Anastasia L’Amour: Bigger in size than average Boob Bust-out

Anastasia L'Amour: Big Boob Bust-out

“Whether or not I urge to emphasize my mammaries, depends on the place and occasion or event,” said super-busty Anastasia L’Amour.

“If I am going grocery shopping or to the Health Club, I am definitely wearing a jogging outfit with sneakers, very low-key. But if I am going out on a date, or to a club or a specific event such as Exotica, or filming a scene and doing photo discharges, then I’m 100% going to be emphasizing my bra-busters and I will costume to the nines.

“As a teenager, I was a cheerleader and in my early 20s, I started to do competitive bathing dress contests. I don’t do those anymore. I mainly focus on my every day workout routine with my tutor at the Health Club and my diet. Yoga and meditation are lifestyle choices I’ve now as well. Even when I am touring, I will stick to my routine whether or not my tutor is there.”

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