XL Origins

XL Origins

Amanda arrived during the early years of XL Gals. In a way, this babe was a pioneer of the large-and-in-charge league. Unfortunately, the chunky and buxom New Yorker solely visited one time in advance of moving on to other activities. There is no thing else of Amanda out there that we’re aware of… no other companies that filched her after seeing her at XL Beauties.

In this rare hardcore scene, that babe and Nikko paired-off for a pure shag encounter with out story or theme. It was one of two XXX experiences she did with the meat-thermometer.

Amanda told a humorous story during her visit that yet one time more proves that cheesy pick-up lines can blow-back at the pick-up artist.

“One time a clerk at a store where I was buying condoms told to me, ‘Maybe u and I should get together and use these, playgirl!’

“What he should have done was just give me his name and phone number on a slip of paper. It’s possible I might have phoned him later on, and if we clicked on the phone, I might have considered meeting him for coffee even though he was a stranger. But he confused me with that line. I think this smooth operator was not actually interested in me in any case but this ladies man had to blurt smth out to sound macho.”

Guess that Lothario missed out on what Nikko got to sample.

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