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Jolie Rain – Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin’ A Ride In The RV

Takin' A Ride In The RV

This was Jolie Rain’s 1st XXX at Scoreland. You’re about to watch this redheaded, nipple-pierced girl-next-door and Army vet get rogered in a motor home.

“My sex fantasies always involve wheels, usually outdoors…I think about having sex on the hood of a muscle car at a race track or inside a HUMMV. Doing it in a motor home for SCORE got me very hawt. I was succulent previous to we even began fooling around. There is just smth about engulfing a man’s penis in a car that is so hot and sexy that I feel adore there’s electricity flowing through my cookie.”

Jolie was working as a bartender in a “sleazy place” and one of the boyz playing in the band that day bugged out when he saw the tank-top wearing redhead. That petticoat chaser was a SCORE browser and practically begged her to apply for modeling assignments.

“I hadn’t truly thought about myself likewise much as being accomplished to do this,” said Jolie. “I thought it had to be beauties with so much going on, and I felt that I am this little high-school hotty trying to enjoy. But this Lothario said me, ‘No, I’ve a friend who loves it, and you’re so pretty that I’d die just to watch you.’ I thought that if he’s just a lad in a band who would love to watch me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the site. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

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Cat Bangles – Bikini Kitty

Swim suit Kitty

Bikini Kitty

“I was 18 when my virginity was taken,” told Cat Bangles. “I was a late bloomer. I didn’t get these bad gals until I was about 18. But when my pointer sisters came in, they just blew up. People would tell me that I had a pretty face and things love that, but my body didn’t actually come in until later on. My mammaries grew in all at one time and then my ass did, too. Now I just like being undressed whenever I can.”

By total chance, Cat connected on the web with Tony Rubino, one of the X-Men at XL Angels and he encouraged her to contact The SCORE Group.

“One evening, a ally and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony said us there was a recent app called Vine. So he said us to put a movie scene up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were fucking and mouthing all over the place. Everyone loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any sexy girls should get over here contact with him if they were interested in adult modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. This chab told this skirt chaser would receive inside contact with u all for me once more, and now, here I am shaking my bra buddies for all of you. All thank you to Tony and Vine.”

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Cathy Heaven – Heaven Can’t Wait

Heaven Can’t Expect

Heaven Can not Wait

“I love sport bras,” says Cathy Heaven. After taking a shower that includes some finger-fucking, Cathy tries on some bras. “But the nicer-looking elegant ones likewise, which I can only find in special shops love Ann Summers where they have G or GG cup sizes. I love bras that expose tons of cleavage.”

Cathy said smth that Spanish porno star Sandra Milka said. “I fulfilled all my fantasies adore Dual Penetration or even double anal.” Becoming a porn star was the way they made their fantasies come true.

Cathy doesn’t have to receive likewise “out there” to have an orgasmic time. “What satisfies me almost all of all is getting my slit well-fucked. I try to have sex every day if I can.” Sometimes the almost any basic ways are the majority breathtaking.

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Maria Moore – The Moore You Get The Moore You Want

The Moore You Receive The Moore U Want

The Moore U Receive The Moore You Want

Maria Moore’s milk sacks of pleasure inspires increased wood production. This scene from the XL Gals Archive was shot a year before the feature film My Larger than standard Overweight Wedding with a dream cast: Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Rose Valentina and Cassie Blanca.

Maria once described the first time this babe got laid. “I couldn’t expect any longer. My spouse was so nervous but I lastly twisted his arm. We fucked seven times that night. I think we truly liked it! Then I did 3 boys at once…three days after I lost my virginity.”

What does Maria inspect 1st when this babe looks at a smooth operator? “I observe a man’s forearms first. If they have bulging veins, it is a sure sign of an active sex drive.”

Her perfect day? “Hanging out at a beach with cocktail service.”

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Karlee Adams – Code Name 42DDD

Code Name 42DDD

Code Name 42DDD

A sales and events coordinator for a hotel, Karlee Adams knows how to dress to impress mangos and wazoo guys. Karlee’s tight jeans hit the spot. This babe said that babe would wear this kind of outfit when that babe goes out. At work, she dresses professionally.

Karlee said she has sex 2 or three times a week. This babe loves giving a charmer a oral-sex. Usually she waits for a boy to make the first move. It depends on her mood. She can be either assertive or wait for the charmer to take charge. One time it is on, this man is got a sexy gal on his hands.

The 1st time she had sex, “I was 20 and it was with a worthwhile friend. It wasn’t all that great. We were the one and the other stupid.

“My kinkiest experience was being bound to a cross blindfolded and having hawt wax leaked on me. Then I was flogged until my a-hole was pink.”

Just for the record, it was not at XL Gals.

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Ivana Gita – Tits & Tugs

Mammaries & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Ivana was declared a big breasted legend by many tit-men when it became clear she was not intend to glamour model afresh after her brief time in 1998. Then with out the blue, Ivana emailed SCORE and told she wanted to shoot. That babe wrote that that babe was an H-cupper, but that babe looks much larger than an H.

After her return scene, the comments rolled in, almost all of ’em from life-long breast chaps who knew her from her past. Wrote Booblover, “Wow! I do remember Ivana from the late ’90s, and that babe has of course grew some (and I don’t mean gruesome). What a tremendous set of hangers! Please acquire her back ASAP. BTW, what is her nationality?”

Ivana is Czech, which should come as no surprise. This tiny country has been kicking North America’s gazoo for years when it comes to naturally stacked glamour models, a situation that deeply saddens us.

In a quick encore, Ivana takes her now-enormous boobies and buries a volunteer’s face and dick in ’em and gives him a hand job, a tit job and a fellatio. This babe cups her gloriously gargantuan gazongas and, during the time that looking on with expectant eyes, gets them slathered with man-goo for the grand finale.

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Carmen Hayes – Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

U wouldn’t think Carmen Hayes is too a basketball star, would you? We know she is a SCORE star. We know that babe has immense titties and a hawt a-hole. We know this babe can put her ankles behind her neck and can copulate in that position. We know that babe completely drains the nuts of any smooth operator who has the opportunity to ram her hoop. (Just inspect Carmen in the movie Busty Hookers.)

In this SCORE Video, we take u behind the scenes at a stadium that cannot be named and to the ladies locker room, where Carmen brandishes, once once more, why she’s a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the pecker. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen’s woman basketball team have already exited after the larger than standard game so Carmen can begin The Larger than average Expose for her fuck-friend.

There are times when Mother Nature receives it right and mixes everything into one flawless package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it more than right. This headmistress has it all: flawless big mammaries, consummate butt, mind blowing legs, brains, a gorgeous smile and the ability to put her legs behind her neck and more. And did we mention she can’t live without to take up with the tongue every drop of cum?

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Samantha Sanders – Flashback April 2005

Flashback April 2005

Flashback April 2005

We flashback to April 2005, when Samantha Sanders of UK was visiting The SCORE Group for the 1st time. Back then, foreign adult models had no problems visiting America, but then recent regulations were passed, which is why European cuties like Anna Beck and Sara now must be filmed overseas.

TSG editor Dave chats with Samantha in this rare video from the archives. Samantha talks about how she has a stiff time getting through airport security with her large, bulky, moist baps, her airplane washroom phobia, her work with prisoners as a lawyer and more.

A recent survey by a British company concluded that the biggest-breasted babes in the UK live in the county of Yorkshire. That sounds correct ‘coz that’s where Samantha comes from.

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Anna Beck – The Busty Busker

The Big breasted Busker

The Big boobed Busker

Anna Beck is a busker playing for coins from generous onlookers. But Anna is no run of the mill busker with top hat in front of her and guitar in hand. She is The Busty Busker. She has her top hat out for passersby to chuck their coins into, although in this situation, they’re tipping Anna to not play. They’re cheerful to just enjoy her big, captivating bra-busters.

A woman chaser on an apartment terrace above spectacular Anna has been watching her play and getting an eagle’s eye view of her unfathomable deep cleavage nestled in her low-cut, form-fitting suit. This chab asks Anna if she’d adore to come upstairs and entertain him, using the aged routine of, “Hey, Miss Guitar Dominatrix-bitch, play a song for me.” Anna’s game to play and sashays up the steps.

Anna strums a bit in his apartment, but this babe already knows this ladies man is a lot more interested in fine-tuning her ripe, cushioned body than in her musical performances…except when it comes to her playing the skin flute. At that, Anna is a virtuoso. She is here to play; he wishes to lay. She sees the swelling this babe is produced and takes immediate steps to make it even harder. They fall into ottoman for a symphony of sex, making alluring music jointly.

One time once more, our hats, not to mention our pants, are off to the excellent Anna Beck, a femdom-goddess we can’t receive enough of.

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Kim Hines – From Brassiere To Eternity

From Undergarment To Eternity

From Undergarment To Eternity

There’re some Voluptuous magazine browsers who have each issue since 1994. A observe some of the gals of that time discloses how great a group they were. Glamour models adore Latin babe, Bonnie Banks, Lisa Miller, Rhonda Baxter, Alice, Calle and many others. It makes a tit-man wonder what all of ’em are doing this day.

We know that Rhonda got hitched. The others, almost any likely the same. Many of ’em modeled solely a hardly any times. They lived archetypal lives with commonplace jobs and dabbled in stripped photo-modeling as a lark and for additional income. Others stayed in the game for a miniature in number years. Some stayed in a different kind of spotlight, love Candye Kane, who became a well-known adept touring musician and blues/jazz singer with her own band.

Kim Hines, aka Kim Eternity, became a larger than average name in Voluptuous mag in the 1990s. Her 1st V-mag was the May 1995 edition. That babe was a friend of LaTina’s in college. When Lalin girl was about to do her 1st shoot for a V-mag photographer in San Diego, Kim entered the studio for boudoir glamour modeling. They renewed ties, and Latin chick recommended that giant-chested Kim shoot for V-mag.

Kim became one of the 1st big-busted, darksome fuck-video and magazine stars. That babe bonks darksome porn boyz and white porn lads. Shlong size and skill, not skin color, matters to Kim. Kim still performs today whilst her contemporaries have long been without the adult modeling world. Very miniature in number gals have this kind of lasting force.

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Samantha Sanders – The Return

The Return

The Return

We thought heavy-breasted blond Brit Samantha Sanders was done with glamour modeling. Actually, that babe did retire. But then she lately decided to un-retire, and that babe contacted her aged friends at The SCORE Group.

A lawyer in Great Britain, Samantha’s pointer sisters could do considerable harm to your neck if she dropped them on your head. Fortunately, that babe uses her super-powers for precious. Love getting undressed and wicked and shagging hung dudes. We played catch-up with Samantha.

How did u come to discharge anew for us 10 years later? Did we discover you or did you contact us?
Samantha: I contacted The SCORE Group after I became single as I indeed wanted to model afresh.

What size brassiere do u wear now?
Samantha: 34JJ

What beloved brands of bras do you buy?
Samantha: I do not have a much loved really. Any that fit!

Do you need a bra-fitting, or can u buy bras off the rack?
Samantha: I know my size, so I can command online.

Do u know how much your bumpers weigh?
Samantha: Almost two stones. (Twenty eight pounds)

Any comments for the fans?
Samantha: I’d love to thank the fans that buy the mags and the DVDs, download the pix and episodes and just love to see me in general. Please let The SCORE Group know if you want to see more of me so I can come back and shoot one more time in a short time.

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Claudia Marie – Swimsuit Stretcher

Bathing dress Stretcher

Swimsuit Stretcher

Claudia Marie came from a petite city in South Carolina. Now she’s busting bras and bikinis and snapping belts for the pleasure of big-jug seekers around the globe. We asked our photographer to take Claudia out and have her try on swimsuits. After all, this is South Florida. People shop at drug stores in swimsuits. We just not at any time saw anyone built adore Claudia doing that.

The path to big-tit land began when Claudia was working in a undress club.

“I was indeed bartending at a disrobe club, which is how I met my spouse,” Claudia told. “He was there as a lap dancer. I was managing the undress club, and it was a cutie lap dancing club, but we decided to have a ladies night. I hired a male disrobe group, and this chab came in. I was still married to my previous boyfriend of 12 years, who had taken my virginity and was the solely woman chaser I would ever been with.

“I was 26. I would met my 1st boyfriend in high school. I met Mr. Marie that night. I rogered him in my office of the club that night, and I left my boyfriend two weeks later and moved in with Robbie. My 1st marriage was on the rocks moreover, and if u make almost certainly of in love at 1st sight, it was like that with Mr. Marie. This lady-killer had a really large dick, and I was drunk sufficient to fuck him. This Lothario called me the next day, and after that, we were inseparable.”

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