Tasty Tourist

Tasty Tourist

When a pretty beauty with enormous, beautifully-shaped bazookas and a lush body needs assistance, she will not at any time desire for the attention of helpful men. Such is the case with popular Anna Beck who did a complete 180-degree turn compared to her original XL Gals shoots.

It is true that Anna stops traffic cold and that too includes cyclists. George sees Anna studying her map at the entrance to a park after this babe has taken a not many selfies. This chab stops just now and looks back at this vision. Then that smooth operator makes his move.

A tourist, Anna is lost in the city and she needs directions to her hotel. Helpful George guides Anna to her hotel and she invites him up to her room. It’s tat-for-tat and a little chat.

Anna pours George a glass of vino and pulls out her digi camera to expose him the photos that babe has taken during her visit. This chab tries to stop staring at her chest but her biggest milk shakes of cleavage in her low-cut dress just can’t be ignored, at least not by anybody in his right mind. He asks Anna if that babe is traveling alone. She is.

With his foot in the door, George desires to acquire some other body part in another area. This lady-killer carefully begins asking Anna some probing questions out of coming on also powerful. Lavishing praise on Anna’s comely and mountainous chest, he asks if he can touch ’em.

“I do not know,” Anna says, slightly flustered. “I’m shy.” It’s now or at not time for George so this lady-killer makes his move and softly plays with them, giving a kiss and rubbing them. Soon they’ll be banging thanks to a random action of kindness and the magnetic vigour of big, succulent milk shakes.

What a gal Anna Beck is!

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