2 Blokes For Sammy

2 Blokes For Sammy

Richy and George have no thing to do except sit on a ottoman and talk about nothing. Samantha Sanders has come all the way from UK to change this sorry situation and make those boyz productive. She urges to watch if they can satisfy her. Call it the Samantha Sanders big-tit challenge. Snapping with out their lassitude, the guys are about to rise up to this opportunity. One view her titillating thickness is all they need.

Share and share alike is Sammy’s motto and she likes sharing her bod and large, overweight mounds with sexually excited guys–either watching her work her magic on-camera or doing her in person. 1st, a snack on her merry teats love two babies, then George goes down on Samantha’s lip-smackin’ priceless lady-lips and clit whilst Richy is preoccupied with those great large jugs.

“My tit wanks are very wonderful,” Samantha is gratified to say. This babe acquires a lot of sex in her personal life and still likes to roll in the hay with porn studs. And rolling in the hay is too a real part of her life. “I’ve had sex in the back of my horsebox with a stable lad,” told Sammy, who’s a horsewoman and rides competitively.

And ride Sammy does in this trio, and very succulent this babe is. Everybody crosses the finish line at one time and her 2 fresh acquaintances leave a mess on her massive gazongas. Time for a valuable shower. What a hunka dominatrix-bitch!

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