The Point Of Teats

The Point Of Nipples

Annellise Croft, a divorced British MILF living in Tennessee the past twelve years, is gratified of her big boobs and is at SCORELAND to flaunt that pride. “They’re 36 treble-D,” says Annellise. “Treble-D.” It has a good ring to it. “I identified u through a friend who is allies with one of your great adult models, Bea Cummins.” In this bouncing bonus, Annellise talks love muffins, bikinis and more plus that babe displays off her unbelievable, very lengthy nipps. “I truly enjoy getting my areolas played with, sucked and tweaked.” No doubt about that. Annellise tries on some sheer tops before we sadly have to leave her. Annellise need to need to beat the bucks off with an umbrella or whatsoever Brit milk cans use when they go out for a night on the town.

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