Cocktail Server

Cocktail Server

There is solely a small handful of clubs in USA that hire Voluptuous and XL Gals as cocktail servers and strippers. This is a shameful (and often-ignored) secret in this country. At least Marilyn White dances in a disrobe club for bucks who dig larger than standard, excited beauties. There’s likewise a place called Foxy’s in Las Vegas where Julia Zeppelins dances. It’s really a shame that so many clubs are into thin dancers. They have neglected a potentially bigger than run of the mill market.

Which brings us to April McKenzie. If there’re hardly any exotic dancing clubs with bigger than run of the mill beauties, then we get to make our own here at XLGirls. We did this on the breast-selling Bigger in size than run of the mill Hotty Disrobe club DVD and if we ever do a follow-up, April would be on the list for the recent cast. So here is April as envisioned at the Larger than run of the mill Angel Club.

April’s already used to the corny pick-up lines guys throw at dancers. “One time, somebody told to be ‘Hey, Mama, can I get some fries with that shake?'” April said. Cant blame the fellow.

If u were asleep and somehow missed April’s first anal at XLGirls, check it out. She can indeed slip down that pole.

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