Lovin’ Ms. Grey’s Anatomy

Lovin' Ms. Grey's Anatomy

Alaura Grey is one of these girls who just takes your breath away. That babe has the sweetest-almost bashful-smile you’ll ever have the fun of having gaze back at you, an ultra-feminine and downy, womanly figure and a set of JJ-cup jugs that make our face holes water. Alaura hails from San Jose, California, and she certainly makes us want they all could be California girls.

“I was always the bustiest hotty in school,” Alaura told. “I started developing at 10 and was a D-cup by centre school. I do receive tons of attention because of my scones, even when I’m wearing sweaters! It’s joy tons of the time.”

Before we found her, Alaura’s prefered job was working at Love muffins. We can solely imagine the mountains of tips this vixen had tucked into her mountains of tit flesh at the end of each shift. Of course, Alaura heard a lot of pickup lines during her shifts.

“Oh, I heard it all!” Alaura said. “My beloved is when one lady-killer said that I had to be tired cuz I had been trickling through his mind all day.”

From a Hooters gal leaking through the minds of her patrons to an XL Beauty leaking through the minds of boob hounds around the globe…it’s safe to say everybody can’t live with out Ms. Grey’s anatomy.

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