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Hitomi – East Meets West Part 2

East Meets West Part 2

East Meets West Part 2

Black-booted Lily Madison is a sweet and demanding femdom-goddess. Hitomi is the compliant, unrepining to Lily’s will for mutual pleasure. In Lily’s hand is a version of a cat o’ nine tails. This babe has Hitomi on a leash adore a dog. Lily runs the multi-tails of her whip over Hitomi’s big love bubbles and relishes the force she has over the cutie from Japan that each stud desires in his couch.

Lily places her foot on the bed and makes Hitomi take up with the tongue her boot. Hitomi runs her long pink tongue over the length of the lustrous PVC boot. She looks up for approval and Lily taunts her exotic bondman. “Does it smack valuable?” Lily asks? “Yeah,” Hitomi replies, licking the boot from top to bottom and back.

Lily dictates Hitomi on all fours and whips her tiny ass. The fun of having her way with Hitomi’s fetching body satisfies Lily’s dream. Demanding that Hitomi kneel on the bed, Lily whips Hitomi’s bouncy bosoms and makes her take up with the tongue her nipples. Lily desires Hitomi to make her cum and sticks a fake penis in Hitomi’s mouth to make it damp. Lily lays back and tells Hitomi to shag her cum-hole with the toy. Their enjoyment and games are far from over.

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Allie Pearson – Tits, Tugs and Throat

Bouncy bosoms, Tugs and Face hole

Tits, Tugs and Mouth

Allie Pearson is sitting on the sofa with Brad, the fortunate recipient of Allie’s generosity. Our cameraman Jose asks this brunette hair dish what that babe is intend to be doing for the lads at XL Cuties. “I’m going to be giving a hand job and a oral joy and wrapping my bra buddies around some dick,” Allie sweetly says with a snicker. The conversation turns to how Allie loves a man to touch her ample endowments. This is obviously a two-hander. Jose recommends that Allie sit on Brad’s lap so he can squeeze, then take up with the tongue and suck on them. Her top and beneath garment vanish so we can gaze once more at her rich, mellow yayas.

Brad stands and drops trou and a kneeling Allie takes his penis betwixt her lips. The camera perspective shifts from the third person watch to P.O.V., the superlatively fine angle for Pantoons & Tugs. Brad sits and Allie kneels between his legs, showing a happy enthusiasm for jacking, engulfing and cleavage-crushing his jock. After she’s milked his testicles all over her alluring whoppers with a kind of quick, butter-churning handwork, Allie lies back and fast-fingers her vagina, staring at the camera–a different way of handling a glad ending, for sure. Wow! Whatta fascinating heart!

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Roxee Robinson – Bubbly Boobs, Bubble Butt

Bubbly Bra buddies, Bubble A-hole

Bubbly Bra buddies, Bubble Butt

Longtime XL Angels member Tom: “Roxee has emerged as my favourite model. Each one of her sets is exceptional. Her sex appeal is off the charts. Please keep bringing her back. I so look forward to seeing her sets!”

XL Girls: Roxee, we liked the movie scene of you walking to buy coffee and your breast valley was showing. When you go out, do you suit to unveil your chest?

Roxee: I do usually suit to flaunt off my large milk cans.

XL Girls: Do u have plenty of breast sex? What are your much loved “tit-fucking” poses?

Roxee: I love titty screwing. I love wrapping my large zeppelins tightly around a 10-Pounder and milking it dry. My prefered position for titty fucking is probably me on my knees with the guy standing over me. I truly acquire a good cum load on my boobies in that position.

XL Girls: Maybe one day we can see that here. Do u adore to talk bawdy in daybed?

Roxee: I love ribald talk. The dirtier the more precious.

XL Girls: Do u do housework topless or bare?

Roxee: Only if I’m trying to impress someone or drive somebody crazy. I do cook exposed often.

XL Girls: Do u like looking in a mirror during sex?

Roxee: Love looking in the mirror. Watching sex through a mirror is a monumental turn on.

XL Girl: Now let’s investigate Roxee getting breastfully clean.

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Jasmine Black – Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine’s Three-way Riding Lesson

Jasmine's Three-way Riding Lesson

Corporalist of Big busted Riding Academy, Lord Chandler is in his bedroom with alluring Jasmine Dark-skinned. That woman chaser wishes to know what is below her lengthy white cloak. She takes it off her shoulders and drops it to the floor. Now this chab knows. She’s wearing darksome boots and a skimpy two piece, as tiny as a string bikini. Her large bouncy bosoms bulge against the flimsy fabric.

In her hand is a riding crop that she runs along Lord Chandler’s chest, teasing him. This chab comes behind her to play with her fullsome funbags and grind his pelvis into hers; she spanks her marangos with the crop as this chab kisses her neck doggystyle.

Laying her down on the ottoman, Lord Chandler removes her bottoms and fingers her bald cookie with accomplished digits, mouthing greedily on her nipps. Jasmine herself sucks on them also. This smooth operator stands, his meat-thermometer drooping with out his fly. Jasmine sits on the couch, her darksome boots still on, and hungrily engulfs his shaft into her soaked throat, sliding her hand to the base and back one time more.

The hot, slim dark-skinned brown looker queen makes sounds of intensive enjoyment as she tongues Lord Chandler. As he pulls her head closer to him to drink every inch, Lord Chandler’s valet enters the bedroom with the evening beverage. “I’m sorry, sir” he says, an constrained look shadowing his face. “I told you about knocking,” admonishes Chandler.

Jasmine, on the other hand, is lascivious to watch the servant. “Come here,” that babe commands him. “Yes, miss?” As soon as he makes his way over to the pair, this babe reaches out to squeeze his package. “It appears adore this babe craves an additional,” Chandler observes matter-of-factly. Wang is removed from trousers and now Jasmine has 2 subrigid disrobe clubs to engulf and toss off. This babe will have her hands full tonight with those two cocks. They, in turn, will take her cum-hole and arse in a furious DP.

This scene is obtainable on DVD in the best-seller Busty Riding Academy.

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Jaden Suede – It’s Showtime In The VIP Room

It’s Showtime In The VIP Room

It's Showtime In The VIP Room

Do you remember Jaden Suede? The proper question is, have you forgotten Jaden Suede? Jaden was the Tampa, Florida college first-year student studying firefighting and working as a nail technician. Jaden got off in the VIP champagne room in this movie.

Jaden’s hobbies are modeling, painting and chatting on the Net. Jaden can’t live without toys, especially strap-ons. U display her a picture of a voluptuously endowed hotty wearing a strap-on and this babe gets sexy.

“I usually masturbate in advance of sofa to calm my nerves,” Jaden disclosed. “It’s adore having a glass of warm milk.” So for Jaden, toying her pussy is the one and the other a stress-buster and a way to need to sleep.

Jaden said her kinkiest raunchy moment was “bent over a baths counter during Thanksgiving dinner.” What satisfies her almost all of all? “Having my ass eaten and being rogered subrigid by a vibrator,” Jaden replied. She is a gal who knows what this babe can’t live without.

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Sensuous mama fingers her constricted mature bawdy cleft until this babe cums Satin_bloom – Sexy Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK bends over and tanalizes her squishy shaved wet crack

Sexy Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK bends over and tanalizes her downy bald snatch

Analee Sands – Heavy Hooters Need Cum

Heavy Fullsome funbags Need Cum

Heavy Love muffins Need Cum

Analee Sands. Completely killer whoppers. Hawt, juicy body. Marvelous face. All in all, a luscious piece of eyecandy that we were very pleased indeed to have as a guest in these hallowed halls of zeppelins, at least for a relatively short time.

This scene started with a hot solo brandish that led right into the licking with tongue, sucking, throating and bumping without a story or plot. Just pure act and lots of tit play as Analee gave her sex date what each charmer needs. Some alone time with the cutie previous to the Lothario walks into the picture is usually better than just beginning off with her and the boy.

XL Girls: Do you love to have sex in public places?

Analee: Not likewise public. If I can sneak it in, then maybe. But not smth where it’s for sure that somebody will walk by.

XL Girls: Where is the majority public place you’ve had sex?

Analee: In a Walmart parking lot. I have also done it in a park in mid-day, and in a moving truck in the backseat whilst family was driving.

XL Girls: Have you ever been caught?

Analee: Only one time by an old boyfriend’s aunt. This babe walked into the washing room right in the centre of it with me with my legs up.

XL Girls: Did u prevent or keep going?

Analee: We kept going. That babe walked in, looked at me, got her ram and strolled out. So I figured we’d just finish what we started.

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Denisse Gomez added to

Denisse Gomez

Added on: 06/28/2016
Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Figure: 35C-24-35

Sample Pics/Vids of Denisse Gomez
Description: Denisse Gomez is really spectacular! This slim Latin chick has curves that will make your mouth water, and zeppelins that will make your toes curl. When this bubbly dish discloses her squishy shaven snatch, u won’t be professional to acquire sufficient!

Evelin added to


Added on: 06/28/2016
Age: Twenty two
Height: 5’5
Figure: 30A-24-34
Location: Czech

Sample Pics/Vids of Evelin
Description: Merry Evelin comes off as bashful and sinless, but beneath her enchanting exterior is a carnal deviant you’re going to adore. Whether it’s her fingers or a toy or a unyielding schlong, this petite tit coed will fuck and engulf her way to one bigger than average O after another.

Cassie Cougar – Secretary’s Lunch Hour

Secretary’s Lunch 60 minutes

Secretary's Lunch Hour

The boss’s secretary does a lot more than take dictation and bend over a lot to pick up dropped pencils. What do u wait hiring a receptionist named Cassie Cougar? Cassie spends her lunch break gobbling the boss’s bone. JMac’s 10-Pounder was a defiance for her. Cassie gladly took it on.

“It’s ridiculously bigger in size than typical,” told Cassie. “And I don’t have experience with greater than standard schlongs. My bucks have been fairly ordinary and commonplace. It’s a challenge for me. It’s a little scary. And he did comment that I was petite. Apparently I’m not equipped to handle the greater ones.”

Cassie took it well.

SEXY HOUSEWIFE Cassie was a office assistant before that babe decided to take the dive into the hawt modeling pool.

“I by no means did everything at this level previous to,” that babe said. “My web cam is solo only, so it is just me and my toys. I did an dilettante video with an mature husband, but the digi camera was on a tripod and there wasn’t indeed a entire lot happening.”

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Amber Lynn Bach – Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Greed has become more prevalent than ever. Not since the days of the Roman Empire has the unchecked greed and selfishness of the few so disrupted the lives of the many. Modern technology has made things worse. Everybody has to work harder and longer for less just to get by and that includes Amber Lynn Bach, housewife and part-time bitch.

Shag your mate citizen is the creed of this recent society and Amber is literally following that philosophy. She actually embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of USA. She’s had to identify recent territory with less competition to pick up new business. There are likewise many housewife-hookers in her supermarket parking lot. Her local pub is packed with suburban bimbos trying to make numerous bucks. Since she is not about to solicit new accounts in a dumpster-filled alley or at bus stops, Amber has poked deeper into rural territory in search of horndogs avid to pay in advance of they pump.

Risking encounters with alligators and demented hillbillies with chainsaws, Amber has made this section of the woods her recent location. Luck is with her when this babe meets a motorist. At first, this fellow plays cheapskate with payment options but seeing Amber’s bigger than run of the mill bazookas does the trick. A hard cock does not think rationally. She entices him with what she calls her “tight wench muff.” The goober makes a decision to pick her up and take her to his place to copulate the shit out of her and give her jizz for dinner. Amber Lynn Bach: hooked on hooking and doing it all for u.

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