Cameron Skye: Tight Top Stretcher

Cameron Skye: Tight Top Stretcher

We never can tell how long a girl will model. Many have been one-and-done. Others are in for a short time. A few for the long run. Cameron Skye debuted in 2013 at SCORELAND and at the time, her plans and goals hadn’t solidified.

“I thought about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to do. I was debating if I wanted to come back at all because I figured if I did come back, I would probably end up going all the way,” Cameron said in the dressing room on her second visit. Which is exactly what happened.

Cameron, who used to be a lifeguard, is athletic and active. Today, she has the look of a lady golfer or a tennis instructor.

“I was friends with a group of eight or ten girls in high school, and half of them had big boobs and half of them didn’t. The half that did have big boobs were the BBGs, or big-boobed girls. The other half of the group would joke that they wished we could share some of our boobs with them.

“When I’m out, I do notice when a guy notices me. It can be obvious sometimes. If he’s with a girl, sometimes the guy will stare too long, or my favorite is when I’m walking one way and they’re walking in the other direction. When we walk past each other and I look back, sometimes I’ll see him looking back at me. When I see the girl he’s with notice that, well, it’s kind of thrilling. It’s like, wow, I made somebody’s head turn.”

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