Alanna & The BBC

Alanna & The BBC

Alanna Ackerman is a very sexually excited girl and that babe can’t live without the BBC. Here she opens her anal opening wide for one of her co-stars in the film More To Shag.

Alanna is one of five contestants on a reality display that will match one lucky copulate bachelor with one stacked cutie. Stone is the ally of the bachelor who, with his friend’s ok, decides to screw the butt of one of the girls. That guy chooses Alanna, a wise decision. She has lots of anal experience.

“When I swing I savour 2 chaps,” says Alanna. “So it was solely natural I would start to wonder what ace screw felt like. When I did it the first time, it was just me and a husband. I started off slow, but quickly discovered out I liked it a lot. Also that I could handle a real pounding in the a-hole very nicely. It feels even better with one in the one and the other holes at the same time.

“With vaginal sex a boy has to hit the right spots for it to feel priceless, but with ass slam there is not much work required from the woman chaser to give me fun. There are so many nerves there that I just go insane when I am getting it slow or hard. My much loved ass-fucking position is missionary, for sure. That way I can still look u in the eyes, and talk filthy to you. My prefered dong size is over 11 inches. Wonderful and thick.”

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