Boobies, Glorious Boobs

Boobs, Glorious Boobs

Maya Milano pulls her blouse down, revealing her bigger than average, flawless bosoms encased in a tight pink brassiere. That babe runs her hands over her underneath garment and, after glancing at the camera, squeezes her scoops, her fingers sinking into the velvety, natural breast-flesh.

Smiling, Maya licks her forefinger and sticks it in her cleavage. Her bulging scoops look adore they will overflow her cups. This babe lowers the thongs off her shoulders and unhooks the brassiere, throwing it to the floor. Those attractive, stupendous milk cans have been freed.

Maya slips off her knickers and discards ’em also. Leaning back in the chair, she widens her legs. Her fingers lightly circle her vagina then part the lips. Breathing heavily, Maya sticks a finger inside and makes circles, caressing one out for the 1st time.

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