Rare Movie Of The Polish Bra-buster

Rare Movie scene Of The Polish Bra-buster

During an inventory of the colossal SCORE Archive system, a tape was detected in an envelope. Written on the cassette was the name Anna Jota, a chesty chap from Poland. Somehow it had slipped throughout the cracks. This is a never-before-seen video of Anna who posed several times at the SCORE studio in London. The Polish enchanting heart too toys her anal opening with her sex toy.

Anna modeled during the same time as Poland’s Bea Flora. That babe was a first-year student who modeled for the joy of it and the extra income. Anna told she’s constantly being asked about her big breasts back home.

“Some bucks ask if they are real or fake. Some guys think they are silicone. That annoys me but I don’t become overly anxious by what people think and say. Dudes that have the rudeness to ask this question will identify my back turned. I do not mind if a buck asks me a lot of questions about my mammaries if he’s agreeable about it. I don’t wear revealing sexy outfit when I go out. Still, some dudes can tell I have bigger than typical meatballs.”

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