Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

Blushing Shapely Bather Rose Blush

I love a person’s personality,” told Rose Blush, an Australian bra-buster measuring a mouth-watering 36JJ up top.

“Physical appearance isn’t the end-all and be-all. I love people I can relish with. I love somebody I can talk with, anybody who doesn’t take themselves also seriously. I have had a scarcely any marriage proposals. That always amuses me.

“Sexually, I’ve fun being overpowered, kissed, bitten, manhandled and fingered. I’ve had sex in public underneath the Sydney Harbor bridge in the midst of the day with people walking past us.

“I’ve had sex in a park, at the zoo, in a car on the side of a busy road and at a train station during peak 60 minutes with many trains going past. When I give a oral-stimulation, I usually drink or let ’em cum all over my face and knockers.”

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