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Samantha Sanders – Creamy Cleavage

Creamy Breast valley

Creamy Cleavage

In the kitchen, Samantha Sanders creams her crazy-big cleavage and brings along a little kitchen appliance to play with. Doesn’t every Englishwoman have this in her kitchen drawer with the can openers and spatulas?

XLGirls: Do u drive? Do seat straps fit u comfortably?
Samantha: I do drive, but I struggle with the seat belt fitting over my whoppers.

XLGirls: Have u ever gotten with out a speeding ticket by showing the policeman your titties?
Samantha: A miniature in number times. I am a lawyer, you know.

XLGirls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex at home?
Samantha: I’d if I had a partner. Right now I am open to offers.

XLGirls: How important is schlong size to u?
Samantha: It’s not that important. There are other things u can do.

XLGirls: Did you check out any of the videos u made?
Samantha: Yes, I’ve. I savour seeing the last results.

XLGirls: Do u love to talk immodest in couch?
Samantha: Yeah. Almost any men adore that.

XLGirls: If you had three craves, what would you want for?
Samantha: Happiness, wealth (so I could save all the animals) and world peace.

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Juliana Simms – Give Thanks For Juliana

Give Thank u For Juliana

Give Thank u For Juliana

We give thanks for Juliana Simms and all of the cuties at SCORELAND who give so much of themselves. You might watch 300 girls athletic adore Juliana and maybe one of ’em will reveal her enchanting ram on-camera.

Told Juliana, “When your adult model finder introduced himself and said I’d be a great adult model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of. I love to try recent things. Glamour modeling is smth I wanted to try.”

One of our scouts was pleasantly surprised when this chab walked into a florist’s shop where Juliana worked to buy some flowers and saw her. No self-respecting boob fellow could miss her. That lady-killer asked Juliana if this babe had ever modeled and explained what The SCORE Group was all about. Juliana was interested. Our scout took some pix (see for the kind of test shots we require) and sent ’em our way. We were smitten by this kitten.

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Lady Snow – Pump & Hump

Pump & Hump

Pump & Hump

Mistress Snow works JR’s weenie like that babe hasn’t had any in months. That’s how she’s. The female is in a perpetual state of heat. Female indeed knows how to suck a man’s pecker. Sucking subrigid, making noisy slurping and suction noises, slobbering subrigid on every nut bag, leaking her tongue along the pole and thrilling it to make it harder. During the time that this babe is blowing JR’s horn, Lady’s humongous GG-cup jugs are drooping and swaying. JR sinks his fingers into her firm breast-flesh.

“I desire sex twice a day,” Beauty says. “I like fellatio, giving and getting. I need a chap to make the first move, and I expect him to if he’s interested in me. I’m very open to a smooth operator as lengthy as that chap knows how to treat a female.”

Respect and a inflexible penis go a lengthy way with Woman. She says a boy has to smell priceless and have a valuable smile, likewise. JR has all that underneath control as this stud respectfully pounds Mistress and spews spunk all over her heavy pointer sisters.

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Savannah Phair – My Phair Lady At The Gym

My Phair Lady At The Gym

My Phair Femdom-goddess At The Gym

When Savannah Phair works out, this babe doesn’t slack off, and this photo shoot and movie prove it. The photographer was even skilled to freeze her bouncing 42F mambos as she sprung into the air off the trampoline.

Savannah told that babe doesn’t have any much loved music when this babe works out. “Nothing specific. Soever receives me going,” Savannah told us.

If we were to watch Savannah, what would this babe be wearing? “I always wear low-cut tops. I can not stand everything on my neck. I do need to wear a brassiere and I love to wear high heels all the time.”

Savannah has some advice for boyz. “Don’t ignore a lady or take her for granted. We need attention. At least I do!”

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Sandra Star – A Sandra Star Sandwich

A Sandra Star Sandwich

A Sandra Star Sandwich

The great Sandra Star is the barmy chick in the midst of this sex sandwich as SCORELAND‘s 3some particular continues. This is a championship sex event. The opening of this scene follows the tradition of CMNF, or “clothed dudes undressed females.” As their triangle of screw moves from couch to floor to bed, everybody winds up in nature’s garb.

We talked to Sandra after this wild scene.

SCORE: Do u see your own movie scenes?
Sandra: No, but I like when people tell me they enjoyed watching them.

SCORE: How should a smooth operator behave to earn your admiration?
Sandra: He should be honest and polite.

SCORE: Have u ever danced stripped or topless? Is this of any interest to u?
Sandra: No, I not ever have. I don’t have the interest to do that.

SCORE: You are very slim and fit. Do you workout at a fitness center?
Sandra: Yes. I try to work out on a regular basis. Sometimes boyz talk to me and the others are definitely looking at me. I see them looking.

SCORE: What kind of exercises do u adore to do?
Sandra: I use the cross-trainer or lift weights.

SCORE: What makes u chuckle?
Sandra: I laugh a lot. It’s often coz I savour my time.

SCORE: Do car shoulder thongs fit u comfortably?
Sandra: Yes, no problems with that.

SCORE: Have your whoppers ever fallen without your top in public?
Sandra: One or 2 times it not quite happened.

SCORE: Do u visit naked beaches or resorts?
Sandra: No, I visit beaches and resorts but not of that kind.

SCORE: Thank’s, Sandra.
Sandra: My pleasure.

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Lexi Windsor – The One & Only Video

The One & Merely Movie

The One & Solely Video

Lexi Windsor was a here and gone cutie. This babe was an hot dancer in Washington State who decided to try glamour modeling. Her 38F milk shakes are great, beefy with a fine slope to the hang. Lexi milks her hangers, squeezing and kneading the juice without her perky nips.

It takes Lexi several minutes to acquire a fine stream of sperm going, but one time this babe does, she nails our cameraman. Likewise bad this dude is lactose intolerant.

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Lexi Summers – Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

Tubesteak For A Topheavy Texan

Texan Lexi Summers wanted to be a sex star. So this babe tutored for this position at Voluptuous. Glamour modeling was not for Lexi. That babe can’t live without wang action.

38-28-35 Lexi wears a 36DDD brassiere. Lexi shows off her bod in a full-length mirror 1st and says what she’s intend to do to Jack. Jack enters the room and begins sucking her teats. That charmer copulates her bumpers as this babe sits on the edge of the bed. This babe blows him, then lays back so he can fuck her love muffins some more. That babe enjoys having her whoppers banged and moans. This guy widens her legs for screwing and pounds her. This babe groans and cries a lot whilst this guy stretches her beefy bawdy cleft.

Lexi asks him to slap her whoppers while this chab copulates her. An unusual request. Jack bangs her rock hard and, true to his name, strokes off on her bosoms, coating ’em with cum. “Was it everything you expected?” the director asks Lexi. “Better,” that babe replies. “Why don’t u rub the cum into your scoops?” he asks. Nice stud. Lexi obeys. That’s the great thing about adult stars and starlets. They’re valuable at taking instructs, at least on-camera.

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Cat Bangles – “Anal Me Tonight”

“Anal Me Tonight”

Cat Bangles checks herself out in her mirror, and the check out, as ordinary, is no thing less than spectacular. This succulent and moist Bostonian of Puerto Rican heritage is a frequent guest at TSG. We always advise the boyz to stock up on the zinc and lecithin powder previous to they discharge a scene with this heavy-hanging, bra-bustin’ delight.

Cat is going to get fucked (and rammed in the gazoo, likewise) by Tony Rubino. They really knew every through the Internet previous to he gotta meet and greet her in person here.

“I was living in Providence at the time,” Cat told. “One evening, a friend and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony told us there was a new app named Vine. U can make clips that play for about Thirty seconds to one minute. So this chab said us to put a episode up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were banging and mouthing all over the place. We did it all. Everyone loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any sexy beauties should receive inside contact with him if they were interested in undressed modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. That ladies man told this chab would receive over here contact with u all for me another time, and now, here I’m shaking my bra-busters for all of you. All thank you to Tony and Vine.”

Tony acquires to bury his rod in Cat thank’s to his caring allies. She’s a whole lotta woman and gratified of it. Thank u, Cat!

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Amiee Roberts – Oil Me Up & Down

Oil Me Up & Down

Oil Me Up & Down

Stuff u should know about Amiee Roberts, who’s doing it the 305 Miami way in a pink swim suit by the water.

Occupation: Bookkeeper
Recreation: Walking
Hobbies: Taking walks, valuable conversation and shopping
Prefered travel spot: Hawaii
Prefered television show: The Voice
Beloved movie: Twilight
Favourite music group: Tim McGraw

Beloved perfume: Dior
Much loved drink: Malibu rum and cranberry
Much loved foods: Pizza and Chinese food
Favourite brands of bras: Mistresse
Favourite style of bras: Wire.

Where do u buy your bras?

Amiee: Usually online. My love melons are 40H

Have you ever weighed your breasts?

Amiee: No, but they are heavy.

How wide are your areolae?

Amiee: A couple of inches.

Do you treat your melons in any particular way, love caressing jizz on them?

Amiee: No, not indeed.

What position do u sleep in?

Amiee: On my side or abdomen.

Do u have any funny habits?

Amiee: Not actually!

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Roxee Robinson – Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee's Robust Rack

We owe Canada for Roxee Robinson. Her robust rack is mellow and rockin’.

XLGirls: What is your prefered thing about nude modeling?

Roxee: I like to journey, and that’s a greater than run of the mill bonus with glamour modeling. I also adore expressing myself with my images. I savour.

XLGirls: If you are going out shopping or to run errands, do u costume in tight, fetching garments?

Roxee: I do sometimes. I adore dressing up hawt and seeing people’s reactions. It can be entertaining.

XLGirls: Have u ever danced or worked in a club?

Roxee: I did dance in disrobe clubs beginning when I was Eighteen, and I prevented when I was Twenty four.

XLGirls: Do you visit nude beaches or in nature’s garb resorts?

Roxee: I’ve not at any time visited a in nature’s garb beach or resort, although I’d if I had the opportunity.

XLGirls: What do u love to do for pleasure?

Roxee: I love being out side, so if the weather is great, I love going for walks or lounging by the pool. When the weather is a little cooler, I adore being in the kitchen cooking up something yummy or pleasant. I adore going on cam and giving boyz bigger than typical boners. That can be a lot of fun!

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Liza Biggs – Roped-in Beauty

Roped-in Stunner

Roped-in Beauty

Liza Biggs can’t come to the phone right now. That babe is all tied up. But no worries. Liza’s learned the ropes and easily escapes. She is got more moves than Houdini.

Liza ropes herself after this babe busts with out her bonds and plays boob games with that cord, making herself the hottest table centerpiece any dude can fantasy of. Then this babe finally tries out the glass table that beauties from Hitomi to Annie Swanson have squished their big fullsome funbags against.

Liza’s a sous chef. Before that, she was a flight attendant based without Hawaii. She’s traveled extensively.

“I also traveled a lot when I was in school. I have been to Japan, Recent Zealand, Australia, Germany and France. I’ve been all over the United States. I’ve at no time been with any of the pilots, but yep, they’re all pervs. They’re valuable pervs, but they’re pervs!”

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Diamond Foxxx – Bikini Pool Pick-up

Bikini Pool Pick-up

Bikini Pool Pick-up

Diamond Foxxx makes valuable slurping sounds when this babe sucks on penis. She spends tons of time fondelling her bra-busters with her bonk buddy’s knob, groaning and making immodest comments. Diamond lays on her back for more tit-fucking and hand-jerking. Then this stud penetrates her pussy and shags her rigid. This babe gets it adore this babe deserves it.

Diamond can’t live with out a man’s guy. “If this chab spends more time in the mirror than I do, he is no valuable,” she said. “I love a lady-killer who knows what that ladies man urges and can deliver it.” About herself, this babe says, “I can blend into any crowd. I can look like a soccer Mommy, a doxy or an office experienced. I like to wear revealing raiment supreme.”

Diamond branches out from porn now and then. A wedding ceremony with her second partner was filmed for The Learning Channel’s Brides of Beverly Hills series (October Twenty eight, 2011). U can learn a lot from this TV station. She likewise was cast in a Glen Danzig music movie scene for the song Ju-Ju-Bone. U won’t be seeing that in rotation on MTV, not with in nature’s garb melons on show.

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