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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Veronika – The Porn Supremacy

Written on March 31, 2013 at 7:19 pm, by

The Porn Supremacy

The Porn Supremacy

After an absence away from the cameras, Veronika returned in Stress Buster in SCORE Theater and, charmer, does this babe know how to relieve a man’s stress. What brought Veronika back to the action? “I missed porn!” Veronika said. “It’s my prefered thing. To get lots of valuable sex. There are two things I adore most precious of all. Sex and shopping. I can have both in porn.”

Veronika told smth very unexpected when she was asked how she first knew about SCORE mag. That babe told her brother told her about SCORE so that babe went to a adult modeling agency which led to us. (That is not a first; Voluptuous Hotty Slone Ryder’s brother is a V-mag distributor and gave her a copy before she connected with us.)

Veronika’s large sex fantasy is to be the axle in bang. “I think of a group of studs and hotties pleasuring me in each way I want. I tell each one what to do with their tongue, fingers or jock until we are all overtired.”

“When I give a oral-job I spit it out or drink depending on my mood. And how priceless his load tastes. The sweeter it is, the more I will swallow.”

Watch More of Veronika at SCORELAND.COM!

Terry Nova – Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Written on March 30, 2013 at 6:23 pm, by

Terry Nova Is Nurse Greater than run of the mill Meatballs

Terry Nova Is Nurse Big Tits

Terry Nova has been sorely missed at SCORE. Sorely ‘coz Terry inspires over-jacking. Everybody at SCORE can’t live with out Terry Nova. In this recent scene, Terry’s first in a few years, Terry is Nurse Greater than typical Pantoons. Notice anything recent about Terry?

Nurse Terry’s patient is in for a check-up. Terry tells him that his blood pressure check is worthwhile. The patient supplicates to see and touch Terry’s big knockers. This chab is boob-struck. Bewitched. Over the edge. Fallen unyielding. There is no cure. In fact, there’s one cure.

Terry leans forward, her stripped cleavage stripped love two pointer sisters of pure joy beneath her nurse’s uniform. She lets her patient reach out and touch ’em. This chab is in a trance and mumbles like a bonkers buck. The feel and heaviness of Terry’s fun bags are extraordinary. This skirt chaser proceeds to knead ’em and removes the stethoscope from Terry’s neck so they are without the way.

The now-demented patient opens up Terry’s uniform, takes her bosoms with out her beneath garment and sucks on her magnificent nipples. Terry has inverted teats and stimulation of his hard engulfing has raised ’em to a point. This chab is a breast-man, no question. Terry joins him and they each take a nipp and engulf with all the suction power they can muster.

Boobs spilling without her uniform, Terry reaches out, lowers his pants, takes his vertical horn in her mouth and sucks deep, hands-free! Damn, did we miss Terry! Our cameraman gets in very close and knows to frame out the dude’s face whenever possible except when he licks Terry’s muff to lubricate it for his ramrod. Here is the cure for the health care crisis! And her name is Terry Nova!

Watch More of Terry Nova at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Krissy Dawson – The Training Of Krissy Dawson

Written on March 29, 2013 at 5:46 am, by

The Training Of Krissy Dawson

The Training Of Krissy Dawson

Mr. Neeo likes to teach his honey bunnys the old-fashioned European way. By chaining them with a metal leash and walking them on all fours around the living room. This is how he trains fresh XL Goddess Krissy Dawson in Prague. That buck massages handfuls of Krissy’s greater than typical billibongs, removing her undergarment to farther examine her globes of joy. Krissy acquires laid across his knees for a drubbing. Soever she’s done, it wasn’t what that gent wanted so it’s time for her torment. His slap-hand leaves a red mark on her greater than average, pale ass-cheeks.

The leash is used as a training tool to move Krissy around in the positions that ladies man craves. She’s worthwhile at obedience out of any resistance. Krissy doesn’t speak except for the occasional groaning. That babe is maneuvered onto her knees. Krissy knows what’s coming. This babe spreads her pleasant mouth in anticipation as Neeo pulls his meat-thermometer out of his pants and feeds it to her. Krissy sucks his ramrod rock hard and licks his testicles. This babe sucks it until this chab is contented.

Mr. Neeo proceeds to use Krissy’s leash to teach and control her. That guy uses a rope to play breast enslavement, wrapping it around every breast and binding them. After this chab releases Krissy from her boob thraldom, that ladies man fucks her whoppers and mouth again.

After savoring the sight and feel of his jock in Krissy’s throat and between her bra-busters, Mr. Neeo feels it’s time to fuck-train her and entire the process of making her his wench. Krissy is ready for this and assumes the position for a unyielding drilling by a gent who is wild for bigger in size than average love muffins and large butts. She sticks her gazoo up so this chab can slide his penis into her cookie and pump it wonderful. Her award for being a priceless beauty? A face and chest overspread in man-juice. And that babe enjoys every second of it.

Watch More of Krissy Dawson at XLGIRLS.COM!

Melissa Carey – Black Snake Moaner

Written on March 29, 2013 at 4:05 am, by

Dark Snake Moaner

Black Snake Moaner

A SCORE Classic that started some controversy when it was originally released coz it was one of our first interracial sex scenes. Some letters were pro. Some were con.

Melissa Carey is a Florida hotty who fell into sexy modeling. She by no means behaved adore it was a planned event. She has large bumpers and detected out that we spend our lives looking for gals who have big bazookas and that our paychecks do not bounce. Melissa is only 5′ tall. Her marangos look even bigger on her small body in the flesh. Melissa had never modeled and no one had ever asked her to until us.

Melissa had a job in a retail store and went to high school part-time. Melissa’s freshness and cuteness gave her a real baby doll look. This babe was in a car accident on a highway previous to this shoot and that babe was feeling rock hard but she did fine.

Melissa can’t live without dressing to draw attention to her chest and that babe likes banging each day so this babe acquiesced to try a boy-girl with a boy she knew after warming up first with toy masturbation posing.

She had no idea that big-bust magazines even existed. “I at no time even knew that there were magazines of angels with big mangos. I had no idea. My boyfriends have always loved touching my zeppelins, and I like it, but I at not time thought to touch ’em myself for enjoyment. I didn’t know that lads adore to observe movies of girls playing with their whoppers. I swear, I did not.”

A quiet, passive angel, that babe has a submissive personality by her own description. “I kinda let the lady-killer do anything that skirt chaser craves to me. I not at all make the 1st move. If I accede to courting u, it means I am already attracted to u. It’s up to u if we wind up in ottoman at your place. I wouldn’t date you if I was not plan to let you screw me.”

That babe was girlfriend material. In other words, a baby doll fuck-toy.

Watch More of Melissa Carey at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Lillian Faye – Hooray For Faye

Written on March 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm, by

Hooray For Faye

Hooray For Faye

“On the outdoors I appear more passive but I like to tanalise a lady-killer until that man can not take it anymore and makes his move. That’s called being passive-aggressive.”

“I like tons of foreplay. I like being kissed all over, especially the back of my neck, tummy and back. I love fellatio by a boy who knows how to use his tongue and lips.”

“You need to try your superlatively precious to look into my eyes rather than constantly looking at my chest. I know the effect that my scones have on men. When boyz make demeaning remarks, it lowers my self-confidence.”

“I masturbate each single day. I love a fake penis buzzing my clitoris and fingers in and out of my cookie. I’m a two-handed hotty at masturbation. No matter what they tell you, all beauties masturbate even if they have a steady boy.”

Watch More of Lillian Faye at SCORELAND.COM!

Teya – The Stacked Englishwoman

Written on March 28, 2013 at 8:09 am, by

The Stacked Englishwoman

The Stacked Englishwoman

Like chicks with thick, long cum-hole lips and tons of hair betwixt their legs?. Consider placing Fourty something Teya on your list. This is Teya’s version of an office employee… large melons willing to pop the buttons on a tight cardigan when that babe inhales; taut skirt that makes a swishing sound when this babe walks; stocking-covered legs; very little make-up; high heels. Teya manages a photographer’s studio in United Kingdom and likewise glamour models so this is probably how that babe dresses to go to work in her office daily. Very nice! This is a female-dom who actually knows how to keep a boy occupied staring at her cookie and pantoons. Has the appearance of someone who would be interesting to work below.

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Juanita – Tit Fuck & Blow Job

Written on March 27, 2013 at 10:39 am, by

Tittyfuck & Irrumation

Tit Copulate & Blow Job

From the Mammary Lane, when a sexually excited, youthful Lalin girl from California hooked up with a contributing photographer to XLGirls and Voluptuous, their collision led to a scarcely any raunchy photo shoots. And that dude sent them to us.

Juanita brought along a charmer who provided the pecker for her to suck and tit-fuck. She blew and banged his shlong with her love bubbles until this chab exploded in her face. The photographer called it a “totally wicked afternoon.” Obviously that buck enjoyed every minute behind the digi camera or this chab wouldn’t have sent it over.

“She wanted to engulf me off too after we wrapped it up but experienced ethics didn’t allow,” this chab told us. “I know I missed out on an epic penis engulfing.” Pro ethics–we admire that in a photographer.

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Juanita – Mammary Lane: Juanita

Written on March 26, 2013 at 11:54 am, by

Mammary Lane: Juanita

Mammary Lane: Juanita

From the XLGirls archive, a look at Juanita, a California gal who was then busting into the adult modeling scene. Juanita displays a bulky face and stomach, chunky ass, thick haunches, corpulent bouncy bosoms and a full, neatly trimmed bush. Juanita was one of these “everyday” gals u watch around city. The obese neighbour with greater than average bumpers who you see going to the laundromat. The hotty who does her washing dressed in shorts and a sweaty tank-top. The chubby, bad goddess babysitter who just doesn’t know how to suit appropriately and wouldn’t in any case, no matter what. The girl with the larger than run of the mill gazoo in front of u at the supermarket checkout line. The one whose jeans are also constricted. Juanita is The Average Gal. There is likewise a set of Juanita engulfing and tit-fucking a cock. It is raunchy and worth seeing.

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Melissa Mandlikova – Field Of Busty Dreams

Written on March 25, 2013 at 5:34 pm, by

Field Of Big-Boob Fantasies

 Field Of Big boobed Dreams

In her own quiet, dainty way, Melissa Mandlikova has scored bigger than standard since she first began showing her sexy bod for SCORE photographers. This is Melissa’s 13th glamour photoshoot not counting SCOREtv, a Bouncy bosoms & Tugs with feisty Kristy Klenot and the atypical “Mean Girls” with Melissa and Kristy pouncing on Jasmine Dark-skinned.

This time, one of our photographers went for a walk in the fields with Melissa and found a quiet spot for the alluring flower child to unwrap absolutely down to undressed feet. This is a uncommon outdoor pictorial and the nature setting is a fine fit for the golden-haired dish.

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Nadia Vixen – Bad Girls Get Rewarded

Written on March 24, 2013 at 9:48 am, by

Bad Girls Get Rewarded

Bad Girls Acquire Rewarded

The title of today’s titty tale at is “Bad Girls Get Rewarded.” The recipient of this rewarding reward is Miss Nadia Vixen, a brand recent sweetheart from Texas, home to many famed knockers.

Nadia was the bustiest cutie in school. “I was!” says Nadia. “They called me Large Pantoons McGee adore in the episode Big Daddy.” We have heard this in advance of from other chesty gals and it is boobage jealousy, a common syndrome among girls with A and B cups.

Nadia tells us she can’t live without thrashing and is getting into cushioned servitude. This babe masturbates regularly and prefers clit stimulation not insertion.

Any specific talents? “I am a tutored violinist. I’ve been playing since I was nine.”

Does that babe dress to emphasize her chest or does that babe low-key her milk cans? “I don’t purposely try to get attention but since I have a miniature waist I acquire to wear stretchy material as to not acquire lost in my hawt raiment.” Our friend Daphne Rosen calls this the “tent” effect. Nadia buys her bras at Frederick’s of Hollywood. “I gave up on Victoria’s Secret.”

We identified Nadia on a model chase web resource and invited her over to roll after seeing her Fourty one inches of magnificence. This babe not solely was bonkers to widen her wings, this babe also opened her legs for a rock hard SCORE scene with one of the hired cock-slingers.

Nadia’s introduction to this gentleman is classic. That babe bends over him whilst this guy is sat on a sofa. Her larger than run of the mill love bubbles are encased in a constricted, low-cut cardigan. This stud eyes her ample deep cleavage.

“You love those larger than typical fun bags?” Nadia asks. “You gonna check out Them all day or are you plan to take ’em out and suck on em?” Now that’s somebody who’s willing for some act. A goddess who desires it and wastes no time on invitations.

Nadia reaches down and squeezes his meat-thermometer throughout his pants while this chab is manhandling her breasts. They remove her cardigan and brassiere so he can feast on her areolas and savor the rich flavor and taste.

Trou is dropped so Nadia can grasp his pecker and start mouthing. She makes wet, slurpy, squishing sounds. It’s a lip-smackin’ worthy oral stimulation! This babe holds her boobies together so this charmer can shag them.

Back into her mouth it goes for more wang engulfing in a different position followed by a titty-cock rub-down. Nadia stands up and positions herself over him so that babe can sit on his pole to bump and grind. Her legs help to prop herself up higher as that babe rides his bucking bronco hardon while this chab fingers her clit. Her riding intensifies.

Nadia can’t live out of it inflexible and fast!

Welcome to the large display, Nadia Chick. Bad girls acquire rewarded.

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Bailey Santanna – Oral Fixation

Written on March 22, 2013 at 8:41 pm, by

Oral-service Fixation

Oral Fixation

Did you know that Bailey Santanna first posed for us back in 2002? This babe was a redhead at the time and, adore now, sported a bald cum-hole. Seven years later, Bailey was proclaimed the world’s high reaching girlfriend (by us) coz A) this babe has big whoppers B) she wakes up her boyfriends with a oral-stimulation.

And here she’s, 11 years later, now knocked-up with a six-month baby bump in her second of 2 preggo-sex scenes. Bailey’s breasts are more colossal than ever. It is adore her titanic areolae waited for her to receive preggo so her breasts would grow greater and catch up to these pancakes. This babe is even prettier than her first time and she has that glow that fertile hotties have.

JC is impressed by Bailey’s sucklers as she will be by his big wood. She’s extra-horny and needs tons of sex. She likewise appears to be to be more orally captivated than that babe was previous to gestation. We promised Bailey and her cum-hole complete gratification so a lot is riding on this. She cannot leave and return home unsatisfied. This would bring shame to XL Girl’s game and we’d be to blame.

But for Bailey, this session has a happy ending. Bailey receives all the cock she desires and a large load of nutritious man-juice for her mouth since we also guaranteed her a continental breakfast during her visit.

JC enjoys trying to fit Bailey’s meatballs into his face hole. In sequence 17-20, this fellow attempted to suck and lift one hands-free.

For a hardon bonus, Bailey’s billibongs acquire moisturized and tape-measured at the end of this photo sequence.

As for Bailey, that babe delivered her bundle of fun 3 months after her XL Beauties visit and we are cheerful to report that Mother and honey are doing great. That babe now wears a 40K undergarment!

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Scarlet LaVey – Sports Or Big Tits?

Written on March 22, 2013 at 3:57 pm, by

Sports Or Big Juggs?

Sports Or Large Knockers?

It is the age-old situation that continues to plague our society even today. Sports? Or big pantoons? Should a fellow even consider watching a game on TV when at his side is a sexy gal with humongous banging zeppelins and she is touching herself?

Is this charmer without his mind to even waste one second of his time watching the playoffs when Scarlet LaVey is reading a book and caressing herself though her belts. Just how sick is this chab and can Scarlet straighten him out? We make no doubt of there is some hope for this individual and for others adore him in similar circumstances.

Finally, the light bulb goes off in his head after glancing at Scarlet’s bigger than typical treasure chest and eying this bad goddess stick a hand in her briefs. He realizes that watching overpaid bucks in tights leaking around is a far inferior substitute for sucking and squeezing a pair of huge bazongas that are practically thrown into his face.

Scarlet leans forward and takes his shaft deep down her mouth. His haunch becomes a boob shelf for her milk sacks to rest on as her velvety lips slip up and down his goal post, making a popping sound on the upstroke.

Around the seven minute mark, Scarlet stands, her back to the camera, widens her legs apart and bends forward from the waist. That babe lowers her face hole over the meat-thermometer afresh. This gives us a hot check out her bawdy cleft, ass crack and larger than standard drooping mellons. It’s the classic pose in solo photo layouts except we can see between her legs that she’s mouthing and jacking his pole.

After sucking his ramrod some more, this time on her knees, Scarlet sits on top of him in reverse cowgirl and bounces on his pole, her big marangos bouncing along in synch. That babe flips direction and rides some more before they practice more positions from the fucking playbook.

Scarlet is a quiet girl and mostly moans as they pump and thrust. But she does thank him for coming in her vagina ‘cuz she’s a enchanting, well-mannered, young, curvy looker.

Sports or big fun bags? The answer does not must be on a Jumbotron.

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