On Location Greater than standard Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

On Location Large Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

Take five of the world’s finest naturals, fly ’em to a tropical island for a week and follow ’em around with cameras. What do u acquire?

A Larger than average Boob Paradise.

The DVD On Location Greater than run of the mill Paradise follows the dream team of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the first and merely time these five big breasted SCORE superstars got jointly, sharing a beach abode on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Every chapter spotlights one hotty but, of course, there’s loads of interaction with the other girls likewise.

The history of SCORE‘s large boob group discharges that too include the Boob Cruises is always nice of reviewing. The creator of big breasted angel group discharges in exotic locations since 1992, SCORE was looking for naturals who would be equally attractive to the one and the other SCORE Men and V-Men for Large Boob Paradise. Various locations in the Bahama island chain have been a prefered voyage destination since that time. The tropical weather is consistent, the scenery is sensational, the girls can be freely stripped and it is a short tour from Florida.

Why not discharge in a similar area in the States? United States government’s 2257 regulations, starting in 2005, forbid YOU.S.-based companies to shoot any adult models on YOU.S. soil who dont have U.S. documents. To be compliant with this law, studios cant photograph non-American adult models in the USA. Lorna’s a Brit, Terry’s a Czech and Angela’s an Australian. However, it is legal to photograph glamour models at an offshore location and the Caribbean offers anything SCORE needs, which is why everybody from Annina to Bella French has been photographed there.

The cameras chase Angela in today’s posting, split into 2 sections for easier downloading. From the flight from Miami to the island to Angela’s romping with her fresh friends and posing for shoots, On Location Larger than run of the mill Boob Paradise is packed with enjoyment and games of the big busted kind. A separate episode chat with Angela is also posted.

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