Cutie Face

Angel Face

This marks Angel Sin‘s seventh appearance at XLGirls and we’ll tell u why. That babe is 47-38-46 and wears a 38FF bra. This babe has a handsome face and pussy. That’s wonderful sufficient for us and we’ll tell u why. We’re old-school around here. We love old-fashioned teat flashing, vagina widening, tit-play and wonderful ol’, red-blooded, two-balled screwing. Perverted and fetishy, we ain’t. So even though Hotty Sin likes to play dominatrix-bitch and acquire all perverted, getting kicked around by a lovely heart doesn’t bring the enjoyment here. So that is why charming Goddess is wearing a taut, low-cut, righteously hot suit, a hot undergarment and skimpy panties–just the outfit for a good day at the park, not at the dungeon. Add a bigger in size than average toy for her precious cum-hole and it’s all wonderful. Hotty fantasizes about sex in elevators and circle jerks and used to play dom/sub games with other angels. Maybe one day she’ll work out to come back and play the good ol’ hide-the-salami game with an XLGirls stuntman. That would make our day.

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