8 Bosom Buddies & Hot Shower Time

8 Bosom Buddies & Hawt Shower Time

Alexya, Codi Vore, Daria, Demmy Blaze, Kitty Cute, Sha Rizel and the Star sisters, Erin and Helen have been invited by SCORE to an island retreat. In the opening of On Location North Coast, after the group view an introduction by the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous who explains the challenges everybody will undertake, Sha and Alexya are chosen to get the first defiance.

Sha’s phone rings and Dave in the Miami office appears on-screen.

“Hello, Sha. This is your host, the editor of SCORE. I hope you and Alexya are enjoying yourselves and are willing for your 1st challenge. You may have noticed that your bath has an outdoor shower with room sufficient for two…you 2.

“It’s been every SCORE Man’s dream to watch the 2 of u together, and now that fantasy is about to come true. Your challenge is to take a shower together in the sexiest way possible. We’ve equipped the shower with soap, creams, body lotions…and, of course, water! Now reveal us what you’ve got.”

The gals take off their bathing dress tops and cut-off shorts in the shower for soap and play time. Meanwhile, Codi is very interested in Sha and Alexya’s defiance and comes to a completion to watch them and join in. Alexya and Sha more than welcome Codi to the damp jet set.

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