A Beauty To Rave Over

A Goddess To Rave Over

Beti Phellasio is the covergirl of September ’13 XL Beauties mag (SCORE Peculiar 253) and she’s already a major hit with readers, especially in the Britain where it is a top-selling topshelf magazine.

If you have watched her movies and sets at XLGirls.com, u know that Beti is amorous and hawt to the highest degree. That babe will tell a dude point-blank that she wants to shag him. No game-playing or contemplating for the object of her interest to make the first move. Beti too makes almost certainly of in longing at 1st sight and doesn’t love to lose the moment. Beti’s even shagged a gent on a train during the day which is not facile to do and not receive caught. Anyone who looks this hot and says her peculiar talent is deep-throating is somebody we wanna know more precious. It was a admirable day when XL Beauties and Beti connected.

An artist/model, Beti can’t live with out intend to concerts, raves and parties and if the event includes lap dancing, count her in. We’ll be counting the days until Beti returns. Hopefully, this babe will.

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