Bigger than average Oil Spill

Big Baby oil Spill

Minka‘s massive fun bags look unbelievable in a string swimsuit. How can that bathing costume top contain her enormous wobblers? Her boobies were made to be oiled in the Florida sun. She removes the top so every inch of boob, and that’s plenty of inches, can absorb the slick stuff. This chap monumental jugs glisten in the sun, two objects of fantasy art.

Minka is an Otis Sweat painting come to life. She calls Tony over to finish the baby oil job coz it is always more worthwhile when somebody else does the work. This woman chaser had not at all met Minka previous to and has at no time felt such humongous bouncy bosoms in his life. “Make you concupiscent. So banging excited?” Minka asks, her usual teasing self. This babe tells Tony to strip so she can give him a rub, too.

The sight of Minka’s oiled fullsome funbags is excellent. And Minka, who has a comedic flair to her personality, is astounded at Tony’s tool. “I didn’t know you have got a big rod,” Minka tells him. She’s impressed. It appears love he’s intend to have the privilege of tit-fucking Minka and more.

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