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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Written on May 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm, by

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

Hootered Hair Un-Dresser

You are due for a trim ‘cuz your hair is looking love a man-fro. So u head over to your ordinary barbershop but it is closed. U drive around and discover a new place closer to your abode and resolve it can’t hurt to check it out. U walk in and are immediately skeptical. It looks a little also girly for your smack. Just as u are about to walk out, your hairdresser walks out. She’s a stacked Asian honey bunny who asks you if you urge a cut and blow. A what? A blow? Surely that babe means a blow dry, right? Nope, this babe means a blowjob, buddy. You see, this is Kianna Dior‘s shop and she can’t live with out to break in her new customers by fucking the shit without ’em right in the stylist’s chair. And she is a spitter. No, not the kind of lovely heart that acts love she’s allergic to your semen. She is the kind of angel who loves to spit so she can give u an even sloppier oral enjoyment. Believe us, you’ll not at any time receive a better haircut or tit job in your life. So next time u need just a little off the top, maybe u wanna head to Kianna‘s for a little pop discharged, likewise.

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When An Angel Spreads Her Legs

Written on May 9, 2012 at 2:35 pm, by

When An Gal Widens Her Legs

When An Hotty Spreads Her Legs

The bucks who have taken a moment to praise Goddess DeLuca in her 1st photo discharge and movie scene have high props for this hot brunette. In this series of fotos, Gal demonstrates her range of flexibility. U don’t see a lot of well-built women doing 100% in nature’s garb splits and leg-extensions. Goddess didn’t say if this babe is a dancer or had dancer experience but she sure can move adore a dancer. That babe could definitely draw a crowd as a pole dancer. She’s also got the moves when she plays with her cunt using 2 fingers. “I feel that enchanting yourself is one of the highest things,” Hotty says. “You know what you are doing and there’re no time restrictions to worry about. My beloved way to do it’s with my fingers sliding in and at the same time, fondelling my clit. Just makes me so moist.” Fingering and getting tongue laps are 2 of the things that get her off the foremost. Gal can’t live without being treated…well, like an beauty. “The worst thing a stud can say to a hotty is to call her a slut and tell everyone she’s one, all cuz that babe did not let him into her trousers.” Now who would say that to an gal?

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Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Written on May 9, 2012 at 2:33 pm, by

Brandy Dean SCOREs Another time

Brandy Dean <i>SCORE</i>s Again” title=”Brandy Dean <i>SCORE</i>s Again” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=The final time beautiful Brandy Dean hit us love a redheaded tornado, that babe left weary chaps drained of man cream and stretched-out tops and bras in her wake of destruction. Brandy has a lengthy history here. She’s appeared in Big-Boob ‘N’ Juicy screwing a stud at poolside, Brandy Dean 4U, SCORE Xtra 11 and many more hawt videos. By herself alone in pictorials, Brandy can inspire many loads to be lost but that babe discovered her niche in rogering and engulfing and using her monumental 38DDD jugs as cum catchers. She takes pride in this. Brandy has not done many movie scenes if you were to compare her to other sex stars who buzz through hundreds of scenes. And that can be a worthy thing. Brandy latterly returned to SCORE after not quite five years and it is always great to have her back. Her first glance in SCORE was in the Holiday ’01 edition but previous to that, her first pictures were published in October ’99 Naughty Neighbors when she was an crazy newbie, found and photographed in Ohio by the great Kayla Kleevage. That babe is in great shape, nice and trim but still curvy and velvety with big bumpers she is pleasured of. Bouncing back into SCORE by editors’ request, Brandy‘s vigorous gazonga gyrations not quite knock Al into a wall. The girl too knows how to suit her hooters and the rest of her shapely body. They undress off for action. Brandy dives for Al’s shlong and gives him her special head and jack technique that bucks speak of in hushed, awed tones. The redhaired pleasing heart is an accustomed cock-sucktress and knows how to harden a charmer in seconds. The thing about Brandy is that she not at all loses that wholesome, fresh-faced, corn-fed, innocent Ohio-bred face. She doesn’t look adore a sex star at all. That babe has the appearance of a young, suburban wife and baseball Mother. Check out as Brandy swirls her tongue over the tip and the other tricks this babe does to his bone as she vacuum cleans it. During the time that Brandy is swallowing Al’s bloated shaft, that gent is burying his face in Brandy‘s breast valley and sucking her areolas. When it’s time to shag, Brandy does the rubber trick, putting it on his cock with her mouth. This filthy little move adds a healthy dash of wicked and Brandy is an accomplished at being a nasty beauty. Her mellons? Get to be fucked. Who could not? Brandy likes to engulf on the head as it drives throughout her tit valley. When it is time to put ramrod and fur pie jointly, Brandy rides it like it’s a pogo stick. Stock up on the zinc, lecithin and hardon pills if you desire to screw this excited little sweater stretcher. This babe hasn’t lost the magic at all. Welcome back, Brandy Dean.

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Inside The Ladies’ Locker Room

Written on May 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm, by

Inside The Ladies’ Locker Room

Inside The Ladies' Locker Room

Our boobcaster goes deep into the ladies’ locker room at SCORE for some quality time with Amber Lynn Bach Bach. Not many males have traveled to this sacred place. Amber Lynn Bach is indeed into fitness and gym-time. Her trim, slim body is the substantiation of her unyielding work and this babe shows it off at exotic dancing clubs, the beach, everywhere that babe goes. This is a true role adult model to other sweethearts. Amber Lynn Bach loves showing off her milk cans at topless beaches also. Being a Florida MILF (a real SEXY HOUSEWIFE, not a fake episode HORNY HOUSEWIFE), Amber Lynn Bach doesn’t wear tons of impressive garments in general. This is what she usually wears at the gym. You’d have to be careful lifting weights because her cameltoe and deep cleavage are showing and that could lead to dropping a weight on your foot or worse. Some key moments here in our Bach boobapalooza: Amber Lynn Bach drooling mouth-juice on her areolas. We don’t watch that too often. Shaking and jiggling her juggs. Oiling up her bod. Fingering her snatch which looks even pinker and brighter ‘coz of her tanned skin. Amber Lynn Bach‘s a hell of a woman. Every home should have one.

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New York Yankee

Written on May 9, 2012 at 1:55 pm, by

Fresh York Yankee

New York Yankee

U know what they say about town gals being pro and maybe just a little fast? Well, it’s true. Christal Rose proves that with her terrific tug skills. Where do you think this babe learned to jerk a shlong like that? It was definitely not on the farm. Christal is a city goddess, str8 without Recent York and one time you see her jerk this meat-thermometer with her milky whoppers you’ll be a fan of tug jobs for the rest of your life. The key to a worthwhile tug job is when the hotty looks up at u and smiles like she is doing smth this babe indeed enjoys. That’s Christal for u. When she smiles at u and licks her lips while that babe is holding on to your package and stroking it adore that babe actually wishes that cum, it’s utter perfection. Or rather, udder perfection. We acquire to give it up to this city cutie. That babe actually knows how to tug. We not quite wonder if she should be renamed the Recent York Yankee.

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Bus Stop Cock Rock

Written on May 9, 2012 at 1:46 pm, by

Bus Stop Knob Rock

Bus Stop Schlong Rock

So you are an typical man and your license has been suspended and now you are stuck riding public transportation. You’re awaiting for the bus to expose up so you can go and visit your girlfriend who doesn’t even have the courtesy to come and pick you up. Well, anybody DOES wanna pick u up…Candy Manson does. In fact, this big breasted bitch craves you to abandon your post at the bust stop and come back to her place for some afternoon delight. This sweetheart is smokin’ sexy and her immense knockers are practically coming with out her suit…what does that babe urge with an commonplace Joe like you? What’s the catch? The catch is that this whore gets paid so u can receive laid. That is right…she’s a BIGGER IN SIZE THAN AVERAGE TIT HOOKER and u can be her next trick for a low fee of $200. According to Candy, this babe is the, “best, little cocksucker in city,” and that babe takes u home so that babe can prove it. Candy sucks 10-Pounder for about 15 minutes, ‘coz when someone says they are the ULTIMATE cock-sucker it takes some time to demonstrate. Then she bends herself in each position so that babe can receive dicked down as unyielding as possible. Then that babe asks to be coated in nut juice ‘coz that is how smutty angels like to moisturize their titties. Then, when all is told and done, Candy licks that smooth operator spray off her mellons, ‘cuz that is how dirty cuties receive nourishment. What’s the almost any worthy part about getting drilled by this huge-mammed ho? The part where that babe drives you to an ATM to get her specie. Yeah, this is one bitch who will not have you riding the bus…but sure will let u ride a train on her booty!

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Sexy Pussies Like Hot Cream

Written on May 4, 2012 at 10:33 am, by

Hot Vaginas Like Hawt Man-juice

Sexy Slits Like Hot Cream

Eva Notty has it all and one of the great things about her is that she can’t live without to share all of it. We’ve known it from the commence. That’s why this babe first came to SCORE in May 2009. That is also why April ’12 SCORELAND calendar beauty Eva‘s not ever left the top-20-rated SCORELAND adult models list. J.C. wants some of what Eva has during the time that the getting is precious in “Sexy Twats Like Hawt Goo.” That fellow makes a head-dive right for Eva‘s areolas and then to her like button and cookie to take up with the tongue and engulf her moist. This babe repays tit for tata by giving him a oral fun. His stupendous shaft is also big to receive all the way down her throat but it tucks well inside her deep cleavage when Eva‘s tit-fucked. Eva urges her love tunnel filled. The build-up has worked her up. She really can’t live with out screwing and it always unveils. The camera becomes one more piece of furniture as that babe acquires lost in the act of being rogered. Every inch of the strapon acquires inside her pussy-hole. It sucks it in, wanting every inch rubbing against her pink walls. Eva warms up with a cowgirl ride that allows gravity to open and fill her twat absolutely. Following that, they move to a doggie style that hard-hits all of Eva‘s enchanting spots as she’s banged to the hilt. Then they flip to missionary until it’s time for dessert. Final time, in “Licky Licky Sticky Sticky,” Eva‘s face hole was nutted. Today’s a serving of creamed pie. Eva provides the pie, J.C. the semen. Sexy twats like sexy cock juice.

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Hard SCORE: Carmen Hayes

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Hard SCORE: Carmen Hayes

Hard <i>SCORE</i>: Carmen Hayes” title=”Hard <i>SCORE</i>: Carmen Hayes” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Trust your fuckin’ friends at SCORE. When you’re sick, you desire a nurse just love nurse Carmen Hayes in this scene from the movie scene Unbending SCORE #1. When you’re perfectly healthy, you still desire a nurse adore Carmen Hayes. This ill fellow finds that Carmen‘s healing touch is just the ticket to recovery. 1st, Carmen has to check his vitals with her medical instruments. Those prove to be inadequate. Carmen makes no doubt of that the aged ways are still the preeminent and the aged ways include checking his ramrod temperature with her hand, tongue and throat. Further scrutiny of his knob pressure is made by sticking it between her humongous, floppy hangers. She doesn’t need a fancy high-tech scanner. Nurse Carmen‘s diagnosis is that the patient needs to have his testicles emptied. This is what’s causing his poor health. In layman’s terms, the patient has a sex cream build-up and back-up. She’ll need to screw it out of him and extract all the cum for farther testing. Her mangos will be a worthy place to deposit it so Carmen makes sure that man nuts her love bubbles after they bonk their brains out. Another happy ending thanks to this beauty of mercy at the SCORE Medical Center where the slogan since 1992 is “Please give until it spurts.”

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Georgia Peach Pounds Your Pud

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Georgia Peach Pounds Your Pud

Georgia Peach Pounds Your Pud

What can we say about April McKenzie? For starters, she’s a natural, and by that we are referring to her bouncy bosoms and her ability to choke a guy’s chicken with her giant bra-busters. You see, April is a Southern hotty, straight out of Georgia. And although she isn’t packin’ miniature peaches, this Georgia peach was raised to be a enjoyable, accommodating, soft-spoken belle. What that means is that she’s a woman in every sense of the word, but only when this babe is in public. U see, what we’ve learned about these shy Southern beauties is this: They can’t live out of to fuck and suck and twerk and jerk ramrod. It’s the entire forbidden urges thing. You tell a sweetheart with bigger than run of the mill knockers that that babe has to be prim and proper and in advance of lengthy, she’s looking to receive her trim properly pounded. It is science. Observe April rockin’ her socks off in this tit-to-dick, pud-pounding spectacle. She may look love the girl-next-door, but this babe handles the rod adore the call beauty down the block.

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Tits & Ass for Acceptance

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Bouncy bosoms & Ass for Acceptance

Tits & Ass for Acceptance

Claire Dames isn’t exactly a brainiac, but she does have some fairly worthy ideas about how this babe should deal with having her application for high school denied by the admissions office. You watch, a cutie love Claire isn’t what you would call book smart, but that babe has a hell of a street education and that babe is savvy enough to hustle her way past majority of her obstacles. So what does this big busted beauty do when that babe gets denied admission? That babe goes right down to the admissions office and admits the director of admissions into her tight fur pie, of course. She knows that babe did not win him over on paper, but that babe tries her hardest to win him over on his desk. And with all the pussy-popping, dick-riding and blow job-giving that she does in just a tiny in number minutes, chesty Claire proves herself and acquires accepted. Or should we say, Ass-cepted? Substantiation positive that it isn’t who u know that will get you somewhere, but rather, who u do.

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From The Corner to the Commode

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From The Corner to the Commode

From The Corner to the Commode

This isn’t the way you reckoned your day to go. U were just going out for a ride. Sure you were. And u saw this chick standing on the sidewalk. White honey. Looked adore that babe could be a high school student, except for one thing: She was clothed adore a hooker. And had bigger in size than standard bosoms. That’s what got your attention. That and the look on her face that told, “You can have me for a price.” So you head off to the ATM. Take out some money. Driving back and hope that babe is still here. She’s. You negotiate, and this babe hops in. Her name is Whitney, and you tell her, “I don’t have time to go to a motel,” to which that babe responds, “That’s okay. We can sneak into the men’s room in this building.” You’ve at no time done that kind of thing in advance of, but you are not about to ask questions, not when your rod is begging for relief. Which Whitney, your street hooker, is happy to give.

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Knocked Up & Cocked Up

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Knocked Up & Cocked Up

Knocked Up & Cocked Up

You’ve viewed Shyla Timid seven months preggy. Shyla called us with the glad news and asked if we wanted her to tour to XLGirls HQ and expose us the goods. One time again, her generosity is as expansive as her curves. Her baby bump is stupendous and there’s still 2 months to go. Each inch of Shyla is more lush and plush than ever. Now u can see her cocked up while she’s knocked up. Shyla‘s love bubbles are much greater. Shyla‘s areolae have not at any time been darker. Just compare them to her earlier photos. Gestation does that as the beefy hormones of impending motherhood flood her body. These same hormones that alter a girl’s bod too affect her sex drive. Shyla still craves the cock at seven months. A preggo girl’s want is our order. The stunt cock for this service is someone who’s drilled Shyla previous to. This chap is surprised that she desires to bonk but he’s likewise ready for that sweet ride. Those dark cocoa areolae are a irresistible taste treat. This skirt chaser whips out his large banana and Shyla reaches out to toss off it. This babe is potty for it and can’t keep her eyes off it. Removing Shyla‘s bra with the one-handed unhooking technique, Shyla removes it to expose her jugglicious jubblies in all of their brilliance. They are jawdropping in their sheer size and shape. Boobies adore this have to be rogered first in advance of Shyla‘s throat is filled. Shyla holds ’em up and squeezes ’em together for the sliding of the pecker, staring intently as her breast valley is screwed. Her bumpers totally bury his strapon. Shyla has a little trick that babe uses when she’s tit-fucked to make the experience more pleasurable. A quiet, docile cutie, Shyla needs and urges a petticoat chaser to tell her exactly what to do and in what positions to receive her voluptuous body into. That babe has picked the right drill sergeant. Shyla gets into a very horny-looking doggie position for an extended blowjob that’s too a throat screwing. And for the magical mammary mating pont of time, Shyla‘s love tunnel is penetrated for a stiff, dominant shag. Shyla merits a stud-banging and even being seven months preggy is not stopping her from getting it. Reveal Shyla some like and send her some props. That babe did this for the lads of

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