Miami Mami

Miami Mami

It is numerous minutes to showtime and Angelina Castro is getting ready for the cameras. Finishing some final touches on her makeup in the dressing room, Angelina calls for a production assistant to receive her water. Rocky brings it over and bumps into her humongous milk cans, spilling the water all over her chest. Naturally, Angelina freaks. It is five minutes to the show and she’s juicy.

The merely thing Rocky can do to calm Angelina down is to give her his weenie and make her succulent in another way. They fall on the dressing room couch and pull their hot outfit off. Not worrying about rug burn, Angelina receives on the floor to give Rocky one of her noted hands-free blow jobs.

Kicking her heels off, Angelina climbs on top and rides Rocky in a reverse cowgirl for starters. That daybed is going to receive tons of action as they screw in different positions, from missionary to doggie. What about that unveil Angelina was scheduled to be on?
Everyone’s awaiting.

Copulate the unveil. Hump time is more important to the Miami mami.

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