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Ivy Dreams – Arrival



Peaches La Rue, Ivy Dreams, Ravishing Libra, Madi Jane and Shugar hooked up to discharge the episode Big Goddess Sex School and our cameras were at the entrance as Shugar welcomes the four students when they arrive at the school. If you’ve ever wondered what XL Beauties wear while traveling to their destinations in real life, well, here u go! Peaches appears to be to reveal the almost any breast valley but the other sweethearts are no slouches either!

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Holly Brooks – Gaping Butthole Bone-nanza

Gaping Dark hole Bone-nanza

Gaping Backdoor Bone-nanza

Holly Brooks needs action and that babe needs it bad. She murmurs and purrs and makes the heavy breathing sex sounds of a cutie in heat. Her little hands squeeze her large love melons as that babe stares into the digital camera and makes a pouty face.

Holly’s sexually excited talk pours with out her throat, the mouth that will be filled with a thick weenie in a very short time. “Shove that ding-dong in my ass? C’mon, Daddy,” groans Holly, her hands pulling on her string bottom.

Holly climbs onto the sofa, her gazoo in the air. Her bracelets rattle in sync with her vibrating gazoo. Previous to things get likewise desperate for our curvy blond friend, Holly’s X-Man arrives in time to come to her anal rescue.

Pulling aside her g-string, this lady-killer spits into Holly’s asshole and slips two fingers into it. This fellow opens her pink flaps to disclose her unfathomable pink. Holly lowers her polka-dot underneath garment and shimmies her shoulders, her hawt scones jiggling hands-free. Holly has to engulf first previous to this babe can receive any shlong up her holes. Gagging and gurgling loudly, Holly mouths as unfathomable as this babe can, the head bouncing into the back of her face hole. Drool trickle with out her mouth. This gent holds her head with his hands to fuck her throat and feed her his testicles. Holly needs to stop a dunky in number times to drool and catch her breath.

This is all a warm-up to one of the hottest shag scenes of the year, thank’s to Holly and her carnal talents. Her bawdy cleft and asshole take a mighty pounding in the kind of poses hardly any beauties can do. This pliant angel should write her own sex manual and include fotos.

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Sharon Pink – Investment In Pussy

Investment In Muff

Investment In Pussy

Czech native Sharon Pink is an internationally popular pornstar in North The United States of America, Europe and Japan. And it’s elementary to see why. She’s glamorous and manages to look different at different times so this babe maintains a freshness.

Sharon’s mature with a sexy, toned body and large 42-inch, 36F mambos made for sex. She works out to keep herself in good shape. And she’s a naughty performer. “Before I became a adult star, I never would have done the things I do now.”

SCORE lad F.D. wrote about Sharon, “God, I adore the Czech Republic. They have the hottest models. Their entire lives are devoted to looking nice and having sex. I have been a fan since Zuzanna who I think was probably the first one to come to my attention. I’m seriously considering retiring to the Prague area but with angels adore Sharon, I do not know how long I could last in one piece!”

“Porn is what I do best,” told Sharon. “I love sex, I love to be photographed and I receive paid to do it. What could be better for me? Maybe if I find the right ladies man, I will retire.”

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Samantha 38G – Hit The G-Spot

Hit The G-Spot

Hit The G-Spot

Hot. flirtatious and curvacious, Samantha is just as enticing as the cutie we first met in 2002. When this babe initially appeared, this babe didn’t jump into XXX immediately, but when this babe finally did, this babe shot some of the best content ever. The XL legend is back this day for more schlong, more teasing and Hall-of-Fame sex.

“So what do u boys think?” Samantha asks as that babe struts into observe. “My nipps are off the dots. Do u love? What would you say if you saw me out in a strip club in this?”

Being the gentlemen that we are, we would quickly offer Samantha the gulp of her preference and a ride home. When Tony Rubino enters the scene, that stud makes a beeline for Samantha’s mountain of bouncy bosoms. It’s what any gent would do. Their fuck-fest begins with a bit of titty play and worship, and Samantha is just as amorous by the teasing as Tony is. Her nipps are already upright and that babe lets out little giggles.

“I love it,” Tony says as that Lothario buries his face in her naturals.

And this is just the initiate. We hope u guys are ready for another Hall-of-Fame bonk, courtesy of Ms. 38G.

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Samantha 38G – Tit Talk

Tit Talk

Tit Talk

When you’re one of the highest XL Beauties of all time, you basically have the run of our studio. It is love when a family member returns home after an extended time away. Samantha 38G is one of these all-time greats, and this babe is definitely family. So we had to sit her down for a enjoyment, hot interview. Always the stud, Samantha 38G dishes on her tricks of the trade, why bras shouldn’t fit and why that babe, Maria Moore and Sapphire are the Holy Trinity of SUPER-VOLUPTUOUS porn.

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Vanessa – Big Tit Latina Fucked

Greater than run of the mill Tit Latin babe Banged

Big Tit Latin chick Fucked

“I always loved sex,” says sexually insatiable Vanessa who easily drains this dude’s balls. “I had my 1st lesbian experience when I was Eighteen. I had a much maturer partner, like 40, and for my birthday, this lady-killer got me a cutie my age, and I loved it. But I not at all acquire exhausted of meat-thermometer.”

“I lived in Miami for a whilst and then I moved to Las Vegas,” Vanessa said. “I lived in Mexico in advance of; that is where I started my career when I was very juvenile. I used to do reveals and movies–but real movies, not porn. Comedies and dramas and thrillers. I did about 15 movies in Mexico. Then I moved to Miami and started doing reveals and tours.”

“In Mexico, I used to have a lot of good, precious dudes who sent me lots of gold, a lot of presents, necklaces, diamonds, cars. Then I met a hubby, I fell in adore, this charmer was a photographer. Now, he’s just a friend. But we started this web resource, coz I was tired of lap dancing each evening doing unveils. I was very coyness previous to. I couldn’t even widen my legs in front of my hubby. It was so inflexible for me. I’d make him turn around and turn down the lights previous to I would widen my legs.

“Believe it or not, I am more successful with hotty’s than any charmer I have ever met. Every time I go out to a disrobe club, I always bring home 2, three, four angels. It is excellent! And the boyz always look at me and say, ‘I loathe u! I can’t even identify one female to go home with! You have got 3 or four!’ But I’m a vixen magnet. Wherever I go, they crawl all over me.”

Vanessa’s had a wild sex life and that babe is far from done!

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Jennica Lynn – She’s A 10

She’s A 10

She's A 10

Welcome back to XL Angels, Jennica Lynn! It’s been over a year and she is been missed! Time flies! Miami, The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic have been her previous destinations. This time, Jennica joined our team in Prague for this fresh series of photo discharges, just a two-hour flight from London.

Jennica looks as charming as ever and her 34M cups remain juicy and colossal. “Travel is a big excitement of mine and I adore visiting different countries. That is one of the reasons why I like SCORE so much. They actually know how to treat a girl. On my previous voyage, I gotta meet such glamourous cuties. It actually was an adventure.”

“I am so looking forward to seeing all of the new photos and videos. I not at all would have been seen by so many fellows around the world if not for XL Angels.”

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Porsche Dali – More To Fuck

More To Copulate

More To Fuck

We have bulges in our trousers that prove we could not be more concupiscent to see Porsche Dali afresh, and she’s sexier than ever, also. It is been two years likewise long since we last saw this obese GG-cupper, and by the looks of her in this episode, she’s just as slutty as we are that she’s back. Porsche’s hands explore her body whilst this babe seductively gazes into the digital camera. Porsche certainly knows how to make like to the camera.

“Do you like my knockers, baby?” That babe asks as the camera pans from her face down to her plush naturals. “They could drink your penis complete. Do not you desire you were here to slip your meat-thermometer in betwixt them?”

We suspect there’re thousands of XL Chaps around the world vigorously jerking their cocks in agreement right now.

After a bit of teasing, Porsche pulls her billibongs out. Her pierced teats are already upright and she softly kisses both her mams and gives her teats a firm engulf. There’re beauties that remind us why we like thick sweethearts, and Porsche is one of them. They have more to adore and more to screw and there is no thing quite like grabbing a handful of scones or gazoo whilst a overweight honey rides your dick.

It’s the ram damp dreams are made of. And we’ll be having plenty more now that Porsche is back with us.

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Angelina Castro – Totally Doused

Absolutely Doused

Totally Doused

Angelina Castro is completely covered in this cum-bath dream until she’s completely saturated and oozing with ball batter, as if 100 dudes had shot their loads all over her. This is one of the messiest-ever SCORELAND shoots.

It is been a while since Angelina visited SCORE. Here’s a beauty who’s screwed so hard in a boy-girl shoot that she was completely tired afterward. Angelina’s one of Miami’s almost all well-known sex stars. Born in Cuba, Angelina has made dozens of appearances on local Latin TV and this babe loves this town. She is hot, smutty and funny. And this babe can’t live out of porn. Angelina’s color commentary about her scene in SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored while she and Dave check out it on a monitor is one of the high reaching descriptions of a porn scene ever.

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Shugar – Meet The Teacher

Meet The Teacher

Meet The Teacher

One of the horniest group plumper movies ever made. Not quite an whole XLGirls mag (edition #155) was devoted to Larger than typical Angel Sex School.
Madi Jane, Ivy Dreams, Ravishing Libra and Peaches LaRue chat excitedly about encounter their instructor, Miss Shugar, as they are being driven in a van to Greater than run of the mill Cutie Sex School.

Madi Jane is hoping to be a slut like Shugar, who sucked off ten boyz according to the rumor mill. Peaches wants Shugar to teach her how to titty-fuck, and so does Libra.

Meanwhile, Miss Shugar is getting a breast-sex session with one of her in-house males at the school. This babe uses her immense floppy hangers and face hole to please her employee’s bigger than standard dick. Chubby sex freak Miss Shugar is a loud screamer when she’s rogered. Miss Shugar is likewise a cum swallower and can’t live with out her men to unload their balls in her mouth.

The girls’ lorry pulls up and they walk into Miss Shugar’s posh estate, as nervous as freshmen pledges should be, for they are about to go into the big leagues of XL Beauties banging and engulfing. Here they will be instructed in the finer points of weenie worship and trained to unleash their inner bitch.

The beauties arrive a hardly any minutes early, catching Shugar just as she’s finishing up. This babe greets them warmly, wiping the last drops of cum off her lips. The first thing that babe wants the angels to do is drop off their suitcases, get into their swimsuits and meet her at the pool. Lesson #1 awaits!

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Arianna Sinn – Bollywood Boobs

Bollywood Fun bags

Bollywood Hooters

Has Arianna Sinn ever looked more worthwhile than this babe does today? We’re not sure. Stomach dancers are among the hottest fantasy gals on the planet and Arianna is one of the hottest dream girls on the planet, so there’s a priceless chance this may be the most-inspired theme for a shoot we’ve ever had. And what makes it even better is that Arianna is committed to fulfilling your Bollywood fantasies. Her thighs do not tell lies as that babe unveils off stomach exotic dancing skills we had no clue that babe had. And this babe is glamorous lascivious by it, too.

“I like this dance ‘coz it makes my boob bounce,” Arianna says as this babe sashays. “And it’s driving me bonkers.”

If it is driving her crazy, we’re checking ourselves into a mental ward. More precious yet, rehab ‘cuz we’re addicted to her flawless, natural tits. Arianna’s passion grows as the scene progresses, and in a short time she’s stroking her clitoris and fondling her breasts on a nearby ottoman. Take a load off, dudes ‘coz you are not plan to be hold yourself back from dropping a load after watching this one.

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Samantha Lily – The Boobalicious Miss Lily

The Boobalicious Miss Lily

The Boobalicious Miss Lily

The one comment heard over and over anew about Samantha Lily has to do with the word “legend.”

“A legend in the making.”
“Samantha’s already a legend.”
“This hotty will be an all-time legend if this babe chooses to be.”

Samantha’s back to flaunt off more of her excellent figure and all-natural bra buddies.

“I did lots of insane things when I was youthful,” says Samantha. “Many times… but a lengthy time agone. I had a potty spouse who wanted me to try anything. Now I am 26 and wish to spend all my life with a man who I love and have passionate sex in combination with love.”

But Samantha says many fellows are afraid to introduce themselves. We’ve heard other SCORELAND Cuties say this too.

“I do not know why bucks have problems getting up the courage to pick me up. I’m very affable and precious to everyone. I donot understand this.”

Don’t worry, Samantha. All SCORELAND dudes know how amiable u are.

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