Meet Beti

Meet Beti

Meet Beti Phellasio, a fresh arrival to XL Gals from across the Big Pond. Beti’s English, and love the Brits say, she’s a dark brown looker. Born in London, raised in London, Beti is an illustrator, a T-shirt designer and a dancer.

“I’m an exhibitionist,” says Beti who calls herself a “sneaker fetishist with a penchant for undressing.” “I eat up attention. I love attention. I dress to flaunt off my body. I’ll wear see-through tops and leotards. Of course, I always wear a bra. Balcony is my beloved brand right now.”

Beti loves to look at hockey, goes to concerts and dance clubs. You’ll need lots of energy to keep up with this chick.

Welcome to the Bigger in size than standard Show, Beti Phellasio.

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