Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

Andi Ray: XLGirl's Sexy Tutor

Professional tutor and champion of higher education, Andi Ray faces a challenge when she is hired to help Milan get through his college exams. Milan doesn’t care about getting a degree and would rather spend all day looking at his smartphone and sending dick pics to girls. What he fails to understand is that his phone and other modern miracles are the result of education and study.

His surly attitude and how he ignores her comments triggers Ms. Ray. She angrily leaves the room to cool off after lecturing him without success. Then Andi has an idea. Her way of shock treatment. She walks back into the room wearing only her bra, panties and high heels. Suddenly, Milan takes an extreme interest in what Andi is doing. He comes down with a case of severe brain freeze after seeing what her curvy body, big ass cheeks and big tits look like out of her properly professional clothing. He is now a puppet under Andi’s spell, as would we all be.

Andi will fuck out whatever brains her student has left after looking at the internet day and night. And she will suck his balls until they get as dry as a bag of airplane nuts. This radical technique is not in the tutor’s instructional guide but Andi is desperate for a solution. We believe she is onto something here.

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