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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Monique L’Amour – Sunshine Jackumentary

Written on December 31, 2015 at 7:21 pm, by

Sunshine Jackumentary

Sunshine Jackumentary

Sunshine is love any carefree girl-next-door from Chicago. Except that babe developed G-cup tits over time. Sunshine discovered The SCORE Group on her own and started stripped modeling for us in 2003. Her larger than standard hooters were awesome from the kick off.

Sunshine just now began doing scenes with males. There was no contemplating period. Sunshine was absolutely into hawt porn-sex right away.

It was more than interesting to see Sunshine’s change from V-Girl to XL Goddess. Every year that babe got bustier, heavier and thicker. Sunshine was a very quiet girl and more action-oriented so we at no time did any formal video interviews with her.
This Jackumentary features some hanging out and hotty talk with boyfrend XL Angel Monique L’Amour.

Then one day Sunshine called and told this babe was pregnant. Were we interested? Would we adore her to do boy-girl? The rest was mammary magic.

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Angelique – Emergency Nurses

Written on December 31, 2015 at 3:47 pm, by

Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

If any scene is a certified SCORE Classic, this hospital scene betwixt Angelique and Minka, discharged in London, is pure gold. Here is a monster titted classic encounter betwixt two hyper-sexed SCORE Beauties. At this hospital, the glamour models are the patients. They are likewise the nurses and the doctors.

Nurse Minka enters the room to tend to Angelique who is in for a chipped fingernail. After checking Angelique’s chart, Minka makes a straight line for Angelique’s humongous jugs. Minka’s juggs are ready to fall out of her uniform as this babe leans over Angelique. Angelique sees Minka’s stupendous meatballs and wants to suck on ’em. How the photographers controlled themselves is a mystery.

A horny therapy session ensues with teat engulfing. The one and the other mega-stars have priceless, darksome bushes that are unshaved but trimmed. Today’s shaven cookie trend has made bush ladies inflexible to discover. The gals copulate each other with toys including a double-headed knob. Minka fucks Angelique with a strap-on that she keeps in her nurse’s utility strap.

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Goldie Jackson – Go For The Goldie

Written on December 29, 2015 at 10:40 pm, by

Go For The Goldie

Go For The Goldie

Johnny unintentionally on purpose walks into Goldie Jackson on the street, and douses her precious, constricted, white shirt with a cup of water. This truly upsets Goldie who suspects this dude did it intentionally.

Johnny takes Goldie to the washing room of his apartment building to dry her top, then they wait at his place. This babe falls for this routine. This fellow has each angle overspread love a Mission: Impossible plot. He is overjoyed when Goldie suggests her bigger in size than standard jugs to him and acquires down to mouthing his shaft for starters on his sofa.

Goldie’s marangos and mouth receive a subrigid workout before Johnny rams into her twat in each position his breast-besotted mind can think of. That skirt chaser then drops a load all over her enchanting body during the time that she’s partly on the floor in a pile-driver position.

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Savannah Stevens – Shower Time

Written on December 29, 2015 at 2:29 am, by

Shower Time

Shower Time

Chase Savannah Stevens into the shower. It’s the right thing to do ‘coz showers can be lonely places and beauties strapping adore Savannah need attention and company. Savannah did an incendiary XXX scene in “My Living Big boobed Doll” as a fembot that not quite set off the smoke detectors.

Savannah spends almost all of her time at home naked. Delivery boys must appreciate that. “I just hate to wear alluring raiment,” told Savannah. “I’m constantly in nature’s garb at home. I desire the entire world could be one bigger than typical nudist resort.”

“What I wanna do is have sex in public. That is one of my mammoth dreams I wanna satisfy. I’d like to have an outdoor threesome with one more Big-Boob girl and a ladies man with a actually bigger than run of the mill pecker.”

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Luna Mystique – Thick & Sexy

Written on December 29, 2015 at 12:49 am, by

Thick & Hot

Thick & Sexy

“I like looking at XL Beauties,” told Luna Mystique, a Florida plumper. “It’s worthy for beauties like us to have supporters. The chicks are so round and cushioned. Kinda like my own zeppelins, round and full.”

“I was one time a practicing dominatrix-bitch. I adore to go to swing undress clubs and observe. I suppose u could say I’m an exhibitionistic voyeur. I love to write erotica also, besides glamour modeling.”

“Overall, I am a marvelous traditional hotty. I like dinner and a movie. If my date is feeling adventurous, I adore to go clubbing in Ybor City. It is a mix of cultures and disrobe clubs. Lads are always eyeing me. I suppose it is the low-cut tops I wear.”

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Monica Love – Merry Christmas

Written on December 27, 2015 at 5:07 am, by

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Some other holiday miracle and one more jiggle belle dressed to set the ol’ Yule log ablaze. Some other breathtaking greenhorn clothed to impress. She’s Monica Adore and she’s made this special Xmas Bonus episode for all loyal XL boys. Monica’s not wicked, she’s priceless, but she’ll make an exception for us.

What’s that aged perv Santa left for Monica on her 1st Xmas at XL Gals? She reaches into the box. Why it’s a couple of bras and a tape measure for this delectable treat to try out right now and just a click away. Yep, he’s a member too, our oldest member and that fellow knows a enchanting breasty doll when he sees her. Perky Xmas, Monica Like.

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Brandy Dean – Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Written on December 26, 2015 at 10:12 pm, by

Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Alone by herself in pictorials, Brandy can inspire the loss of many loads, but this babe detected her niche in rogering and engulfing and using her massive 38DDD jugs as cum catchers. This babe takes pride in this. Brandy has not done many videos if you were to compare her to other porno stars who buzz through hundreds of scenes. And that can be a valuable thing.

Brandy’s vigorous gazonga gyrations almost knock Al into a wall. The angel also knows how to suit her boobs and the rest of her shapely body. As soon as they strip off for act, Brandy dives for Al’s schlong and gives him her peculiar head and jack technique that guys speak of in hushed, awed tones. The redhaired sweetheart is an accomplished cock sucker and knows how to harden a Lothario in seconds. The thing about Brandy is that that babe at no time loses that wholesome, fresh-faced, corn-fed, blameless Ohio-bred face. That babe doesn’t look adore a sex star at all. That babe bears a resemblance to a youthful, suburban wife and baseball Mommy.

Look at as Brandy swirls her tongue over the tip and the other tricks that babe does to his bone as she vacuum cleans it. While Brandy is swallowing Al’s bloated shaft, he’s burying his face in Brandy’s cleavage and engulfing her nipps. When it is time to shag, Brandy does the rubber trick–putting it on his weenie with her throat. This bawdy little move adds a healthy dash of naughty and Brandy is an talented at being a wicked cutie.

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Alyson Galen – Cherry Busted! First Sex On-Camera

Written on December 26, 2015 at 7:00 am, by

Cherry Busted! 1st Sex On-Camera

Cherry Busted! First Sex On-Camera

Now here’s a goddess with bigger-than-big bumpers and a plump bod who 1st posed by herself 3 years ago and vanished off the radar screens only to fly back into our orbit just recently. Her partner, a fan of XL Cuties, was originally responsible for Alyson Galen being here.

In her 1st boy-girl scene, three years later, Alyson first talks about her spouse before Mr. Peter Green enters the room and puts the moves on her. Alyson and her skirt chaser view porn jointly, lads with gals or beauties with angels. Her own personal beloved porn is girl on girl and she’d adore to make one herself one day.

Now Peter arrives and sits next to Alyson on the daybed. That babe looks a little nervous but that is standard. It is her 1st time doing one of the most-intimate things a beauty can do on-camera. Our photographer asks Alyson what that babe thinks her partner wishes to see almost any and that babe says he’d like to see her king-size milk sacks played with.

It is time to receive this party started so Peter starts by zeroing in on Alyson’s enormous assets, squeezing and licking with tongue them, burying his face in her breast-pillows. That fellow sits back and Alyson leans over his lap, pulling his schlong without his trousers and sucking on it, then crushing it inside her unfathomable deep cleavage. This babe stands up, sits on his penis facing him and bounces away. Alyson is a clip virgin no longer.

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Larissa Linn – Tits & Jugs

Written on December 26, 2015 at 2:01 am, by

Bosoms & Jugs

Tits & Jugs

Larissa Linn says she wishes to be the boss whilst this babe squeezes her large pantoons together. Her twin peaks look willing to pop out. Larissa stands on the stone steps of an mature country abode and not fast peels without her female outfit to expose her perfect body. Lifting a big jug of water, Larissa pours it all over her chest, and u can watch in her face that that water is nipple-erecting cold!

“When my areolas are lewd, I acquire very sexually excited,” says Larissa. “So when a lad licks my areolas, I wish more. Pouring the cold water on me was love a boy with ice sex cream in his mouth mouthing my areolas.”

“Sometimes I am asked if I believe in sex on the 1st date. I do not ‘cuz I need to know more about a dude and his character. I want to watch if that stud is assertive and powerful, a leader. Such a charmer I will pursue and must know more beautiful.”

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Allie Pearson – Jiggle Belle!

Written on December 25, 2015 at 8:37 am, by

Jiggle Belle!

Jiggle Belle!

Do not we all love the holidays at XL Gals? Angels are happier, bubblier and appear to be to be bouncing and twerking a little more vigorously than ordinary. Take Allie Pearson, a angel any lad could easily fall for. She is ecstatic at this time of the year and we’re the recipients of her giddy glee.

What’s inside that holiday gift bag Allie’s showing us? We’re about to view. She’ll put it to good use. “Apparently, I’ve been bad this year,” says Allie with a laugh. The breast is yet to come as Allie prepares to set your Yule log on fire.

“I’ll play with myself when I’ve the house to myself,” says 23-year-old Allie. “I’ve at no time owned a toy so I rub my like button for stimulation until I orgasm. You are seeing me do smth here that I do not do at home and I cant tell u how much that excites me. I really do feel naughty.”

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Angelique – Head Nurse

Written on December 25, 2015 at 8:05 am, by

Head Nurse

Head Nurse

Head nurse Angelique is prowling the ward in pursue of wet cracks to take up with the tongue, nipps to suck or a erection to shag. This babe encounters an ailing patient who is in the hospital for tossing off likewise much. Angelique swiftly determines that he has enough jizz for one screw and she wants it. Angelique strips off her nurse’s uniform to brandish her consummate body and huge zeppelins in a tight, white beneath garment and panties.

Orally-fixated Angelique must save the patient with her Brazilian jaws of life technique and sucks his strapon, demonstrating her superior nursing skills. The smack of his wang in her hungry throat gets her cookie wet for his beef thermometer. This babe joins him in daybed so he can bonk the shit without her with his final ounce of strength.

Now a big breasted legend of SCORE, Angelique resides in Germany and is lengthy retired from modeling and porn. Even so, letters often arrive from fans asking the chances of her making a comeback.

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Alana Lace – The Best Of Tits & Tugs 1

Written on December 24, 2015 at 10:59 am, by

The Most magnificant Of Meatballs & Tugs 1

The Foremost Of Scoops & Tugs 1

Some cuties are just handy at tit-fucking and tossing off. If they’re valuable at jack talk and eye contact, so much the hotter.

“The Finest of Bosoms & Tugs #1” shot in P.O.V. starts with the ever-popular Youtube star Taylor Steele (On Location Grand Bahama). Taylor remains a go-to cutie for many with her dream knockers, lush body and nice-looking face. The pleasant Canadian’s likewise got a great smutty rap going as she strokes away. We’re jealous of this lady-killer.

Our second hands-on exciter is Alana Lace in a tremendous jerk job and tit-wank, jacking 10-Pounder love she’s pumping up a bicycle tire (that ultimately explodes all over her). Whispery-voiced Alana displays each inch of her sweet, fleshy body and turns around to expose her cum-hole and anus before that babe receives a clutch. Lubed hands make her larger than average, enormous mammaries lustrous and slick, just right to slide the knob throughout. 2 of the unsurpassable big-boobed Meatballs & Tugs jerk off scenes to be identified anywhere with all of the right ingredients: great, hot gals with larger than run of the mill, large strong bosoms, eye-banging, nasty talk and wanton tiny of hand action.

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