Bedroom Breastfest

Bedroom Breastfest

Lucy Lenore wakes up to detect our photographer has left a breakfast tray for her in couch. 1st things first. Lucy is damp and urges to acquire juicier. That babe needs a quick hand party to acquire her snatches off.

XLGirls: Are you passive or confident?

Lucy: I’m confident as in I will tell u I am barmy randy and u get to bonk me and then I’m passive. I like being a rag doll and just having the shit rogered with out me.

XLGirls: Then you’re gratified?

Lucy: If I’m not with out breath with a sore vagina when it’s over, I’m not happy. I must be screwed and banged real hard. The longer the recovery time after sex the happier I am. I masturbate a lot. I am always touching myself.

XLGirls: No doubt tons of boys wanna get next to you.

Lucy: Me and my ally used to acquire drunk at a bar and he would try out nerdy pick-up lines on me all night until one made me chortle enough he thought it might work on another hotty. Don’t remember him ever finding some other angel. I’ve heard tons of pick-up lines but I don’t really remember any.

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