Oil Me Up & Down

Oil Me Up & Down

Stuff u should know about Amiee Roberts, who’s doing it the 305 Miami way in a pink swim suit by the water.

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Recreation: Walking
Hobbies: Taking walks, valuable conversation and shopping
Prefered travel spot: Hawaii
Prefered television show: The Voice
Beloved movie: Twilight
Favourite music group: Tim McGraw

Beloved perfume: Dior
Much loved drink: Malibu rum and cranberry
Much loved foods: Pizza and Chinese food
Favourite brands of bras: Mistresse
Favourite style of bras: Wire.

Where do u buy your bras?

Amiee: Usually online. My love melons are 40H

Have you ever weighed your breasts?

Amiee: No, but they are heavy.

How wide are your areolae?

Amiee: A couple of inches.

Do you treat your melons in any particular way, love caressing jizz on them?

Amiee: No, not indeed.

What position do u sleep in?

Amiee: On my side or abdomen.

Do u have any funny habits?

Amiee: Not actually!

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