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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Battle of the Sexes

Written on October 29, 2016 at 4:05 pm, by

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

“I think porno sex and sex at home are a little different,” says Gianna, a mega-porn star who should know. She is still one of the best-known breasty porn stars in the world. (This babe is retired these days but still works in the adult industry. “I’ve noticed that sex on movie has become more aggressive. I adore rough sex, pussy-wise. This is the thing in regards to me doing pornography and my sexuality in general: I feel that it’s unyielding to fake emotion, but the emotion that I give is solely what’s provoked by that certain person.

“So, some pornos might not be as sexy as others, but that is ‘coz of the attraction between the gentleman and myself. If that woman chaser I’m going off with is provoking worthwhile emotions, the movie scene of me that this chab saw that was potty is probably what he is gonna acquire.”

Gianna and Tony D. go at it just short of a wrestling match. “I love tons of talk, like when I am getting fucked and this man is telling me what to do, I’m just love, “Tell me what’s in that nasty banging mind of yours.” I like to do that whilst we’re rogering coz that is when you get true emotion. Nobody has time to think. You are also busy trying to shag, so just trying to throw smth in there, it’s interesting to watch what I receive in return!”

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Stacked For Sex

Written on October 29, 2016 at 3:53 pm, by

Stacked For Sex

Stacked For Sex

Patty Michova keeps herself trim and slim and hits her gym every day, all the more worthy to practice her raunchy acrobatics. Now Patty’s back at SCORELAND and her strapping moves keep Max plenty busy in her return to sexy and concupiscent humping. First, this babe treats him to a short fashion display to elevate his blood pressure.

They say nice things come to these who await but Patty doesn’t make him expect long at all. The first thing he does is acquire Patty on her hands and knees, slide off her belts and check her fur pie temperature with his tongue thermometer. Patty says getting valuable blow job ranks number one for her.

Tit for tat, Patty unleashes her deep-throat BJ skills, mouthing off Max hands-free with plenty of saliva and gagging. How this ladies man managed to not bust a nut during Patty’s schlong swallowing is an charming unveil of self-control. When the shagging starts, Patty and Max run through a flurry of pumped up poses right with out a sexology manual. All that’s missing is a lap dancer pole so they can bonk upside-down! Props to Patty. When that babe acquires it on, that babe goes all out.

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World Cups Winner

Written on October 29, 2016 at 8:35 am, by

World Cups Winner

World Cups Winner

This is no standard below garment experiment. This is the great underneath garment experiment with the great Maserati. Bam has brought a selection of bras for Maserati to wear. This lady-killer is the designated bra boy in this scene, a very coveted job that receives many applicants. The beneath garment sizes are not listed but they’re all extra-extra-big. Big sufficient for farmers to haul watermelons in. Large enough to cover a man’s head past his chin.

Maserati tries on four boulder holders. She loves the 1st 2 and can’t live without the next two. Maserati has her peculiar way of testing every under garment as we will watch, with jiggling, bouncing and jogging in place. As for Bam, he is a happy fellow as this chab feels the weight and softness of her magnificent globes, cupping them with palms that are dwarfed by the sheer size of Maserati’s world illustrious cups. He dives into Maserati’s cleavage, burying his face inside her voluptuous valley.

One time the below garment testing is completed, Maserati desires to test out Bam’s knob. He is in for a world-class oral and rogering. That babe rides his pole unbending, grinding and pumping and turning up the heat. Maserati sits on him in the one and the other directions, squeezing and thrilling his ramrod, feeling the pressure rising. This dude takes her head in one hand and pops a nut in her expecting mouth, some of it spilling out and over her giant super-natural hangers. We are sorry to watch this bra experiment end.

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Rachel Raxxx

Written on October 28, 2016 at 11:24 am, by

Rachel Raxxx Rachel Raxxx
Rachel Raxxx @
Rachel Raxxx. Barely-legal…and blessed. Just take a view this white-cock floozy and her Thirty JJ’s! You read right: barely-legal and double J’s! This ebony doll makes her debut on the world-famous Dogfart Network with Chad White, and this scene is all about those big, alluring chocolate knockers! Chad’s plan to oil them up and screw ’em worthy previous to he moves to her face hole and her tight little vagina. You are plan to adore watching these enormous ebon enjoyment bags bounce up and down and all around as she’s gangbanged out. In the end, Rachel’s jugggs are jizz-covered and something you’ll never forget!
Rachel Raxxx Rachel Raxxx
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Sweet Talkin’ Woman

Written on October 28, 2016 at 8:58 am, by

Enjoyable Talkin’ Woman

Sweet Talkin' Woman

One unfathomable breath and Mia Chick could pop each button of her cardigan. To stop this, there is merely one thing Mia can do. It’s gotta come off even though that babe looks spectacular wearing it, also anything else covering her enjoyable plumpness. That babe knows we need to watch these titanic mams, her thick butt and haunches that tantalize.

XLGirls: Tell us what you wanna do that you haven’t done.

Mia: I wish to have sex in the water. Not cold water. Water that’s warm and tropical. I’ve never had this in advance of so I’d like to try it. I have at not time had sex in public but I would love to have sex in a swimming pool. I had sex in a car. Does that count as public sex.

XLGirls: Some might say yes, others no. Have u ever been in a 3some?

Mia: No, I wasn’t ever in a threeway but if I’d wish some other angel and a petticoat chaser.

XLGirls: Tell us what you adore to do in sofa.

Mia: I adore to give a lady-killer head. Vehement kissing excites me. My beloved poses are missionary and doggy style. Some days I will take charge, other times I crave the smooth operator to take control. It depends on my mood that day. I adore to have to know anybody previous to I’ve sex with him.

XLGirls: Thank you, Mia!

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Preggo & Wet

Written on October 27, 2016 at 9:05 am, by

Pregnant & Wet

Preggo & Wet

It’s shower vigour time for Roxanne Miller as her preggy series at XL Beauties comes to an end with this 4th scene. All’s well now post-pregnancy for Roxanne and her bundle of fun. She’s discovered the complete experience an adventure and she was even accomplished to glamour model for XL Cuties during this major time in her life.

Always a positive, pleased enchanting heart, Roxanne spoken about her point-of-view of her bumpy experience as her body changed.

“Since we are competent to create a miracle–right?–I think we gals merit to be pampered, at least during our pregnancy, so we can feel alluring whilst we are expanding. So I do go to the salons to cut my hair, make it hairy or str8 depending on my mood, take care of my nails and stuff adore that because I need to feel feminine and girly. I use tons of lotion on my body and for my stomach, I use plenty of baby oil cuz it feels worthwhile.”

“During my gestation, plenty of allies, mostly dudes, said to me that my milk sacks were going to acquire doubled. And a gal said to me, ‘Oh. my god, you’re so selfish, you already have so much boobage! U urge more?'”

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Boob Workout

Written on October 26, 2016 at 9:17 am, by

Boob Workout

Boob Workout

“Whenever I go to a public exotic dancing club to workout, everybody stops what they are doing to see me,” Karina Hart said to the photo team the day this scene was filmed. That is completely understandable. Who could lift weights or use a treadmill with this charming Big-Boob girl within view in the same gym and rolling on a workout ball? There would be accidents!

“I love most of all to workout in private,” Karina added, doing her paramount to promote public safety. “It’s not that I do not like the attention. I just wanna receive something skillful.” Like a few SCORE and V-Girls such as Joana Bliss, Karina practices yoga to stay flexible and supple.

“I adore to dress in sporty, not hot, clothing during the day in spring and summer. At night, if I go out to a club or a reveal, I adore to wear something sexy and sexy.” It would not matter what Karina decided to wear, day or night. This babe would still turn heads.

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Cream Filling

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Spunk Filling

Cream Filling

As in a short time as Sienna Hills and Mr. Largo started rogering their brains out, we could hear her screams of enjoyment throughout the thick walls of the XL Beauties studio. This cutie truly likes the weenie. This time was sperm pie time. Instead of taking the pop discharged to her king-size milk sacks, face hole or face, Sienna’s plan to get zinged right in her unfathomable pink and this babe is gonna let it ooze out.

Her humongous scones will swing like bell clappers when she’s banged in doggie by his express train of man-sausage until the missiles are first took a bow. It’s Sienna’s 1st creampie shag and this babe was game to go. We could hear Sienna urging him to paste her snatch and who’s plan to say no to this hawt piece of wazoo?

“I adore to bonk doggie-style,” Sienna said us in one of our interviews. “That is one of my favorites. I like a fellow coming at me from behind and I can reach back and clutch a hold of him and make him go faster and harder. Yep, I like it!”

We’ve been in touch with Sienna who first came to XL Gals when this babe owned a mag shop in Little Rock, Arkansas where the customers would beg her to adult model for TSG. The store closed but will Sienna ever make a comeback? Merely time will tell.

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Tits In Tight Tops & Bras

Written on October 25, 2016 at 9:22 am, by

Love bubbles In Tight Tops & Bras

Tits In Taut Tops & Bras

Jelena Jasper can’t live with out taut, miniature, nipple-kissing tops and tight, colorful brassieres and that babe is your top-modeling hostess, taking us into her personal wardrobe for a breast-packed unveil. Jelena wishes her fun bags to look their foremost and that babe makes sure of it! Breast-men, can not aid but gawk, and they like to check her out when this babe is with out the house. Females who do not know her give her wicked, envious looks. Jelena takes it all in stride. She is breasty and pleasured.

A writer as well as a glamour model, Jelena was a major assist with a complex Merilyn Sakova shoot. It took over a week and Jelena was tireless and full of worthwhile ideas. This babe and Merilyn are mate countrywomen (Jelena lives in the Great Britain, however) and they got along adore cousins. The apartment transformed into big breast heaven with those two living jointly for a week. The one and the other gals are great adult models and have a beefy sex appeal. While there, Jelena got stripped and toyed also.

Jelena likes cooking and music, the two essential components of Ukrainian life.”I love a caring fellow with a good smile,” Jelena said. “Good males at no time finish last in my book! A buck that respects honey bunnys and treats them well earns many points with me.”

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Lita Phoenix added to Legal age

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Lita Phoenix

Added on: 10/25/2016
Age: Twenty four
Height: 5’6
Figure: 34C-26-35
Location: BELARUS

Sample Pics/Vids of Lita Phoenix
Description: Lita Phoenix is a seriously sexy dark brown with the most handsome billibongs ever! This stunning babe packs a big punch in such a petite package. That babe has a hairless vagina that will make your throat water, and an ass that’s so constricted you’ll be dying to copulate it all day!

Quin added to

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Added on: 10/25/2016
Age: Twenty one
Height: 5’3
Figure: 32A-23-33
Location: Ukraine

Example Pics/Vids of Quin

Vasilisa added to

Written on October 25, 2016 at 7:00 am, by


Added on: 10/25/2016
Age: 24
Height: 5’6
Figure: 34C-27-35
Location: Ukraine

Example Pics/Vids of Vasilisa
Description: Vasilisa will actually blow u away. She has long silky hair, a tight and tone body, and a love tunnel that gets wetter than you can imagine! This sexually excited coed likes to touch herself, and desires to show u just how much enjoyment that babe can pack in to every video!