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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Donuts & Dick

Written on March 31, 2012 at 6:36 pm, by

Donuts & Meat-thermometer

Donuts & Dick

Forget the boring, monotonous workouts on Fitness Centre machines. Allysa and Kandi would rather eat donuts and get their workout from riding a large ramrod. “I had been working out for so long I felt fatigued,” said Kandi. “But after I ate a donut I had all my energy back and I was ready to screw. I’m pleased I had Allysa there with me, also. This babe is my workout buddy, but she too a great spouse to have in a three-way. That babe loves ramrod as much as I do and this babe is perfectly ready to share it.”

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Two Into One Equals Fun

Written on March 31, 2012 at 2:55 am, by

Two Into One Equals Joy

Two Into One Equals Fun

The hottest angel in Colorado with the monumental mountains? Sabina Leigh gets our vote. At, u have probably watched Sabina‘s previous movies, selected scenes from the video Pounding The Pledges; her first hardcore called “Sabina Leigh;” and a hot solo from the DVD “Busty Big-Uns.” At SCORELAND, u may have seen Sabina in the Voluptuous video Bounce Baby Bounce!; a lewd episode interview in which Sabina used a glass sex-toy of her own design meant to fun a woman’s G-spot; and her latest, Breasty Goo Queen, Sabina‘s first interracial that climaxed with a serving of creampie. Back at SCORE, Sabina now turns up the sex-o-stat even more degrees with a torrid threesome. Sabina and her 2 fresh friends, Johnny Champ and Juan Largo, waste no time getting down and getting it on when they enter the bedroom. Sabina‘s bigger than standard funbags are killing her taut top, her rounded booty is killing her constricted skirt. Her two admiring men feast their eyes on Sabina‘s curves and are quickly all over her, kissing, licking and mouthing her. They disrobe her down absolutely and prepare each inch of her creamy, succulent body for action. Juan sucks Sabina‘s sensitive nipples as this babe leans over him and, with Sabina‘s ass bent over invitingly, Johnny lowers her panty knickers and fingers her wetting muff, preparing it for their pumping pistons. Sabina urges their rods in her fists and throat and kneels to stroke and suck ’em. Then they lay back on the bed, Sabina in the centre so she can simultaneously jerk them, then this babe takes turns blowing them. Who will be the first cockman to penetrate Sabina‘s pink pleasure zone? Who will be the first studhorse Sabina will saddle up and ride? Their Sabina sandwich scorches the sheets as the 2 bonk the Voluptuous babydoll’s cookie and face hole every which way they can. A volcanic eruption of frenzied and furious screwing awaits in “Two Into One Equals Fun” starring Sabina Leigh. Welcome back, Miss Leigh.

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Warm Milk, A Pink Cookie & A Cream Pie

Written on March 30, 2012 at 1:51 pm, by

Warm Milk, A Pink Twat & A Creampie

Warm Milk, A Pink Cunt & A Man cream Pie

Of all the places in the world, this babe walks into ours thank’s to a dedicated adult model hunter. First time’s a charisma for Marilyn Mayson. Marilyn is that rarest of all XL Beauties we pursue, a lactator. MM was introduced with a milky solo photo-shoot and clip and now Marilyn is game for hawt, inflexible full-sex. How lucky can u acquire? Marilyn has breastnotized the milk fellow with her Fifty inches of creamy wobblers and her award is to have these sweet nipps sucked, smth she enjoys love no one’s business. The warm milk she dispenses is a bonus for this sucker. “Is that palatable?” Marilyn asks as JC sticks his tongue out for his 1st dose of dairy. They take turns squeezing out the sex cream by squeezing her mammaries and pinching her pointy nipples as that babe moans with enjoyment. “Worship these bazookas,” Marilyn tells JC. This skirt chaser doesn’t waste any time getting to the pointers. This is a cutie who acquires off by all the righteous attention paid to her 38 H-cups, the one and the other verbal and physical. The dark-skinned brown super-hottie is definitely a prize package for men who like soft, squeezable booties, marvelous faces, worthy rounded bellies and monumental, humongous whoppers. With all of the areola like Marilyn gets in the 1st slight in number minutes, she’s over-horny for a roll on the sheets and when this babe enthusiastically pulls JC’s pipe without his trousers, Marilyn can’t aid but snicker and squeal and say “Wow!” She receives four star treatment and a free travel to Miami as well.

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Hotel Ho-Down

Written on March 30, 2012 at 1:50 pm, by

Hotel Ho-Down

Hotel Ho-Down

“How come everyone always desires to suit me up like a hooker?” Sara Jay told, giggling the final time this babe visited us. Because you look love a hooker, Sara, with your larger than run of the mill scones, gigantic a-hole and floozy face. Cuz u talk love a slut and engulf pecker adore the street hooker of our fantasies. And view how great Sara looks in fishnets, the official uniform of streets bimbos everywhere. “I love the idea of picking up strange studs and sucking their schlongs,” Sara Jay said. “It’s even better when you add the idea of them paying for it. It makes me feel love such a whore.” Sara Jay, u feel adore a wench cuz you’re a bitch. U do such a nice job of playing the part of street hooker because the fantasy isn’t very far from the truth. Sara, you were born for the role.

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Busty Hookers: Kelly Madison

Written on March 29, 2012 at 12:48 pm, by

Breasty Hookers: Kelly Madison

Busty Hookers: Kelly Madison

In the SCORE clip Big-Boob Hookers, Kelly Madison, Alexis May, Brandy Talore and Carmen Hayes street-walk in the concrete jungles of Miami as wicked, big-boobed bimbos. Presented as a public service for educational purposes in the analysis of urban boobonics, this chapter of Busty Hookers stars Kelly Madison as the flawless big boobed hooker. That babe dresses adore a big breasted hooker. This babe talks love a busty hooker. This babe swallows the pocket-pipe adore a breasty hooker. She bangs love a big busted hooker. Of course, Kelly is not an actual big busted hooker, she’s just portraying a breasty hooker. But if Kelly indeed was a breasty hooker, which she is not, a punter would definitely blow his paycheck hiring her one time he’s paid his monthly alimony bill. According to and a group of SCORE staffers polled in the men’s room, number 4 on the top 10 list of women’s most common carnal fantasies is role-playing an escort, street ho, call beauty or ranch doxy. Everyone likes those big breasted hookers! Big-Boob Hookers won the “Editor’s Choice” reward for “Best All Sex/Gonzo” release at the 15th Nightmoves Magazine Annual Awards in Tampa, Florida.

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Stacked Steps

Written on March 29, 2012 at 10:41 am, by

Stacked Steps

Stacked Steps

This is a little love Michelle Bond‘s version of Marilyn Monroe’s illustrious scene in The Seven Year Itch. There are a not many minor differences. Michelle is a brunette hair, not a blonde. Michelle is British, Monroe was American. Michelle‘s got 34H-cups, Monroe was a 36D. Michelle‘s suit is purple, not white. Michelle‘s not standing over a subway grate in impure New York City that blows air up her dress; she’s on the steps of an ancient villa in sunny, mystical Portugal feeling the breeze. Monroe not at all got totally stripped, spread and fingered herself. Other than that, it’s a damn near flawless homage. What does Michelle wear back home in Wirral? “When I go out partying, I wear skimpy ram, but during the day, I wear a petticoat and a top coz there aren’t many dresses that fit me. I’m kinda miniature around the waist, but I’m large around the top, so if I discover a costume that fits me around the top, it’s titanic around the waist, and if I detect a dress that fits around the waist, it’s too tiny on top. And that is when they initiate getting on my nerves a little bit. Most of the time I adore ’em, but there’re times when they’re also much. Of course, when I am adult modeling for SCORE, which I adore, they’re great!”

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Got Milk?

Written on March 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm, by

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

The staff at XLGirls has been firing on all cylinders to find and bring you the newest gals in advance of anyone else can get ’em (love Molly Howard, Asha Marie and Trinety Guess) and now we’re thrilled to introduce Marilyn Mayson. She’s sensational, trust us. We spotted Marilyn and asked her to contact about coming to Miami and sharing her luscious bod at Marilyn could have brushed us off but that babe checked us out and decided to become an XLGirl. This babe has green eyes, reddish-brown hair and 38 H-cup tits that ooze milk out of her attractive areolas. Corn-fed Marilyn‘s a cam-model and her bod is off the chart. This babe is very girl-next-door. Big-titted girl-next-door that’s. “I have a dirty little mouth and I use it very well!” Marilyn is gratified to tell the world. “I like sex cream pies, lactation, being compliant, obscene talking, role-playing, the Mile-High Exotic dancing club and delivery gent fantasies. I masturbate constantly. I’m addicted to it.” Display Marilyn some adore! This babe appreciates males who treat her right. This could be the initiate of a handsome friendship.

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Strawberry Slit

Written on March 27, 2012 at 8:58 pm, by

Strawberry Fur pie

Strawberry Slit

Jade doesn’t just like strawberries coz they smack good. “Eating strawberries turns me on coz the smack reminds me of vagina. I like the way love tunnel tastes, especially my own. When a smooth operator goes down on me and then comes back up to kiss me, it is adore I’m mouthing on a tart strawberry. And when I’m eating strawberries, all I can think about is a tongue snaking through my slit lips. Sometimes it even receives me in the mood to lap up a juicy bawdy cleft myself. My sexuality is very strongly linked to my sense of smack. For me, a three-way where I’m eating love tunnel and getting mine eaten at the same time is pure orgasmic bliss. And of course, we’d eat plenty of strawberries when we’re done.”

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Big Tit Angel

Written on March 27, 2012 at 8:49 am, by

Greater than run of the mill Tit Gal

Big Tit Angel

Each Lothario craves a big boobed girlfriend who is a female in public and a total
rogering bitch in the bedroom. You know what we’re talking about, right men? We all crave that playgirl who sports a beautiful costume during the time that you’re out and about, and then casually leans over and tells you that that babe is not wearing any belts. The kind of hotty who is willing to shag u and engulf you off in the parking lot right in advance of u enter a fancy restaurant. The kind of gal who waits for you to acquire home from work during the time that wearing no thing but a whipped-cream bathing dress. The kind of playgirl who takes pole-dancing lessons at the Health Club, not to stay fit, but to give u what u deserve when you’re doing the messy. Big breasted brunette Whitney Stevens is that kind of girl. That babe knows that in dictate to keep her smooth operator pleasured, she has to ho it up in the bedroom, so she gives her guy a naughty sexy dance to acquire him going and bonk her until she creams. And who would not want that? We say all gals should rub and grind their girly-parts on ramrods. It should be a requirement.

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Santanna: A Force For Good

Written on March 26, 2012 at 9:51 pm, by

Santanna: A Force For Admirable

Santanna: A Vigour For Good

Santanna means “saint-like.” Strictly interpreted, this definition may not exactly apply to Bailey Santanna. But from a different point-of-view, our point-of-view, it does. Doesn’t Bailey cure men’s fluid overloads with her plush body and experienced skills? Isn’t healing and smoothing a saint-like vigour? The devil’s advocate rests his case. Bailey enjoys going to Burning Buck, San Francisco gender-bending street parties and…high-school reunions? “I love going back to my high-school reunion. It is like, ‘I showed u lads!’ It was odd ‘coz I was not very popular in high-school, but I have run into plenty of people after college, and then they all wanna courting me. Not during high-school. I think I was too much to handle in college. I had the monumental titties by far in the entire school my senior year, and I am short. Five-foot-four. Even teachers had a unyielding time talking to me sometimes!” That is our Bailey.

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The Special One

Written on March 26, 2012 at 8:56 am, by

The Particular One

The Specific One

Lana Ivans may seem like the coyness type but she’s gorgeous direct. When this babe was asked what she can’t live without to do for fun back home in Romania, it only took a not many seconds for her to answer in 2 words. “Have sex.” No arts and crafts, coupon collecting or watching Harry Potter videos. 2 effortless words: Have. Sex. Smth Lana has done often and very well at SCORELAND and SCOREVideos. Her beloved position? “Me riding. Sixty-nine.” On a scale of 1 to 10, how does Lana rate herself on blow jobs? “I do not know. They say I am…10, Lana says with a chuckle. “I like a charmer to shag my love muffins while I’m on top of him.” Lana throws in. “I adore to wake a smooth operator up with a priceless oral sex.” A angel after our own hearts. She’s perfect.

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Big Girl, Big Appetite

Written on March 25, 2012 at 7:13 am, by

Greater than typical Angel, Large Appetite

Big Cutie, Greater than average Appetite

If a beauty is capable of downing a mountainous hoagie, imagine what this babe can do to your jock. After devouring a astronomical meatball sub, almost any people would probably pass out. But not Suga Squirtz. Food is her aphrodisiac and after a greater than run of the mill meal she just gets hungrier and hornier. That is supposed to mean that this babe urges you to stick your meat betwixt her succulent pink flaps. And if there is a tiny treat for her to snack on during the time that you are drilling her slit, she’ll be in heaven. A glamorous face, a hearty appetite and an insatiable wish to fuck? This is the girl of our fantasies.

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