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Huge Peaches & Cream

Humongous Peaches & Man-juice

Huge Peaches & Cream

Curvacious, blond Englishwoman Gina George may be the first XL Cutie in history to give a chap a foot massage. Her gentleman friend is engrossed in his magazine but that ends quickly due to Gina’s soft touch.

Gina reminds your veteran editors of such horny Great Brits as Susie Wilden, Samantha Sanders and Carol Brown. They have a natural enthusiasm and appetite for hot sex. They are not LA porn-bots.

When Gina pops her bigger than run of the mill whoppers with out her tight undergarment and rubs her breasts along his junk, this guy’s plans are booked for the rest of the afternoon. This is a hotty who knows how to treat a buck.

Gina palms his lump and hovers over his face, feeding him her long, pointy nipps. That guy sucks them greedily. Our photographer moves in close to enslave Gina fondelling his package with her squashy, heavy hangers.

Smiling, Gina makes a rude gesture with her flickering tongue that provokes mutual laughter and then lowers her head to slurp his wang in a 69 position. This babe turns on her side to proceed mouthing and tit-wanking him while this dude fingers her pink candy-box.

Gina gets on her back so this chab can fuck her larger than average funbags in missionary. This babe says that most fellows who have the fun of shagging her like to bonk her bosoms. She’s assured in all things sexual and gives as nice as this babe gets.

Squeezing her jugs together to wedge his dick as it drives through her breast valley tunnel, that babe flicks her extraordinary tongue, touching with tongue the head of his schlong as it comes closer to her face.

It is a jism pie dessert topping for Gina. This woman is hawt ram. “I love dirty cum shots on my mambos and my face and in my vagina,” says Gina. “Sex should be wet and filthy.”

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Slick & Shiny

Slick & Shiny

Slick & Shiny

Anna Loren was encouraged by her sister to apply to SCORE. No lads ever brought up posing of the exposed kind.

“If you crave to watch my milk sacks, eventually you might be skilled to, but when u walk up to a female and that is your line, you really need to try a little harder,” Anna told. “I mean, I know I have large bra buddies. You have to have smth else to talk to me about.”

Sexually, Anna is more flexible than confident.

“I love to be told what to do. A boy can have me do all the work in ottoman if that gent tells me what to do. I enjoy being told what to do. And this fellow can tell me to do anything. I’m truly into anal job, but I am not going to ask for it. But if the lad says, ‘I’m going to shag you in the butt now,’ I’m totally into it.

“I think some dudes are confused or insecure or not willing to try new things. They’re not used to a girl who will do anything they urge. I guess I’m a bit old-fashioned in that way. I suppose in the 1940s and ’50s, it was more common for chaps to call the shots in ottoman.”

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Well-rounded Bikini Girl

Well-rounded Bathing costume Girl

Well-rounded Bathing suit Girl

A self-described tomboy, Jane Blow is a admirable combination of joy and sexiness.

“I love to think I’m well rounded,” this babe told. She certainly is very well-rounded and curvacious.

“I like to swim and play volleyball. I can hang out just love one of the boyz, but still be a domina when the situation calls for it. I like beer and hawt wings, but I likewise adore to costume up for a romantic evening.”

Jane contacted us coz a friend urged her to model. This chab indeed wanted to watch her stripped and we knew why as pretty soon as that babe sent a few naked test images.

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Ivory Logan

Ivory Logan Ivory Logan
Ivory Logan @
Ivory Logan is a "madame"…but not the kind of madame you’re thinking. She doesn’t pimp cuties, Ivory pimps gigolos! That’s right! Ivory sends impressive, juvenile bucks to the mansions of Beverly Hills…mansions owned by lonely, maturer lady who do not desire to use "apps" or the internet in instruct to find chaps to escort them to dinner. And more! This day, Ivory’s got two recent males to interview, and u guessed it: she is intend to must "test" the two studs in advance of this babe hires them! They’re intend to go above and beyond the call of duty in dictate to impress Ivory. In other words, these 2 men shag the shit out of her! One of the studs dumps his cum unfathomable in Ivory’s sexy, succulent pussy; the other uses Ivory’s face as a sperm target, absolutely dousing Ivory in his sticky load. One as well as the other studs are immediately hired…but they have no idea Ivory’s "clients" are nowhere near as sexy as "Madame Ivory"!
Ivory Logan Ivory Logan
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Nubiles - Skye Blue

Legal age teenagersSkye Blue

Added On:

Feb Twenty, 2018


Blue hair and big bouncy bosoms are intend to draw your eye and make u fall in like with Skye Blue! This hot newcomer has everything you’re looking for in a spunky juvenile thing, from an outstanding body to the do-me attitude that has her loving life. – Amelia Pearl added to

Nubiles - Amelia Pearl

TeeniesAmelia Pearl

Added On:

Feb Twenty, 2018


Amelia Pearl is a taut teen who’s infatuated with playing with her hard nipps and firm tits. She’s always up for a valuable time, from jumping on a trampoline to spreading her thighs and showing you just how she can’t live out of her undressed fuck hole groped. – Lola Like added to

Nubiles - Lola Love

Legal age teenagersLola Like

Added On:

Feb Twenty, 2018


Schlong hungry blond Lola Love is a Russian princess who demands perfection. In return this babe flaunts off her extraordinarily fit body with her tiny funbags that are a flawless handful and her downy bald fur pie. Let this spoiled coed display you how she likes to cum!

Ass-Crammed Blonde

Ass-Crammed Golden-haired

Ass-Crammed Blonde

When Jordan Pryce first came to SCORELAND, she said, “You have never met a hotty who can’t live with out cum as much as I do. I love when bucks view my photos and videos and tell me how they played with their cocks and discharged their loads during the time that looking at me. I love thinking about all that cum, and it is all coz of me!”

Jordan followed that up with, “My problem is, many times when I’m with a petticoat chaser, they don’t even bonk my twat. I’m very good at giving blow jobs, even with bigger than typical cocks, and sometimes they cum in my throat or on my billibongs in advance of they have had a chance to shag my pussy. Jordan the fuck doll!”

Leaving Jordan dry doesn’t happen here. She does have to entreat Max to come to sofa and moans, “Fuck my giant zeppelins and my ass” in her throaty voice. This babe keeps up the pleas until he gives Jordan his cock and balls to take up with the tongue, suck and choke on. When Jordan gives a charmer a BJ, she loudly gags, chokes and makes popping noises in high-fidelity audio. A very dynamic sucker.

Jordan indeed desires her large funbags banged also and implores for that afresh. Max gives the buxom golden-haired sexbomb what that babe craves ‘coz it is all about keeping ’em cheerful and contented.

Jordan is not done with her want-list. She wants her cookie taken care of and desires the ass-ramming sticking in her arse replaced with his beef-salami. And once she’s happy with the bawdy cleft and arse slam, this babe desires lots of cum spurted on her. Max is her fuck-tool. Her semen dispenser.

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Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ & Her Treasure Chest

Alice85JJ has a couple of the stupendous bra-busters anyone has ever viewed. There’re solely a handful of honeys with this much chest flesh who have bared their bra-busters on-camera.

Alice85JJ began her breast growth odyssey when very young. Now, they easily dwarf any man’s head and could knock a buck out with one swing. Her swinging and bouncing in the clip is eye-popping.

Alice85JJ can’t live with out to travel and explore new places. “I adore to visit new countries and meet the people there. I like to explore.” This babe doesn’t have to wear hawt tops to attract attention to her enormous funbags. A easy T-shirt does that.

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Oiled Swimsuit Babe

Oiled Swim suit Honey bunny

Oiled Bathing dress Babe

It’s pool time with Mahogany Masters, so bring your duck float and swimmin’ trunks. Mahogany’s got a new pink bikini to reveal off, and by a miracle of textile engineering, the top doesn’t rip from the weight of her now-famous mounds.

What’s a pool party with a swim dress honey with out a bottle of baby oil? Mahogany is a generous oil consumer, and she needs to be to completely douse her monumental hangers and succulent butt cheeks one time this babe tosses her swimsuit to the wind. “As u can watch, I savour a lot of breast play and I love clitoral stimulation,” Mahogany told.

“I don’t have to emphasize my bazookas with garments but I definitely do not hide ’em. I have a 42K bust that’s a little difficult to hide, no matter what.”

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Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Show

Tit Chat, Measuring & Under garment Flaunt

Tit Chat, Measuring & Bra Unveil

The attractive Alice85JJ chats with the photographer about her interests and hobbies. They switch to a self-measuring, first over her under garment and tank top, then topless. After that, Alice tries on some bras. The undergarment that babe wears previous to she tries on the others is a flawless fit.

The next one is ridiculously tiny. The one after that’s an improvement but not by much. See how this babe puts on those bras. She has a different approach to putting ’em on.

Alice85JJ doesn’t go to the beach ‘cuz she loves to keep her skin pale white. As far as swimsuits, that babe prefers the run of the mill one-piece.

See More of Alice85JJ at XLGIRLS.COM! – Jaye Summers added to Legal age

Nubiles - Jaye Summers

NubilesJaye Summers

Added On:

Feb 16, 2018


Perky brunette coed Jaye Summers is taking the adult world by storm! From her intriguing abdomen button piercing to her dunky little Hershey Kiss nipps, there’s so much to love about this constricted coed that seeing her in act just once will not ever be enough!