Alexsis Faye: Shake It Up, Baby

Alexsis Faye: Shake It Up, Baby

Alexsis Faye once told us where she buys her bras. She orders them from Polish websites or goes to Munich, Germany to buy them. Her cool apartment looks like a combination bra and high-heeled shoe museum. Everything is neatly and precisely arranged. She also tries on a bra she saved from her high school days. Naturally, it doesn’t fit but it’s impressive that Alexsis saved it.

First, Alexsis puts several of her hooter harnesses through her rigorous testing procedures, and then she spanks her pussy until she gets that warm, fuzzy feeling all over. Alexis, who is very smart and sexy, is now blonde. Do you notice anything else?

SCORELAND: We’re sure you have no problems attracting guys but have you ever tried online dating?

Alexsis: Yes, I have tried it.

SCORELAND: Would you date someone much younger or much older than you?

Alexsis: If we have something in common and we get on well, of course. Age is just a number.

SCORELAND: What is something you have tried but will never do again?

Alexsis: I never watch a movie a second time.

SCORELAND: Do you ever play with your breasts or touch them without realizing it?

Alexsis: More than I should. That happens so much even when I am outside buying my groceries and guys stare at me. And I lick my lips a lot. Then I realize I am not in front of my webcam.

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