Bangs For The Mellons

Bangs For The Mammaries

The best pick-up line Madi Jane ever heard was, “Wow! These love muffins acquire to have their own zip code!” A valuable observation if unoriginal. We printed that line in our magazines 20 years ago.

“I’m quick to let a fellow or woman know what I like and how it feels,” Madi Jane says about sex. That babe can’t live without it with one as well as the other sexes. “I adore nasty, kinky sex, the hotter the better. My most-vivid sexual fantasy is to be dominated by a few dudes all at one time.”

In this scene, stunt knob Ashley fantasies of Madi walking into his bedroom. Madi bounces on him and gives him one lusty ride, rogering him until his ticket’s punched and he’s drained of seed. If this chab didn’t have a big weenie, it would have disappeared into her unfathomable breast valley. She’s one hell of a woman, immodest and nasty. This is big-girl sex at its most-natural and earthy.

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