Breastfeast In Bed

Breastfeast In Bed

Getting served a wake-up meal in bed by busty fox Daylene Rio is one of the greatest experiences a tit-man could ever have. Daylene strolls into the bedroom with a tray, but who gives a fuck about eating when Daylene asks you to titty-fuck her heavy-hanging jugs?

You’ll stick your aching boner and bloated balls in her mouth and between her big boobs in a fraction of a second. Just watch this Latina slurp your fucking cock. Miss Rio worships it with her spit-dripping mouth like it’s a fucking god.

After shoving your business into Daylene’s vise-tight pussy, you ram it to her in five positions, all shot in P.O.V. style. And when Daylene, getting speared on her back, cups her big tits in her hands, stares at you and begs you to “Cum on me,” you blast her with what feels like a half-pint of your fucking nut-juice, all over those trembling breasts!

And then when Daylene licks the tip of your drained cock and licks some of your cum off her tits, you have experienced the supreme joy of being a man served by a woman every woman should be.

What does Daylene think about when she sees herself getting fucked in a video?

“It’s very different,” Daylene told us. “It’s like you can’t believe it’s you. It’s like, ‘Wow, is that really me?’ and it just gets you more pumped up to want to do it more, and you get a whole rush once you see yourself, knowing that people are watching.”

How horny does Daylene get when she’s here. Horny enough that she will blow or ball the stunt-cock when there’s no shooting. She’ll find a couch in a quiet corner in the back of the studio and suck him off. That’s how horny.

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