34J Babydoll

34J Babydoll

Marie Leone likes to tease guys. And that’s cool. You gotta love a teaser, especially when she ultimately becomes a pleaser. In an earlier scene, young Marie talked to the director about her background, met a stud and shoved her big tits in his face then let him sex her up. This time, there’s no chit-chatting, just tit-patting and splatting.

As soon as Marie gets fed Carlos’ cock, they go wild on each other. He does what so many guys want to do since we first laid eyes on Marie: fuck her massive boobs and bust their nuts.

Marie sucks his cock beautifully, leaving spit strings. She whimpers quietly, waiting for Carlos to impale her in missionary before she gets fucked in other positions. She wants that shaft deep inside her pussy.

Back home in California, Marie is as much of a sex lover as she is in front of the SCORE cameras. She told us that when she watches her scenes with her fiancĂ©, she usually gives him a blow job. Now that’s a great fiancĂ©! They usually fuck after the video is over, “him on top of me and me on the bottom wincing every time he thrusts into me deeper. But by then, the laptop is closed.”

Has becoming famous brought people out of Marie’s past? “I have old crushes writing me on Twitter or texting me, but I don’t want to have anything to do with them since I was invisible to them in school.”

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