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Busty Pay Pal

Big busted Pay Pal

Busty Pay Pal

Willing for a humongous rock hard cock? Candace Von is plan to give you a woodie you can hit a baseball with.

This SCORE Movie is ripped str8 from today’s business headlines. In the high-powered world of Wall Street finance, stress and tension are part and parcel of the job.

How does this highly-paid stock broker for Fleecem, Cheatham and Ponzi spell relief? C-A-N-D-A-C-E V-O-N! One phone call is all it takes. Candace is in the action of providing relief to a customer in her beloved pay crapper stall when the call comes in from Mr. Swiss.

“Candy!!!” he screams into the phone. “I need u now!!” Since Mr. Swiss is one of her almost all precious regulars, this babe drops everything, including this poor schnook’s schmuck without her face hole, and heads to Swiss’s office. That’s not where the investors’ money is going, we hope! His eyes will pop and so will this gent when he sees how sexy Candace looks.

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A Mattress Fit For A Queen

A Mattress Fit For A Queen

A Mattress Fit For A Queen

Normally, almost all porn men bring their own mattresses to their scenes but this is a different situation. Insanely-stacked Danni Lynne needs a fresh, bigger in size mattress moved to her bedroom. (She has a very healthy sex drive!) Miss Lynne can not do it herself so that babe phones her neighbors for assistance. They’re X-Men between gigs. Porn males are usually not valuable at manual labor unless it involves fucking so they give up nearly immediately, terrified of getting a hernia which would cost ’em upcoming jobs.

Instead of leaving a job undone, the lads hit on Danni who’s interested in a tag-team match as lengthy as they’re here. The beauties in this neighborhood are extra-friendly and they all have big fun bags. Danni’s 2 sides–on one side her throat, on the other side her pink taco–are explored as the boyz need to know their neighbor.

“Playing dress-up and role-playing” gets Danni sexy so that babe was a natural for hardcore. “Doing porn has made me feel more confident,” told Danni, who was already bursting with confidence the day she strolled into the SCORE studio. This babe considers her funbags her best feature and they are spectacular, natural and attractively shaped. “I love to put on something hawt and do a striptease in from of the mirror and that’s smth guys love to see. It was joy to do a undergarment display for JMac and watch how worked up I got him.”

The mattress not at all did get moved but Danni did. Her XXX-tra affable neighbors banged her as inflexible as they could and gave her a spunk rinse facial.

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CJ Woods Loves Wood

CJ Woods Likes Wood

CJ Woods Loves Wood

CJ Woods is a heavy-boobed southern woman chaser who lives 2 lives: one life as the quiet, unassuming MILF- and mom-next-door and the second as the piping-hot XL Girl who steps in front of a digital camera to play with her plush body and copulate big-cock chaps.

“At home, when I crave to feel sexy, I wear yoga trousers and a tight shirt, and in the bedroom, underware with out briefs. I have a affable personality, being a southern lady, so if I watch a boy I adore in the right place, like a party, I’ll walk over to him and commence talking instead of awaiting for him to do that to me.”

We usually ask the beauties if they watch their scenes and discover out their pics when they’re shown at XL Gals.

“I have,” told CJ. “I’ve watched ’em alone or with anybody. I do judge myself and I’ve watched many ways to improve. They do turn me on when I’m watching them with somebody and it usually leads to hawt sex. It turns him on too. But it hasn’t changed me. I am still the ravishing southern female I was before I came to XL Gals.”

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Mrs. Dixon & The Dick

Mrs. Dixon & The Dong

Mrs. Dixon & The Dick

Dallas Dixon is a wife and hotel employee from Kentucky. With the encouragement of her boyfriend, she decided to bust out and try glamour modeling and porn. Her hubby was nifty with the idea of his big-boobed babe getting group-fucked by strangers with humongous rods.

Dallas says that babe can’t live without the basics of life. “On dates, I like intend to dinner and a movie, or a sporting event. I don’t go out that much after work. Love almost any people, I go home after work, have dinner, watch TV or do some housework until it’s time for bed. I love watching TV at home, spending time with allies and target shooting on Saturday afternoons.”

About this scene, Dallas told, “JR had a large 10-Pounder, one of the titanic weenies I ever saw in real life. This fellow indeed knew how to use it on me. I enjoyed mouthing it. The entire thing was just enjoyment for me. I never wanted it to become my life’s work. I’m cheerful I got to live one of my fantasies.”

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Flesh & Fantasy

Flesh & Dream

Flesh & Fantasy

Gia Johnson merits much praise. This babe is total girlfriend material. A dabbler in hawt stripped modeling just out for the experience, some pleasure, something different and a robust check.

“I adore a ladies man to make me snicker and treat me with plenty of attention and adore,” Gia told.

“Once I need to a comfortable level with someone, I like it when they smother me with attention. I desire the honeymoon stage of a relationship to final a lengthy time. So when the ladies man I’m with is all over me, and gives me great sex, then I’m glad.

“Bend me over the kitchen table and shove it into me whilst you squeeze my scoops and spank my booty. Discharge your sexy goo inside me. But I like being touched all the time. My shoulders, my haunches, my waist. Just don’t pinch me so hard that you leave bruises. But when we’re out on a date, await until we get back home before getting likewise sexy on me. I’m private love that.”

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Suzy Rainbow added to

Suzy Rainbow

Added on: 02/21/2017
Age: 23
Height: 5’4
Figure: 34A-23-34
Location: Hungary

Sample Pics/Vids of Suzy Rainbow
Description: Suzy Rainbow is one lustful coed that will quickly become a much loved as that babe shows off her perfect 10 body. One time u acquire a full check out of her nude brilliance, this babe will turn u upside down and rock your fucking world with raw, unfiltered sex appeal!

Whitney Wright added to

Whitney Wright

Added on: 02/21/2017
Age: Twenty four
Height: 5’5
Figure: 34B-25-36

Sample Pics/Vids of Whitney Wright
Description: Booty-licious darksome brown Whitney Wright is recent, slutty, and willing to show herself off! Witness the magnificence that is her bigger than standard handsome wazoo, her taut little cookie, and her puffy areolas as Whitney goes to town banging herself until this babe orgasms just for you.

Jogging Does Boobs Good

Jogging Does Scones Admirable

Jogging Does Pointer sisters Good

So here’s Stefania Kinskih jogging along a country road, her enormous naturals bouncing and jiggling with each step. When that babe acquires back to SCORELAND‘s hideaway, Stefania cools off her fine-looking pair with a water sprayer. Those tan-lined fullsome funbags are very breathtaking.

“I jog at home but I’d not wear what I am wearing in this clip,” said Stefania, her Ukrainian translated by one of our workers. “This is a little bit also revealing to wear in public. I’d be worried my top would fall down. I will wear revealing tops sometimes but not adore this. I am pleased we were alone. I adore to glamour model naked but I do not know if I could reveal my breasts in public.”

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Tag Teamin’ Anna

Tag Teamin’ Anna

Tag Teamin' Anna

Every single day with Anna Beck is a peculiar day at XL Cuties. Prague’s premier plush plumper queen doesn’t come around all that often. So in her honor, Anna acquires cake, champagne and cock. In fact, two cocks. The party girl acquires the royal treatment here with Steve as our goodwill ambassador.

Steve introduces his ally Max, a male exotic dancer. This chap is the additional gift and Anna receives to assist unwrap him. Anna’s hands roam all over him and when Steve joins in, that babe truly has her hands full. These lads have their hands more than full with Anna’s titanic naturals.

They flank Anna and that babe reaches into their pants for the sausages. Taking every ding-dong in hand, Anna jerks ’em rock-hard and takes turns mouthing them down. Their three-way party moves to the ottoman and each gent takes a side. Steve acquires her top half, Max the lower half.

Anna is never left without a ramrod in her throat, between her boobies or sliding into her cunt. Her allies make sure she’s well taken care of. After all, this is her day to shine. It is her party and she’ll cum when she urges to. And this babe desires to cum a lot.

All hail Anna and her royal rack.

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Maid For A Garden

Maid For A Garden

Maid For A Garden

After a sexy bonk and pleased ending with Steve, which was Roxee Robinson‘s first XL Cuties scene with wang, it is time for some maid service. Roxee’s cosplay dress appears adore the kind of Victorian-era maid’s uniform described in old British obscene stories. (The gloves are a modern touch.) That babe goes to the garden for some joy cuz it is also worthwhile to receive stripped and sex tool her love tunnel in the abode. Not a lot of cleaning receives done, although Roxee does use her lengthy tongue on her nipples.

XLGirls: What are the top 3 things your fans ask you to wear?

Roxee: Nylons. Heels. Pearl necklace.

XLGirls: What kind of dreams do u have?

Roxee: The very immodest kind. I often have sexy, steamy fantasies. The ones where I wake up super wanton!

XLGirls: Do you dance when u are playing music at home?

Roxee: Yes. I dance and sing!

XLGirls: How’s the self-sucking coming along?

Roxee: I practice as much as I can. Practice makes flawless. I’m getting there.

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Boobs & Bush Buffet

Juggs & Bush Buffet

Boobs & Bush Buffet

How does Mischel Lee handle a hungry dude? 2 hungry guys?

Mischel has served Steve and his bro Max a valuable meal. The stacked dark brown with that ever-popular bush and pierced bawdy cleft clears the table and returns with some creamy pastries for the bucks. Steve can’t take his gaze off the body of this super-babe and wants some of this walking, talking eye candy for dessert instead.

Steve fondles Mischel and removes all of her hawt outfit, leaving her in panties and heels. This chab puts some of her pastry man cream on her right tit and licks it off, telling Max to do the same on her other breast. They place Mischel on the table ‘cuz she’s plan to be the main course. Plopping a pastry on each boob, Max and Steve feast on Mischel’s creamy goodness and lick her mellons clean. Lip-smackin’ valuable!

They assist Mischel off the table so this babe can kneel and suck on each man’s sausage. It is time for her to eat likewise. Mischel is more than enough female-dominant for two men. They tongue-fuck and cock-fuck Miss Lee on the table, off the table and on the floor in a buffet of pointer sisters, fucking, blowing and bushwhacking in an all-you-can-eat brunch-munch.

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Cock In Her Butthole

Schlong In Her Backdoor

Cock In Her Butthole

“I’m orally fixated,” told Stacie Starr, big-boobed Florida Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK. “I love to engulf cock. I relish hair-pulling. I like having my butt spanked. I adore choking on jock.”

Stacie looks love Lacey Legends, a SCORE Gal of the 1990s. Just her face, not her body.

When asked about a bit of wazoo, Stacie said, “I prefer it and enjoy it more when I’m in a monogamous relationship.” Even so, Stacie was good with rencounter Rocky the day of this anal scene and getting his beaded-cock in her anus.

After plugging her fine, he spurted on her face. It is a exceedingly jackable episode. View how excited Stacie looks when Rocky jerks on her tongue. She’s truly a hot performer.

TSG editor Dave wrote, “Stacie told us that babe has a 19-year-old son who drove her to the airport for her first shoot. This chab drove her to the airport another time for her ass-fucking! Now that’s what we call family values!”

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