A Bust Star Named Erin

A Bust Star Named Erin

And now, a goddess who brings tears of joy to the eyes.

All’s right with the world when Erin Star and gals adore her are glad to reveal and play with their larger than typical boobies and squashy curves. It is been scientifically proven in the lab with brain wave scans that looking at milk shakes will put u into a “man-trance.”

Looking at Erin Star produces this effect. You need extra willpower to even get up and get one more beer when looking at Erin’s movies or pictures. SCORE and Voluptuous editor Dave calls Erin “The gal with the dazzling sucklers.”

In the past, we used to detect a superstar approximately every year. But now, there’s been a wave of outstanding arrivals. U know the names. Erin is one of ’em.

Now that Erin, her sister Helen and their recent allies have been to the Caribbean for North Coast Vacation, where does Erin wish to go next?

“I urge to tour to the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” Erin told us. “That is one of my fantasies. I wanna watch what it is all about there. Maybe someday.”

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