.

Their chat turns to arse slapping and flogging. A spanker is needed, because action speaks louder than mere words, so Dave calls in JMac to lend a hand. Specifically, a palm. JMac spanks her big butt from squishy to hard and Charlotte lets us know her rating for every spank. This babe can definitely handle a valuable smacking on her a-hole and like it. JMac exits for the time being so the interview can continue but leaves his red hand print for Charlotte to remember him by until she meets his stiffy in a not many minutes. “The noise is the topmost part about it,” says Charlotte.

So what does Charlotte wish from a lad in sofa? She desires rough, stiff, beefy, lusty fucking and handling but not fetish, BDSM, whips and all that kinky-weirdo stuff. This babe is going to receive it now but valuable.

Dave leaves our cheerful blind daters to receive to know each other in what some might call an private encounter (we call it getting your ramrod sucked…for starters) whilst Charlotte receives busy in an epic boning session.

Go for it, Charlotte Girl!

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