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Boob Massage

Boob Rubdown

Boob Massage

“I’m always playing with my mammaries,” Smiley Emma says in this Bonus boob massage video. One of the regular questions we ask a gal is if this babe finds her hands drifting to her mounds when that babe is just watching television or relaxing. Emma’s answer is obvious. After the chat, Emma has an lovely boob massage by two hands brought along just for the occasion.

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The Doctor Willl Suck & Jack Ya Now

The Doctor Willl Suck & Jack Ya Now

The Doctor Willl Suck & Jack Ya Now

You are in precious hands, mouth and whoppers with Dr. Persia Monir. As aged whores go, Persia is one of he filthiest and dirtiest a HORNY HOUSEWIFE seeker could ever wanna go a hardly any rounds with. Persia is the kind of woman you’d see at the supermarket. She’d be dressed hawt but you’d not at any time suspect that she screws and blows total strangers in porn episodes.

“I think I look more worthy now than I did when I was 18,” Persia told. “I’m not plan to be mature and wrinkled. I refuse. What’s the point? And I have always worked out, also. Swim, try to eat right.

“I’m an official HORNY HOUSEWIFE, and my son knows what I do. We don’t go into details about it. He’s ok with it. I used to be a nurse and do 24-hour call, and he’d be sleeping on stretchers and eating Graham crackers.

“I receive a lot of juvenile bucks who want to fuck me. But it is kind of creepy for me because they’re my son’s age. Some of ’em are aged sufficient, but some of ’em are love, ‘No way!’ I not ever actually liked youthful chaps. Even when I was 30, I at no time went for youthful guys.”

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Tits & Ass Bonanza

Bouncy bosoms & Butt Bonanza

Tits & Wazoo Bonanza

“I still toss off on that hot foursome scene in the movie K-JUGS! What a scene! One of the foremost in XL Cuties!” wrote Roberto. K-JUGS is an XL Cuties feature movie starring Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder in a foursome shag at a radio station where everyone is in a state of heat.

“My topmost physical assets are my scoops and my eyes,” Reyna Mae told. “Curiosity and kindness are my superlatively wonderful personality traits. I don’t view sports. As far as fetishes, I like S&M. My erotic dreams are about being in orgies with other beauties. My first time with a gal was when I was nineteen. I’m very bi!

“I like to make my partner feel specific so I do admirable things out side of the bedroom to reveal ’em that I care, like taking ’em to a clip they urge to see or cooking their prefered meal.”

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Wet & Hot

Damp & Sexy

Wet & Hot

Monique may have the largest love muffins of all time on

“I was always known for my huge billibongs,” Monique told. “Boys would always make comments. They would really seize me and run away. For the almost all part, other gals were jealous of me. I remember one time a group of the meaner girls followed me home and they were trying to tease me by saying ‘What did u do, put Miracle Grow on them?’ But it never worked. I was always proud of them. I truly sleep on my abdomen and use ’em as pillows which I’m sure sounds very a matter of joke but it’s so much more comfortable for me.

“I would say I am very carnal, always, but solely with one person. But when I am with somebody, I am very raunchy. I am gorgeous much a one-guy-girl. That is why I never did hardcore.”

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Game. Set. Tits.

Game. Set. Hooters.

Game. Set. Pointer sisters.

You will not see a match adore this at Wimbledon. That’s ‘cuz they have no imagination. There are a handful of tennis players that people would love to watch play topless. But let us face it. No one in the world could match Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl on the tennis court in the breast division (except for Minka).

Karina fouls Mandy with a not-very-sporting reveal of water tossing, resulting in a juicy tee. That indeed earned Karina a scarcely any points. We did learn one thing from this adore match. That big-breasted girls make the best tennis players. Just keep your eyes on their bouncing mounds.

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In Heat

In Heat

In Heat

Julia Boobs, a burlesque dancer and fetish adult model in Sin City, Las Vegas, is a fan of Rob Zombie’s El Superbeasto, Jennifer Tilly and female roller derby, and this babe likes to paint, dance, sing and play with her lush body.

“I like controlling alpha males,” Julia flaunts. “I love guys who are very assertive and gentlemen-like. I too fall in love with bucks that take me to places I’ve not ever been.”

She jumps on her bonk buddy’s schlong with a take-no-prisoners personality but since this chab is a dominant alpha, this babe is in for a fine pounding and creaming. When you watch Julia go into the scene in the movie, you’ll see her burlesque moves and body language in action.

As for those fetishes, Julia says she is into panty fetish, tattoo fetish, and something called knismolagnia. That last one needed a look-up. It turns out to be gratification from being tickled.

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Jessica Rex added to

Jessica Rex

Added on: 03/21/2017
Age: 23
Height: 5’6
Figure: 32B-26-32

Example Pics/Vids of Jessica Rex
Description: Coed vixen, Jessica Rex, is a true delight. This lewd goddess has a squishy bald wet crack that’s filled with ravishing juices. See this merry tit princess slide toys in and out of her running cunt until she cums!

Harley Ann Wolf added to

Harley Ann Wolf

Added on: 03/21/2017
Age: Nineteen
Height: 5’4
Figure: 32A-24-34

Example Pics/Vids of Harley Ann Wolf

Rack Attack

Rack Attack

Rack Attack

“Girls abhored me,” Maserati said. Her giant milk shakes look even greater ‘cuz she has a miniature back and a small waist. They are symmetrical too, at least to the eye. She says the left is slightly smaller than the right. “They’re always rock hard, too,” Maserati points out. “I always wear a underneath garment.”

Maserati got a youthful lady-killer in this scene. She towered over him and outweighed him likewise. She was definitely a challenge for him but this chab did a fine enough fuck job on this super-Amazon.

When Maserati first arrived on the adult scene, we scrambled to receive her into SCORE and predicted that this babe would become a superstar, not only in busty modeling but would become a major porn star. That is come true. It was an effortless prediction. She’s likewise a greater than typical draw for the public at adult expos.

Maserati is upfront about porn stardom versus intimate life. She is candidly talked about the challenges that babe has finding a spouse who wants to get to know the real cutie and not somebody who merely looks at her as Maserati, the boob-star.

“I wish a lad who’s ok with me being a female and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets,” said Maserati.

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The Adventures of Super-Minka

The Adventures of Super-Minka

The Adventures of Super-Minka

In a boob science experiment, Jim compares fruit to Minka‘s mega-boobs. That’s adore comparing apples to oranges. He’d must identify super-watermelons that come close to stacking up to skinny and trim Minka’s noted milk cans.

Minka’s equally renowned protruding nipps hypnotize him. That’s why her nickname is “Nipple #1.” He sucks and rubs her rock hard pointers during the time that Minka teases him and rubs his package. She’d like to watch his banana. It’s solely fair.

They head to the ottoman so this chab can take up with the tongue her neatly trimmed pie and that babe can suck on his banana. Minka’s constricted aperture is his afresh for the taking, as it was in Minka’s previous scene, “Mega-Boobs Office,” when he was her boss. Wedging his subrigid shaft into Minka’s squeeze-box and boning her in cowgirl, missionary and doggie makes him lose his banging load all over chest. This is always the topmost outcome in a Minka meeting.

Afterwards, Minka told the photographer, “It was pleasure, but my body is very weary. It is always pleasure. Having sex with a bigger than run of the mill weenie is like playing 3 sets of tennis! My bawdy cleft is numb!” Minka prefers everyday knobs. “My prefered kind of dick is five inches! Little cocks, I relish. It’s more exciting. But with large dongs, I cannot move. I can screw, but it’s hard. Little dicks are much more fine. I adore them.” How often do you see a porn star admit that?

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Plump Mom Pounded

Chunky Mom Pounded

Plump Mother Pounded

“I usually cook for a boy, rubdown him, maybe give him a blowjob or smth,” Cami Cooper said about ravishing a Lothario that babe can’t live with out. So when this Big-Boob mommy is alone in the abode and baking some pies, this babe waves JMac into her kitchen and offers him some of her pie. That’s an offer u cant refuse. This ladies man tries some of her pie, not on a plate but right off her large, bulky mellons. The finest kind of serving tray.

After JMac plays with her jugs and dry humps her over the kitchen counter, Cami is batty to receive some rock hard ramrod in her face hole. That babe adds some whipped jizz to make it sweeter and licks his rod like a sweetmeat. The kitchen is likewise constricted to screw so they identify a comfy bed to canoodle. Her pie is irresistible. Cami gets railed unyielding, just the way this babe loves it. When it comes to sex, that babe digs the weenie types.

Cami watches her XL Cuties scenes by herself or with somebody. That babe hasn’t drilled during the time that they were playing but maybe one day that babe will. She enjoys watching herself engulf ramrod. “I love long, thick knobs,” Cami told. This babe got her urge in this finger lickin’ priceless kitchen wet dream.

“I like JMac,” Cami said. “He is definitely my beloved. He’s very down-to-earth and very wonderful. Honestly, the complete scene was pleasure and alluring but I think my fave part was with the whipped sperm and strawberries.”

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Firm & Fertile

Firm & Fertile

Firm & Fertile

“When I go out for the evening, I like to look sexy,” Ann Calis said. “I love to put on fine makeup and a constricted costume. Fellows always say to me that I have a enchanting face and they can’t live with out my large love muffins. I adore this kind of compliment if a fellow says it like a gentleman and is funny and delicious.”

Ann has a way of lighting up a room. Our staff took her out for meals a few times and they told us that each time they sauntered into a restaurant, everybody in the place turned to see her. They too got the finest service. Our workers in the States has noticed this effect also when they take a glamour model out to dinner. All the diners and workers are focused on ’em.

Ann practices yoga and likes swimming. “I adore to suit in hot underware, play with my hooters and masturbate with my toys if I do not have a boyfriend. Sometimes I will use my fingers.”

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