Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

Cat On A Hawt Skin Flute

Cat Bangles is now at SCOREVideos! If u have watched her at SCORELAND where Cat first appeared, you know that this beautifully stacked pussycat likes sex! Later in this clip, this babe moves her booty up and down whilst Rocky is inside her punani in a doggie position. This hotty can’t live with out to ride immodest and is very enthusiastic and concupiscent.

In magazines, Cat debuts in September ’14 SCORE and October ’14 Voluptuous. (This babe is the covergirl of Voluptuous.) Yes, a double debut which is still uncommon. This Latin chick from Boston is poised to take on, and take over, the big-boobed world.

We receive to ask recent models all kinds of probing questions that would acquire an normal guy’s face slapped at a undress club or other encounter place. How aged was Cat when this babe got her cherry popped? We asked her that question.

“I was Eighteen. I was a late bloomer. I did not receive these bad angels until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had large tits and nice little bodies and booties, and I still was not there yet. But when my juggs came in, they just blew up.”

Did Cat or her girlfriends ever imagine she’d pose without a stitch of raiment and get drilled by skilled males in hawt videos at SCORE?

“Oh, they would not have believed it. I do not think I’d have believed it. It was ‘coz I was such a late bloomer. People would tell me that I had a nice-looking face and things like that, but my body did not indeed come in until later on. My bra-busters grew in all at once and then my ass did, too. Now I just like being exposed whenever I can.”

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