Black Hunter, Pale Redhead

Black Hunter, Pale Redhead

XL Cuties do not cum any nastier than Sonja Haze, who jumps on the dark rod and bounces on it to her heart’s content. No one has a dirtier mouth, mind and vocabulary than Sonja, a gal not content to lay back silently and acquire drilled.

“See how succulent you make that cookie?” Sonja asks her copulate ally Asante, a woman chaser who sincerely appreciates a meaty gazoo and monumental knockers. They have at no time met previous to but Sonja likes to make recent bang buddies. That babe is very sociable that way.

“I once met a boy at a costume party wearing a kilt,” Sonja reminisced. “I dragged him into a room and blew him and get him off all over my mammaries.”

Asante left his kilt at home but this woman chaser did bring his bagpipe for Sonja to practice on, which this babe happily does. “I desire u to bonk the shit out of me. I want you to screw me like a smutty, screwing bimbo,” Sonja told as Asante fingered her areolas and vagina. She is a very sensitive juvenile lady and wets-up easily, especially from expert fingers.

Sonja dives down head-first on his lap. It is mouth worship time and his wang is ruler. “Get that bigger than standard shlong out so I can engulf on it,” she pleads. “Let me acquire that shit.” This is just a warm-up for this feisty, hyper-horny redhead. This babe instinctively places her love muffins on his thigh love it’s a boob shelf while that babe lustily sucks him to rock-hardness, the saliva drooling without her mouth, cheeks bulging. What a pecker sucker.

Sonja really loves being throat-fucked. The room is filled with the soaked sounds of gurgling and slurping sounds as Sonja goes crazy-wild on the man-pole. “That sexually excited vagina is made for your knob, baby,” Sonja says as Asante lays down the pipe. When it comes to lustful mouthing and banging, Sonja Haze is right up there at the top and must be seen to be believed.

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