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Holly Halston – Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Holly Halston began making porn when this babe was 26. This babe said at that age, this babe discovered what she indeed wanted and began exploring sex and her body. This was her 1st scene for SCORE. Her body is constricted and toned. Clothed in a white bra and thongs and wearing platform shoes that make her legs look sexier, she plays on a PC.

Troy, her then-husband, comes into the bedroom, sees her on her tummy looking at websites and desires her body right there. Holly is game to go. She’s sexually confident, one of her personality traits, and tells him she desires to suck his weenie.

This scene has lusty strapon sucking and snatch eating and many different cunt and booty screwing poses. Holly is a unfathomable throat skillful. View her take the whole hog down. Only 5′ and 95 pounds, skinny Holly and Troy became a porn team for years, banging only each other in movies.

Holly disciplined Christy Marks in how to prepare for anal invasion and returned to SCORE to discharge the DVD My WIfe Your Meat, fucking other porn men for the 1st time in her career. Later, the pair split and Holly continued on in porn, screwing the ordinary suspects.

In recent times, Holly has become a world traveler visiting Thailand and other countries. Her body is as constricted and fit as it was in this episode.

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Trinety Guess – Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex Education

Busty angel? Check. White, see-through top? Check. Hot, thick-rimmed and slightly nerdy glasses? Check. A angel like Trinety Guess doesn’t need much (if any) aid to look hot, but that babe knocked our socks off with this little outfit. That babe appears love the hawt beauty in school your Mom would tell u to stay away from, but your daddy would high-five u for rogering.

“I’ve always loved showing off my chest,” Trinety says. “I got a lot of attention in school ‘coz of it. I even had to be sent home a not many times. That not at all avoided me from showing off my chest, though.”

We’re cheerful it didn’t because now Trinety has the confidence to do nasty things for the jerking pleasure of plumper lovers everywhere. Trinety’s body is a bulky wonderland of fun, and our ally Tony Rubino is the fortunate boy who gets to explore the terrain. And he’s ready to give this bodacious chick the bonk of her life.

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Lola Lane – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 4

Large Cutie Boob Group action Part 4

Big Goddess Boob Group sex Part 4

The big-boobed, tit-fucked quintet in this chapter of Big Goddess Boob Group action are major league bra-stuffers. These fleshy honeys fill their cups with rich, natural goodness.

Lola Lane: “I was in Atlanta one time to sign autographs at a movie store. There was a line to acquire over here. I had no idea that so many fans knew me. I was actually shocked. They love my bigger in size than typical pointer sisters and they like my ass. I rarely meet a Lothario who doesn’t wish to shag my fullsome funbags. Sometimes they spend so much time on ‘em that they forget I’ve a cum-hole.”

Mandy Casa: “I adore a rock hard pecker with a large, round head. I’m a bigger than typical woman and I need a large meat-thermometer. I’m very assured and demanding sexually. A lot of lads talk or email a worthy game but they cant walk the talk when it comes to the real deal.”

Nikki Perez: Nikki was born in Columbia and moved to Miami. “I adore to be totally dominated by a petticoat chaser and made to feel infirm. A chap should screw my scoops without asking me when we are having sex. This smooth operator should control anything we do. If this chab urges to cum on my mounds, that lady-killer should.”

Paige Pin-up: The Bettie Page of colossal hooters, Paige was a one-shot wonder at XL Cuties who went off to find domestic bliss. There is look of total enjoyment on her face when her ally pops on her bosoms.

Reyna Mae: “I was the most-popular angel in school and I know it was cuz of my chest.” Reyna and Brandy Ryder did a foursome with two dudes in a chapter of the episode K-JUGS. She is fond of saying “Jerk off on my pantoons.” And these favourable sufficient to hear her say it usually do.

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Lucy Lenore – Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Trimming The Bushes

Lucy Lenore is hawt, and she knows it. As her latest scene opens, she’s powdering her face and neck, but lazily and seductively inches down to her whoppers. In a short time, this babe is gazing into the digital camera intently with an inviting smile in her eyes as that babe powders her 36J-cup naturals.

“Now that I know my outfit is perfect, I am gonna shower and make sure that I am perfect,” Lucy says as this babe unstraps her thong and squeezes with out her costume. “And I forgot to shave.”

We’d say that Lucy is always perfect, but we’re a bit biased when it comes to beauties like Lucy. You could roll her up in saran wrap and we’d say this babe is among the hottest hotties we’ve ever seen. Hmm… wrapped in saran wrap…. That may be a priceless idea for Lucy’s next discharge.

Before Lucy jumps into the shower, the camera pans up and down her body while this babe spins around, letting us eye every inch of her body. Her curves are breath taking. That babe didn’t even must jump into the shower to make things steamy. But it solely gets more outstanding when that babe does jump into the shower. Lathering up her body, Lucy looks willing for a hard banging. Our minds are racing and our jocks are rock hard.

And the real pleasure starts when this babe grabs her shaving jism and razor. It is too sexy and likewise private for words. Have joy, gentlemen.

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Maggie Green – Cum On Maggie

Cum On Maggie

Cum On Maggie

“Guys are always telling me I have admirable dick-sucking lips,” said Maggie Green. “I have a actually long tongue, too. I love spitting on it and playing with it and pushing it down my face hole. It is fun. It truly is fuckin’ enjoyment.”

It’s the wild time for Maggie when that babe acquires the greater than run of the mill, larger than run of the mill gangbang treatment from X-Man JMac, their second go-round at SCORELAND and a real daybed breaker.

This scene has an epic tit-fucking and tit-sucking as well as vigour pounding. It is a admirable thing Maggie is built tough and stays in great shape through her Zumba, Body Pump and other training techniques ‘coz JMac indeed bulldozes her in this one. Call it the SCORE body pump.

“I’m muscly for tit-fucking,” told Maggie. “I love to do it. It’s one of these things that at first, I was adore, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the boy really gets into it, and I adore the noise it makes. I do. It is hawt. It makes a hawt noise.”

Maggie’s been in 14 DVDs, 17 SCORE and two Voluptuous magazines. She is too a spokesmodel in a movie scene and was the spokesmodel for a guided movie scene journey of SCORELAND in 2010. It’s safe to say that Maggie has quite a body of credits to her name. And quite a body.

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Kamille Amora – I’s On You

I’s On You

I's On You

The opening of the clip “I’s On You” has a voyeuristic slant for the 1st scarcely any minutes as the digital camera lurks and peeps throughout a doorway in advance of entering the bedroom to observe JMac banging the hell with out Kamille Amora. This pictorial takes the more direct approach with Kamille often eye-banging the digital camera as JMac pounds the screw out of her big enormous melons, skilled mouth and constricted muff. Very lustful stuff.

Looking at this darksome brown beauty from Seattle now, it is subrigid to believe she was ever a Tomboy growing up.

“I used to play sports,” Kamille said. “I do not anymore, but I consider exotic dancing a sport ‘coz you need to use your body. When I was younger, in middle school and high-school, I ran track. I used to be in gymnastics. Dance. Cheerleading. I am really admirable at doing the splits ‘cuz of gymnastics, so that actually helps me when I’m on the stage and exotic dancing. I’m very supple. I can do a split.

“I’m a full, all-the-way lady. I do not adore to costume love a boy now. I like wearing skirts and bras and low-cut tops. It depends on the situation how low they’re cut. I love wearing halter tops, too. Sometimes I don’t wear a bra when I am walking around at home or having sex. I can’t wear a under garment when I’m having sex ‘cuz I’d choke myself. Sometimes I sleep with a brassiere, but if I do, it is a sports below garment and my billibongs usually sit way up. If I’m on my back, they’ll go all the way up to my chin and commence choking me, so I must be careful.”

Kamille is very down-to-earth and we’re glad she chose XL Beauties as her place to shine and display the world her bigger than average whoppers, pink twat and hot a-hole..

“I am very approachable, but u need to come at me with respect and not corny lines,” Kamille advises. “That’s played out. Don’t try to hit on me. Just try to must know me.”

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Desiree – The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots

The King-size breasted Girl In Gold Boots

The Monster boobed Hotty In Gold Boots

The very word “desire” is in Desiree’s name. This wanton mate still lives with his parents. Blame these difficult economic times. They’re not home so this chap sees this as an opportunity to have a intimate party with a hooker. Living at home saves money even if it does put a damper on in a relationship with. When the folks are out the son will have some impure enjoyment.

That woman chaser checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired chick Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night. That dude must have observed her previous SCORE episodes and been impressed. Desiree displays up wearing a super-tight, low-cut costume that can barely contain her creamy white Thirty six triple-D sucklers so this babe wears a bathing dress top under her suit to secure and support ‘em. Black-mesh thigh-high stockings, dark mesh straps and lengthy gold boots that almost cover all of her hips whole the slutty-hottie look.

Clearly, Desiree have to fetch a worthwhile price for her experienced services with a curvy, curvacious body love that. That babe asks her new client what that Lothario urges this day. Oral job? Tit-fuck? The chap goes for broke and wishes full-service. Engulfing, screwing, blowing his cum all over her. If it’s full-service he wishes, full-service is what Desiree is going to deliver. A highly-skilled pro, Desiree disrobes him quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction is her goal and she knows exactly what bucks want: the fuck dream, the total sex pleaser. The stud made a great pick when he chose Desiree. She’ll drain him dry!

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Emilia Boshe – Personal Sex Trainer

Personal Sex Trainer

Personal Sex Trainer

It’s a buffet of big-boobed babes at SCORELAND. One day, sexy Daylene Rio is playing with her jugs and twat. The next day, it’s a new discovery adore Katie Thornton, Larissa Linn or Samantha Lily. It might be Alyssa Linn exotic dancing on a dude’s pole next or a look down mammary lane at a busty legend. Surprises are part of the fun. Multiformity is the spice.

A large, large surprise is the return of Emilia Boshe, this time to rub her super-whoppers on a favourable lad and have full-on sex with him. The SCORELAND Blog pulled in a couple of dozen comments to a posting announcing Emilia’s first boy-girl with Tom.

Commented Euan, “Emilia’s fantastic on her own, but even more awesome with a wang. And that babe looked adore this babe loved each second of fucking on digi camera in what was a outstanding scene. A larger than run of the mill thanks to Emilia for sharing this with us and I hope we’ll watch u back shooting with more of the SCORE guys in the future.”

That time is now. Emilia returns for a private fitness training session with Dennis. This man 1st works Emilia out, stretching her arms and beefy thighs. Dressed in a skimpy sheer two-piece that shows her teats and areolae through the material, Emilia casts a quiet spell over the coach and before lengthy, his jock is what is getting stretched out during the time that manipulating Emilia’s limbs. It’s going to be sexy time for them. Dennis massages an area above Emilia’s big hooters and finds himself holding a handful. Every breast might be twice as big as his head. Together, Emilia’s wobblers make any rod disappear.

Fitness class can wait until one more day. Today is a breast holiday when Emilia Boshe bares and shares her brickhouse body with a lustful fellow in round 2.

Danke, Emilia Boshe!

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Slone Ryder – Hot Tub Hump Machine

Sexy Tub Hump Machine

Hot Tub Hump Machine

This was Slone Ryder’s first XXX scene. Slone was a naturally bigger than average busted dancer who discovered Voluptuous mag in an atypical way. This babe retired just as that babe was getting warmed up.

Said Slone, “I was stripping for a number of years at The Manhattan Disrobe club in Richmond, Kentucky and I even did some softcore films. But, I felt love I was ready to do something a little more ballsy. I was getting a little bored and decided I wanted to branch out and receive into adult modeling and performing in hardcore films. I have always wanted to do that, but I just at not time sought out the opportunity. I actually had a Voluptuous mag at my abode and I saw your email address and I sent you an email and that is what got me here. My brother is a distributor in our area. I knew about Voluptuous, so I asked him for a copy. I was very curious ‘cuz I had heard of the company and wanted to watch what it was all about.”

Slone was a natural at posing exposed (from her stage work), masturbation and banging on-camera.
Her greater than typical bazookas get Slone lots of attention. Who would not acquire a lump in their trousers seeing that body?

“My measurements are 40-32-40, and my undergarment size is normally a 34DDD or even an E-cup, but E-cup bras are much more difficult to identify, so for majority of my bras I’ll go a size bigger and wear a 36DD. That fits actually snug, but it acquires the job done.”

It sure did.

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Kamryn Monroe – Saved By The Bust

Saved By The Bust

Saved By The Bust

While most students are working on their tans this Spring Break, Kamryn Monroe is using her free time to get ahead in her courses. Understandably, her favorite subject is anatomy. Kamryn is a visual learner, so this babe needs to strip down and explore her naked body to fully grasp the subject. Kamryn begins by examining her milk cans, which are DDDs.

“I always have the mountainous meatballs in class,” Kamryn said. “I catch classmates sneaking peeks at them all the time. It’s usually the boys, but sometimes it is angels. If the lad is cute, I’ll lean in his direction to make it easier for him.”

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Emilia Boshe – Perfect Canvas

Perfect Canvas

Perfect Canvas

It’s told that fine things come to these who await, and after nearly 2 years away, the sight of Emilia Boshe has us willing to cum. Especially since this German wunderbabe has grown a bit plumper. Emilia’s mammaries look a bit greater than the final time we saw her, likewise, but that babe says they are still the same mind blowing 38HH-cups we drooled over when we first met her in 2012.

“I’m not sure if they are bigger in size,” Emilia told. “People tell me that. My milk cans are always growing, so I can at not time be sure.”

One thing we are certain of is that Emilia is as amazing as ever. She is a work of art, and we could not think of a more precious canvas than her perfectly obese body and enormous naturals. Emilia isn’t the artistic sort, but that babe puts Van Gogh to shame as that babe lightly dabs her paintbrushes and spreads paint around her nipple and areola to form a rainbow. And the Brotherhood of XL Men knows just what’s rammed into the pot o’ gold at the end of this rainbow, also.

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Katarina Dubrova – A Taste of Cum For Knocked-Up Kat

A Smack of Cum For Knocked-Up Kat

A Smack of Cum For Knocked-Up Kat

Katarina Dubrova always had a beefy sex drive, but getting preggy revved up her even more, especially when it came to banging and engulfing on-camera. This is her 4th and final preggo XXX scene. Each one is very randy.

Much bustier Katarina delivered her baby shortly after this. Whether Katarina wants to keep on sexin’ post-partum (love Katarina look-alike Kali West) is up to her. Katarina has said that this babe desires more kids.

When Katarina spies David flipping through a mag, this babe takes it away. Since it wasn’t a copy of SCORE, that is okay. Katarina craves action again. Her big fun bags need sucking and tonguing. She craves to take up with the tongue his shaft and widen her wet crack lips for a hot beef injection. What Katarina wants, Katarina gets. ‘cuz girls always win when they look like Katarina.

This time, they do the deed on an bed, a versatile piece of furniture for creative oral fun, vagina eating and banging positions. Katarina craves David to load her throat one more time after getting cum injections in her previous 2 scenes. The circle is now entire.

Thank u, Katarina. We hope to watch you again.

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