Mind boggling Antica

Awesome Antica

Can’t get enough of newcomer Antica and her bigger than standard bazookas? Neither can your XLGirls staff. Here she is afresh in an all-new set and matching video plus her 1st chat in a separate video. This day is proclaimed Antica Day at XLGirls.

Antica says she was not the bustiest angel in school but this admission seems rigid to believe, with all due respect. That babe has a couple of the high reaching hangers. If our photographer hadn’t spotted Antica outside his apartment building and ran over to her with a pitch about posing, this babe would not be at XLGirls. At 1st, she was extremely hesitant. Antica had at not time posed for a photographer previous to. That babe even thought that stud was trying to pick her up. That fellow could watch that her top shelf, even covered up, was extra-large. As is written, faint heart not at all won fair maiden.

Antica’s wrapped up watching the Olympics ice skating events on television (she ice skates herself) but no doubt she’ll log-on to XLGirls to look at her images and episodes. Thank’s, Antica.

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