Beck Is Czech For Breasts

Beck Is Czech For Breasts

P.G. wrote, “Just writing to let you know I have been a SCORE Group fan for many years with XL Gals and Voluptuous. You males have managed to acquire so many nice-looking hotty’s. But there is one dominatrix-bitch I need to mention, and that’s the astonishing Anna Beck. This Czech looker has such a enjoyable face, great booty and especially those mammoth, pendulous knockers with those blue veins oozing through them! This female could be a legend!”

Thanks, P.G., Anna Beck already is a legend at XL Girls–an active legend–and we hope that babe keeps us up with her activities for a lengthy time to come.

When Steve needs advice about what tie to wear, this lady-killer asks Anna Beck, his ever-helpful hotel concierge. This is a great idea to get a gal to come close to u without invading her personal space. And when Anna receives close, her super-huge naturals block out everything else in a guy’s line of sight.

Anna invites Steve to examine her juggs while this babe tanalizes him out of pity. And then that babe shows mercy and lets him play with her gifts of nature. It’s not a birthday party for this stud, it is even more magnificant. It is “Anna’s large tits” day. Her nipples and the rest of her lush and plush plumpness could use some manhandling so Anna is game for some tit suckin’ and fuckin’ and some inflexible wood polishing of her clit and pink poonani. That babe is detected the right horndog to spend the morning with.

No matter what Anna Beck does, whether it’s breast play, masturbation, showering, full-sex or just walking around Prague jiggling, anything that babe does freezes us in our tracks. She’s so batty to please that this babe seems like a mirage almost all of the time. But she is real, unbelievably real!

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