Cheerful Bangin’ Boob Year

Happy Bangin' Boob Year

Cat Bangles is one of the hottest cuties at SCORELAND. The big boobed Puerto Rican-American from Beantown calls her bigger than typical, heavy 36DDD milk shakes her “Energizer Bouncy bosoms.” Why so? Cuz Cat’s twins are still growing. Since her debut in April ’14, Cat has become a almost all popular rookie.

This is one pussycat who can’t live with out studs and sex and can’t live with out to talk about sex and she brought her many vehement, sexual talents to the Big Reveal. That babe didn’t just talk about them. In her 1st scene, Cat not quite made cocksman JMac lose his load early. She’s too hawt for her below garment.

“I’ve heard that JMac at no time met his match and that he’s been having sex with gals on-camera for a lengthy time,” Cat said after they tangled in Hawt Semen For A Cat. “Apparently, a lot of beauties cant handle him. This chab couldn’t handle me with my tight wet crack, soaked mouth and these fullsome funbags.”

After Cat’s first XXX scene, her next was “Cat Grip Fever” and then “Cat’s First Anal.” To her sex partners’ credit, they did not need to be carried out on stretchers to their cars.

To initiate things off with a giant bang, Cat meets pro-stud Tony D. who’s batty to pet this hot twat and do some filthy stripping. Cat has this effect on males. It’s not her fault. She is just brawny this way. Observe Cat’s eye-popping oral job photo series from this scene. A true erector set.

“I have my clit pierced, and it feels indeed priceless when I taste it a little. It is adore getting my slit willing for the shlong. U just taste my fur pie, then you slide your pecker right in. Smacking my clitoris with your meat-thermometer is the flawless way to get my snatch ready. I’ve a big clitoris, likewise. That babe receives actually rock hard and pops out and looks at you. When you take up with the tongue it or touch it, this babe receives actually subrigid and it is like she’s looking back at you!”

Let’s acquire this party started!

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