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New Discovery

Addison Tied is a brand-new XL Gal. Prepare to be stiffened at the sight of her stupendous 38HH sweater stretchers. A nice-looking redhead with a magnetic smile, a zillion-dollar personality and a awesome, plush bod, Addison picked XL Cuties to be her first.

A cam adult model in California, Addison doesn’t play sports (“The only place I like to sweat is in the bedroom.”) and this babe doesn’t view sports. She likes to sing, dance, do volunteer work and “generally be a trollop.”

“My titties draw attention to themselves no matter what I give a decision to wear. There’s no use trying to contain them! I’ve always been known as ‘the one with the boobs’ so being bigger than run of the mill breasted is a humongous part of my identity. I often catch chaps staring at me in public. I pretend not to watch them do it but I notice.”

Now if your XL Girls’ editors and photographers saw Addison here in Miami, we would not just stare. We’d whip out our…business cards. Now we don’t have to coz that babe discovered us.

Any sexual dreams?

“Posing for The SCORE Group knowing that so many people are plan to touch themselves looking at my pics and thinking about me!”

Welcome, Addison Bound. Brandish Addison some like and write down your thoughts. This babe is here for you.

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