In 1999, Randi Rushmore made her debut in the July ’99 issue of SCORE and said, “I wanted to start feature lap dancing earlier, but I had all of my costumes stolen. Now I am ready to go!” Randi had indeed appeared in SCORE in 1995 in a candid Boob Beat column photo taken at the 1994 Gentlemen’s Club Expo. Randi wanted a layout in SCORE and finally got her first appearance in 1999. By then, this babe had changed her stage name to Chantz Fortune.

Chantz returned years later to film this scene for the DVD HardSCORE2. An sexy dancer, she didn’t think she would do hardcore porn. However…

“I just was not the girl who would do that. I grew up Southern Baptist. Up until I was about 17. I was a geek. I was made pleasure of. I had braces previous to anybody else. U do not dance, you don’t gulp – love in Footloose – and somehow I took a not correct turn and ended up in porn. Maybe it was a right turn,” Chantz told.

“Then I went from being a goody-two-shoes, Bible-thumping, I’m-staying-a-virgin-until-I’m-married to losing my virginity, being a dancer, boom, boom, boom-overnight.”

Chantz discussed blow jobs. A shame this wasn’t recorded on movie.

“I like to use my tongue piercing to suck dick. I initially got it for eating damp cookie. I did not think I needed assistance for mouthing shlong but I thought it could always come in handy for eating damp fur pie. But truly, it is not close sufficient to the front of my tongue, so I have thought about getting a second one for girls, but this is more for guys. Some dudes can’t stand ’em but lots of the bucks like ’em or I have put love French tickler thingies over it, which gives a nifty sensation.”

Chantz enjoyed the action for as long as it lasted for her.

“I like it now. I love what I do. I like entertaining. I love the whole stage thing. I adore being behind the digi camera, I adore being in front of the camera. Until either I get bored of all of this, and I do not know how you could, or until my knee decides it doesn’t wanna dance for me anymore.”

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