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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Barbara Angel – Angel of Sex

Written on October 31, 2015 at 8:43 am, by

Angel of Sex

Angel of Sex

Barbara Girl is a gal with a regular 9-5 job. That babe has an apartment, a dog and she dates good boyz. Barbara also wanted to try experimenting in the world of sexy porn sex. That babe likes posing solo and this babe is always sexually excited when this babe fucks a recent porn ladies man, living out her bad hotty fantasies, at least for the time being.

“I wanted to do this for a lengthy time and when I spoke to a photographer from The SCORE Group in USA, I took the opportunity to fulfill this fantasy,” Barbara told.

What u watch is what u get with Barbara. She’s no thing adore the archetypal “adult star.” That babe doesn’t look like a porn star. If you saw her having lunch in the park during a break from work, you’d at not time guess that this big-boobed, big-bottomed angel gets her kicks on-camera.

“I am the same having sex on-camera as I’m when I’m with a ladies man in intimate. I just love to see the digital camera when I can. There is no difference in how I am and behave. This makes it more thrilling for me. My favorite position is doggy position when a man pumps me. Even so, I like every position and mouthing a meat-thermometer.”

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Westy – Coeds Need Money For Tuition

Written on October 30, 2015 at 9:39 pm, by

Coeds Need Money For Tuition

Coeds Need Cash For Tuition

In a ideal world, charming youthful cuties wouldn’t acquire to pay bloodsucking universities a ridiculous tuition plus pay for books, dorm rooms, uniforms and other expenses needed for educational purposes. But we live in an idiotic world. Different from her stud coeds who give their sexy bodies away for free in one-night hook-ups on drunken weekends, Westy acquires laid on-camera to pay the bills.

Her client Neeo is happy with his choice. “I pay for a beer. I pay for hot raiment. I pay my landlord,” argues Neeo. “Why should rogering a gal be so different? Who is to say that cuties giving away sex is okay but taking cash is bad? What is the real difference? There is none.” Having forked over his specie, Neeo is like a hungry gent at a breakfast buffet, greedily kissing and licking with tongue Westy’s marvelous pupil body.

Westy is all his for the next 20 minutes and that petticoat chaser cant expect to drill her zeppelins, throat and vagina. “If I took Westy out on a date, I’d spend specie and maybe she wouldn’t shag me,” says Neeo. “This way I just take that specie, give it to her and I am guaranteed a worthy time. This babe acquires to pay her tuition and I have to support fetching high school angels and their education.” Sounds adore a plan. Neeo fucks Westy like a nutty chap in every position that lady-killer can think of and gives her a nutritious cum beverage down her throat.

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Roxee Robinson – Canadian Dream Tits

Written on October 30, 2015 at 10:58 am, by

Canadian Dream Milk cans

Canadian Dream Tits

Roxee Robinson lives in Canada. When we first checked out this bi-sexual, hazel-eyed redhead, the size of her 36HH-cup breasts and muscular brickhouse body blew us away. It took some time and maneuvering to receive Roxee over to XL Gals but we know you’ll detect she’s well worth it.

Says Roxee, “I like role-playing and wearing sexy underware. I like to fuck my pussy with toys and cum a lot. Showing off my large mellons and wet crack and knowing that someone is busting a nut for me turns me on.

“I’m an exhibitionist. I relish being exposed out side. But I am too a homebody. I love to sew, cook, shop and bake.” And give males rock hard wood.

Welcome, Roxee Robinson.

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Jennica Lynn – The Bustiest Swedish Girl In The World

Written on October 29, 2015 at 1:11 pm, by

The Bustiest Swedish Gal In The World

The Bustiest Swedish Gal In The World

What did u think when u saw yourself on the covers of Voluptuous and XL Cuties magazines? Your first was February 2014 Voluptuous and your second was the August 2014 issue as well as XL Girls #262 and #269.
Jennica: I was over the moon! Me on the covers of a magazine! I mean come on, what girl doesn’t crave that? I had at not time reckoned to be on any cover at all.

How did it feel when you saw the DVD (Jennica Lynn) devoted just to you.
Jennica: Afresh, I was so thrilled and cheerful, I have a DVD!

U went to the Dominican Republic with Lavina Fantasy, Vanessa Y. and Roxanne Miller for XL Cuties On Location. What was that journey love for u?
Jennica: Oh, it was so enjoyment. I had at not time been to the Dominican Republic. It was a different experience compared to The Bahamas since this time we were a group of cuties. It was fashionable to talk to other adult models and compare scoops and other things

Do you keep in touch with any of the beauties from that shoot?
Jennica: I did keep in touch with Lavina for quite awhile. She is a super-sweet girl. I actually liked her.

What did you do in the DR when you weren’t adult modeling? Did u have a chance to go out as a group?
Jennica: I remember us all watching episodes at the end of the day and we went out to a restaurant one evening. But what I remember the almost any was the night I arrived. I think a slight group of us went down to the beach and strolled around which was astonishing since I just came from cold, rainy England!

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Crystal Gunns – First & Last Tits & Tugs Jack Off

Written on October 29, 2015 at 8:06 am, by

1st & Final Mangos & Tugs Toss off

First & Final Breasts & Tugs Jack Off

Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps really stroking off a pecker to blast off made the 1st Melons & Tugs DVD the almost any popular in the series, even beating off some hardcore clips. Crystal’s fans not at all thought they would ever see that event. It took a very lengthy time to make this one time happening a reality.

We still acquire browsers asking when Crystal will return, if she will ever do a full-out hardcore sex scene and if we have any unseen content in the archive. For sample, “I am wondering if there are anymore Crystal Gunns autographs or stuff adore that. I’m a MAMMOTH fan of hers. There was a contest where somebody won an autographed bra of hers and I would adore to buy it off the winner if he still has it. I’ve like 30 autographed 8X10’s of her already and almost any of her episodes.”

If you’ve been a SCORE Stud during Crystal’s run, u know it’s a major thing to actually watch Crystal in POV photography jacking a smooth operator off and getting her scoops drilled. The way this babe looked at the digital camera and smiled with the guy’s knob wedged between her undergarment and her knockers was stiffy material. Actually, thrashing is the better word than jacking since we remember Crystal’s August 2005 SCORE interview.

“That’s what the boyz usually tell me at the undress clubs,” Crystal told. “‘I spank off to u all the time, Crystal!’ So, I’d rather hear that word, thrashing, then wanking off. I always wonder why they can’t say smth more sensuous than ‘I’m thrashing off to you!’ I crave they would say it nicer adore, ‘I savour your photos’ or ‘I relish your videos.'”

Whatever u crave to call it…hand-job, palm-party, happy-ending…we are very grateful to Crystal for lending a hand and deep cleavage. When the smooth operator popped, Crystal didn’t skip a beat even though this babe was clearly surprised when he squirted his cum right in her face as she was jerking him with two hands. Fortunately, the cameraman filmed it. Crystal really is “like you have at no time observed her before.”

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Kitana Flores – Kitana Doubles Down

Written on October 29, 2015 at 7:17 am, by

Kitana Doubles Down

Kitana Doubles Down

Super-hottie Kitana Flores admits this babe is nervous but sexually excited and exuberant. She’s not into threeway bonks in her personal life. But she is looking forward to getting screwed by two chaps on-camera because, “I’m gonna feel like a queen. I’m going to acquire so much attention.” The fact is, Kitana doesn’t seem nervous at all. This South Beach knockout gets into being the plaything of these 2 cockslingers. When the studs empty their balls and spray her after a solid rogering, they tights Kitana to the point where her face is overspread in cock juice that leaks down her chin and onto her perfectly-shaped bra buddies. This scene, and Kitana’s anal scene, are historic events because she is not at all done either on-camera. But, as in her debut anal, Kitana does one more kick-ass scene.

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Michelle May – Jackumentary Michelle May

Written on October 28, 2015 at 2:24 pm, by

Jackumentary Michelle May

Jackumentary Michelle May

XL Girls’ Jackumentary series looks at Michelle May, a charming California golden-haired brawny love a brickhouse. Michelle made a big impact even though that babe did not model almost sufficient as far as titties & booty chaps were anxious.

“She has a enchanting face which seems to have a permanent come and fuck me look. Add to that fine love melons and a spankable looking wazoo and u have perfection,” wrote CY. Michelle was intend to nursing school during her modeling years. Is that babe done with undressed modeling absolutely? Finished? Over and out? It’s a question we will at not time answer cuz if cuties like Diane Poppos and Renee Ross can make greater than standard, unexpected comebacks, many others could likewise.

Michelle not at all pro big breasted prejudice when that babe was growing up; the bullying and the mean jokes. “I got tons of smiles and winks from tons of the studs when I was growing up,” said Michelle. “I went to school in California and everybody showed a lot of skin. I mean, it is everyday for people to walk around half-naked in California. I’d say that I was the flavor of the week, for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nickname Shelly Bigger in size than average Mammaries and Bouncy bosoms McGee. It was all in good enjoyment. No one ever went without their way to be naughty to me.”

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Samantha Kay – Humpin’ Hangers

Written on October 27, 2015 at 5:10 pm, by

Humpin’ Hangers

Humpin' Hangers

Samantha Kay calls the super coz she’s having problems with her pipes. The grizzled handyman that flaunts up appears like this ladies man could do with some pipe laying himself and he’s identified the right housewife to do it during the time that her husband’s at work.

“I’ve been randy since the pont of time I lost my virginity. The 1st time I did it, it wasn’t great. It was awkward and uncomfortable. But the second time I had sex, it was great! I would say that by the time I was Nineteen, I would done about 56 guys. I was into the numbers. I wanted to screw as many fellows as possible. Be a bitch and let everybody know it.”

Samantha was a able chef before this babe got into swinging, chat-hosting and porn.

“It started out ‘coz me and my boyfriend are swingers’. Basically, we sold personal little swinger movie scenes on a Yahoo group that became truly popular. I’ve always been bi, but I by no means got the chance to do a gal. We started posting images of me and my husband screwing, and a swinger group got a hold of us. We spoken about swinging, and we decided that we were gonna do it where I could just touch a hotty. No dudes could touch me. So we went to the party, and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, Samantha’s at not time done a hotty!’ And five gals jumped on me at once!”

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Claudia Marie – SCOREtv Season 2, Episode 2

Written on October 26, 2015 at 5:41 am, by

SCOREtv Season 2, Video 2

SCOREtv Season TWO, Episode 2

SCOREtv Season 2, Movie 2 stars Claudia Marie, Savannah Stevens, 18eighteen honey bunny Cadey Mercury, “How To Be A Porn Stud” part 2 with Tony Rubino, body-painted Nikky Wilder from XL Beauties, aged nipple star Annellise Croft proving it’s not ever also late and popular SCORE reader’s wife, Shelby Gibson. Up-close and personal, nothing comes close to SCOREtv. The breast damn boob expose, period!

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Terry Nova – The Best Hookers Are Busty Hookers

Written on October 24, 2015 at 1:23 pm, by

The Superlatively fine Hookers Are Busty Hookers

The Foremost Hookers Are Breasty Hookers

For one American businessman working in Prague, relief is merely a phone call away. Who flaunts up at his hotel room but superstacked Terry Nova, a honey bunny with a rack that other chicks would kill to have. Terry’s English is almost non-existent but this babe does know the word money, the universal language of love. No translation is needed.

Terry has opened so many men’s straps, this babe could work for a clothes store. She loosens her recent friend Eric’s trousers and pulls his shlong out to engulf. If u have seen Terry Nova engulf a woman chaser off previous to, then you know she’s no shortchanging headsucker. Miss Nova sucks to the root of the meat-thermometer, taking the shaft all the way down the hatch. His wife doesn’t do this kind of shit at home and that is what beauties love Terry are for.

This clip doesn’t answer the question of why men keep their trousers on when they acquire a oral in a European country nor will it attempt to. Terry strips off to her red fishnets and darksome boots. This babe climbs on board his meat missile in reverse cowgirl and shags him like she is on a bull-riding machine that is with out control. For this hardboiled executive, Terry is worth every screwing penny.

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Chevy Cobain – Fed To Spread

Written on October 24, 2015 at 1:07 am, by

Fed To Spread

Fed To Spread

Tarzan and our digital camera lad Jose coax Chevy into telling what this babe and Tarzan are going to do at XL Girls. Chevy’s not demure. She’s just more of a show-er than a talker. She’d rather sex it up than chat away. They do squeeze out the fact that she is by no means had sex and eaten at the same time. They also coax Chevy into telling them what gets her off, which is getting banged face down, gazoo up, and love button fondelling.

Jose asks Chevy to brandish Tarzan her greater than average 40H scoops. Smiling, that babe pulls them without her costume. This chap is at no time watched them yet and he is impressed. Who wouldn’t be happy to have to bonk that pair of scones and all the rest of Chevy?

Chevy has bigger than standard, brown areolae and thick areolas. She acquire to tan in a bikini cuz her fullsome funbags are lighter than the rest of her body. Tarzan is having a great time playing with these coconuts.

It is time for Chevy to be “Fed To Spread.” Tarzan makes a banana split using Chevy’s scoops as a plate. He squirts whipped spunk in her throat and lays the banana on her deep cleavage with man-juice and cherries on it. Tarzan feeds Chevy some banana then asks her to engulf on his banana. Feed her and screw her. A enjoyment way to play.

Watch More of Chevy Cobain at XLGIRLS.COM!

Alyssa Lynn – The Stripper

Written on October 23, 2015 at 4:53 am, by

The Exotic dancer

The Stripper

Alyssa Lynn went from nurse to exotic dancer at Lap dancing club Risque in Philadelphia and then to porn star. In little over a year, Alyssa has done four hardcore scenes and flown solo seven times. She is changed her hair color from blond to red and back anew and gotten a tat-sleeve from elbow to wrist.

Lastly, this is the 1st time we must see Alyssa’s hot sexy dancer moves on-stage and on-video in our own intimate lap dancing club. She’s truly great! The solely guest at this exotic dancing club is JMac, Alyssa’s arse call in her first SCORE banger, “A Large Load For A Big breasted Gogo dancer.”

Alyssa described her lap dancing. “It’s a lot of eye contact! Smiles. Slow and hot, scones in your face. I do some pole tricks but I would rather interact with the crowd.”

That “interaction” in “The Stripper” goes over the top when Alyssa pulls JMac on-stage and turns her solo dance number into a sex reveal. It is pole stripping of the copulate kind. Spoiler alert! Alyssa licks the cum off her greater than run of the mill marangos when JMac busts a nut.

Watch More of Alyssa Lynn at SCORELAND.COM!